kaira love (episode 6)


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The episode start with Kartik coming back to his house ( I will call Kartik house or KH). Vishal sees him and says you go for asking milk, then why did you get late. Kartik tells him all that. Vishal says OK, it means we don’t have to cook meal for lunch. Good, we find good neighbour. Kartik says so here is the milk,make tea for us. Kartik thinks how small is this world, I have helped him and in return I got a family, how much they love me beside being a stranger an on one side my family. He goes into flashback of how his mother loved him. He comes back to his senses and goes inside. Vishal says here is your cup of tea. Kartik says thank you,Vishal you helped me much as a friend after my family. Vishal says I know, I am a good person. So what I helped you, you also helped me a lot, you are also a good person. I can’t think that your family could do this to you. Kartik says leave na, its my past. Vishal says OK, but what do I wear for the lunch at your aunty house. I don’t have any good clothes. Kartik says so what go for shopping na.

Vishal says you also come with me. Kartik says OK I will come. The scene shift to singhania house or SH. Akshara says to naira Naira beta, you don’t have any good clothes, go for shopping with Gayu. Naira says mumma, I can go alone why to trouble Gayu di. Akshara says beta go with Gayu so that I will also not have any tension. Naira says OK mumma I will go with Gayu di. The scene shift to a mall. Kartik and Vishal enters the mall. After them naira and Gayu also enter the mall. They don’t see Kartik and Vishal. Vishal says to Vishal so which shop to go first. Kartik says I know a good shop which is at second floor it is famous we should check it. They go. Naira says Gayu di you come here often, I can’t decide which shop to go first. Help me please. Gayu says I know a shop at second floor. We should get some clothes there. K & V enters the shop. G & N also reaches the second floor. They was about to see Kartik and Vishal but Kartik and Vishal enter the shop. They also enter the same shop Kartik and Vishal are on the other side and Gayu and naira on the other. Kartik says to Vishal I have some work, I am coming you decide your clothes. He goes. Naira says to Gayu di I am going for restroom. Gayu says I also come with you. Naira says Gayu di I just go and come. Gayu says OK. She goes. Kartik exits the shop first and then naira

. Vishal ask where is the changing room. The shopkeeper tells him that. He was going to change room but collides with Gayu. They share an eye lock. He says sorry and goes. Kartik and naira comes back at the same time and sees each other. She says what are you doing here,you are following me na. He says who will follow you. She says you. Gayu comes out and says why are you fighting with him. He helped us a lot. She says you don’t know him . He does everything for something. He says yes I have done this for something. She says see what did you do that for. He says for getting the love of your family. She says don’t get too smart. He sys who is getting smart, I am already smart. Meanwhile, Vishal also come out and says you are naira and you are Gayu right. Naira says how do you know. He says I am the second neighbour of your or Kartik friend. Kartik tells how you fight with him. Naira says accha he tells you this and what more mendak tells you. Kartik says leave the topic and why are you telling this to this jungli billi. Gayu says both of you stop fighting like kids. Vishal says yes you fight always even stop this at the mall. Kartik says OK. Naira makes a face. Gayu says Naira. Naira says OK OK. Vishal says to Kartik OK Kartik we have to buy our dresses. Naira says Gayu di we also have to buy the dress They four goes inside the shop. The episode ends.

Recap- Some goon troubles naira and gay

Sorry guys for wrong recap yesterday. I was writing about it but when I write this episode it gets so long so I decided
to do that scene later

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    It is gayu not gay

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    But give some kaira moments

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