kaira love (episode 7)


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The episode start with naira saying pack these clothes and make the bill. They pay the bill and goes from there. They comes out of mall and waits for auto riksha. Some men come there and says what a good material you are. Come with me, from 9 to 12. Naira says don’t cross your limits. Gayu says we can put you into jail also. Another man says what will happen to us jail is our sasural. But until the police came no will stop us and he holds the hand of Gayu. Naira wants to to stop him but another man holds her. they try to free themselves but all in vain. Suddenly two end kicks them from behind. The goon which is holding Gayu is hit by Vishal and naira by Kartik. Vishal says how dare you insult a girl. They beats the goon. Kartik says Never ever do this even in your dream. The goons run from there. Kartik ask Naira and Gayu are you OK. Naira says yes we are OK. Vishal says come we will drop you to house.

They goes to house. Kartik & Vishal goes to KH And naira and Gayu at the behind of SH. Naira says don’t tell about this to ma. They will take tension. Gayu says OK I will not tell mami. They goes inside. The scene shift to KH. Vishal says we are all set. Let’s go to aunty house. The scene shift to SH maharaj ji drops oil on the floor accidentally. He thinks I will clean this or else anyone will slip on the this. Naira and Gayu both comes down. They both are looking beautiful. They don’t see the oil on the floor and was about to slip but they are stopped by two person Gayu is by Vishal and Naira by Kartik. But they also slip on it. So Kartik is lying on naira and Vishal on Gayu. Four of them share an eye lock. They stand up. Akshara comes there and greets Kartik and says beta you have come , Come sit on the table. They eats the lunch and goes back to KH. The time changes to night. Naira closes his eyes for sleep but sees Kartik and thinks what is this happening to me Why I am thinking of Kartik. Am I starting to love Kartik. What are you thinking naira, how can you love that mendak. She closes her eyes again and sees all the scenes of her with Kartik. She thinks it mean I am in love with Kartik and smiles. The scene shift to KH. Kartik is seen. He thinks what is this special felling I feel when I am with naira. When she is with me everything looks good. Is this called love. You are in love Kartik.

Precap- can’t tell

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  1. Sarayumane

    The eyelock and oil scene are very nice, I like it dear

  2. Include more gayu and vishal scenes or atleast gibe equal imp to both couples

  3. plese post next epi faster

  4. Very nice dear keep it up

  5. Good dear but I feel u should have gone a bit slower with their realisation …
    Thank u

  6. osam muah

  7. […] Guys my exams date are out so I have decided to end this ff in 3 episode because i will put aside my tab for a month. Don’t worry I will be back with a new ff. So last third episode goes Link for previous episode http://www.tellyupdates.com/kaira-love-episode-7/ […]

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