kaira love (episode 9)

Guys I am clearing a confusion I think you might have about my name because my username is kartikjpr565 and I am writing ff about Kartik. So my name is Kartik Choudhary living in Jaipur. If you have any queries about my ff or me you can ask through comment. I will clear them.

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The episode start with naksh going to Kartik and pushing him away from Naira and saying (angrily and loudly) How dare you touch my sister. Everyone come there hearing naksh. Naitik ask what happened naksh why are you shouting at Kartik. Naksh says because he was getting close to naira. Akshara says is it true Kartik. Kartik downs his head. Naira says but bhai we love each other. Naitik says princess are you saying true that you are in love. If that is it naksh Kartik has not done anything wrong. Naksh says but papa we even don’t know his past that from which family he belongs and what is even his mother or father name. Kartik says naksh I am from a respected family but I can’t tell you my past. Naksh says why you can’t tell me, did you have done any theft or something. Kartik says its nothing like that but I can’t tell you that. Naksh says if it is nothing like that than why you can’t tell us. Kartik says you want to know about my family, I am the son of Mr kapoor. naksh says what you are the son of Mr kapoor one of the richest bigness man of udaipur. Kartik says yes I am their son. Naksh says so why you live here. Kartik says its a long story

The scene shift to an unknown place. A guy is shown talking on phone. It is Kartik. He says don’t worry dad I will handle the appointment of the rishekesh. He cuts the phone. He think i shall go to office now or I will get late. The scene of the Kartik cabin is shown. He says next candidate. A girl comes in. Kartik says sit on the chair. She sits. He says what’s your name. She says veena. He checks some file and says veena you don’t even have the required qualification for this post. Veena says So what sir I have something else. I can give you pleasure. Kartik says get out. Veena says give me the job or else. He says do whatever you can do but I will not give you job. She tears her shirt sleeves and shouts help help. Some men come inside and says what happened to you. She gets fake tears and says this man was trying to get pleasure out of me. The men says what they are doing this. She says yes he says that I will give you job if you give pleasure to me. I refused then he try to force me and I shouted for help. The men says so now you should give him job or we will complain In police.

Girl says yes they are my men and they will become witness. I know you will not give me job so I came up with this plan. Kartik says go where you can go but I will not give you the job. He calls security and makes them get out the office. He thinks that they may wants to scare him and will do nothing. He completes his work in the office and goes home and sleeps. Next day he on the TV and sees the news The son of Mr Ram kapoor Mr Kartik kapoor has a fir by a girl saying that he force him for the pleasure of himHe gets shocked seeing the news and thinks I should call dad he may help me in this matter. He thinks this and calls his dad. the phone connects. Kartik says dad I want your help I am stuck in the matter of the girl. He says don’t call me dad you have made me ashamed. We are from a respectable family and you did all this.

precap- naira unites Kartik with his family

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  1. sarayu (honey)

    wow, i like it very much, actually, I want naira to love karthik and gayu should leave karthik in the real serial

  2. Nice episode

    1. When is next episode gonna come because in four days my tab will be kept inside.please upload the next episode quick

      1. Kartikjpr565

        Same is going to do with me so I will post it early

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