kaira love (episode 8)

Guys my exams date are out so I have decided to end this ff in 3 episode because i will put aside my tab for a month. Don’t worry I will be back with a new ff. So last third episode goes
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The episode start in SH with naira sleeping in his room. Suddenly lights turn on and naira wakes and sees the room decorated. She sees Naitik, Akshara naksh and says papa why have you decorated my room. Naitik says princess its because its you birthday. Its twelve o clock. Naira says papa you remember my birthday, even when I have forgotten it. Thank you so much. Naksh says naira we has also helped papa. Naira says Thank you also bhaiya and mumma. Akshara says its okay. Now sleep tomorrow will be a big surprise for you. Naira says tell me the surprise. Naitik says princess surprise is surprise. You will know tomorrow. We are leaving for now. They leave. Naira also sleep. A fresh morning is shown in KH. Kartik is seen thinking how can I meet naira there is no excuse. How will I know that naira loves me or not.,There is only one option tell her my feelings. I will tell her if I got chance. He got akshara call. He picks up. Akshara says beta you have to come for naira birthday party tonight. Kartik says today is naira birthday but aunty does it look good to come to you home so much. Akshara says I call you beta and also because of you naira is with us so please come. Kartik says OK I will come aunty. He cuts the phone. Kartik thinks it is opportunity to propose naira. I should tell Vishal that I love naira. He may help me.

He goes to Vishal and says Vishal I need to talk to you about something Vishal says OK say OK says. Kartik says I love someone. Vishal stand up and says whom. Kartik says naira. Vishal says so my friend is in love with naira. Kartik says yes and I want your help on how to propose him. He says just go down on your knees and says it. Kartik says thanx. The scene shift to SH naira comes down and sees the house decorated. Naitik says come princess come we have a surprise for you. Look at that thing. Naira looks it is something covered with white cloth. Naksh remove the clothes. It is a projector. Naksh turn on the projector. The picture of naira is shown . Naira says thank you bhai for all this. Naksh says its the mumma idea. Naira says thanks mumma. Naitik says let’s cut the cake. Kartik and Vishal comes in the party. Akshara greets them and says Kartik beta come the cake is going to cut. The cakes come it is a big cake of vanilla. Naira cuts the cake and feed it to all members. When there is nobody around Kartik goes to naira and says naira I want to talk to you. Naira says say what you want . Kartik says its personal. They go into a corner. Kartik goes down on his knees and says naira the fights of me with you,i am liking it. I just want to say that I I lo love. Naira says what say it right. Kartik with a big breath I love you naira. Naira picks him up and says I also love you Kartik. They both hug. Naksh sees them hugging and gets angry. The episode ends.

Precap- Kartik family truth

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