kaira love (episode 5)


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The episode start with akshara and naira coming home. Akshara comes first and naira stays behind. Devyani sees her and ask Akshara, you have come how was the puja. Akshara says all is done fine. All family member comes there. Akshara smiles. Naitik ask akshara why are you smiling. Akshara says I have a little surprise for you. Naksh ask ma what is the surprise. Akshara says Come. Naira comes inside. All get surprised and happy to see naira. Naitik says akshara you bring back my princess to me. thank you. Princess where were you for a long time. we missed you a lot. Naira says leave it papa. Now I have come na. Naksh says naira there was not even a day when we have not missed you. Devyani says naira the house was in a sad state after your arrival but now it will become happy again. Naira says you are saying right. accha waise I got a bit tired after the trip. Please can I go to sleep, we will talk later. Naitik says no problem princess. She goes to sleep. Naitik says to Akshara the neighbour house which was available for rent got tenant. Akshara says who is the tenant.

Naitik says according to my knowledge it is shared by two boy. Naitik notices the scratches on akshara head (Guys it about two days from the incident so the bandages are removed) Naitik says akshara how do you got scratches on your head. Akshara says it is a long story. She tells her the whole incident. Naitik says what a good boy is Kartik, I wish to meet him
Akshara says you are right, in this world there are only few good people are available. Naitik gots a call and says I have to go Akshara, its important work in office. Akshara says OK, I all also do some work. The day ends. A fresh morning is shown. Two guy walks out from neighbour house of akshara house with their back facing the camera. One of the guy says we got a cheap house in a good locality because of sharing house with you. Second guys says yes you are saying right, Udaipur is a beautiful place.

The camera show their feet and then goes upward. Their face is seen. One of them is Kartik and other one is parth samthaan playing the role of Vishal Tanwer or Kartik friend. Kartik says please Vishal make a cup of tea for me. Vishal says I will make tea but there is no milk. Kartik says how come you forget to call milkman. You know there is no dairy nearer. Vishal says I don’t have to call the milkman you have to call him. You forget. Remember I told you to call. Kartik remember him saying. Kartik says now what if I don’t drink tea in morning I will get headache. Vishal says so what, why are neighbour made for. Go and ask for milk. Kartik says OK I will go. He goes to sm and goes to the door and says is anybody there Gayu hears him and goes and ask who are you and what do you want.

Kartik says I am the new neighbour of your and I want milk for tea. Please can you give it. She says OK I bring milk. Kartik stays at the door. Naira passes by and sees Kartik. Kartik also sees naira. Both shout You. He ask what are you doing here. She says I have to ask you this. This is my house. He says This is your house. O god, You have to give me house as the neighbour of this jungli billi. Akshara also comes there and says Kartik you here. Kartik says Yes ,aunty its me I am your new neighbour. Gayu also comes with milk. She says you know Mami and naira. Akshara says Gayu he is Kartik I tell about him to you. Kartik beta come inside na. He comes inside. Akshara calls Naitik and all members. Naitik says what happened akshara why you called us and who is this guy. Akshara says you want to meet Kartik na Here is he. Naitik says akshara tell me how you helped her and naira in rishekesh. Thank you so much.

You have did a big help of us. Kartik what can I call you. Kartik says you can call me anything and also I have already say to aunty that please don’t say thank you to me I did because of aunty love for me. Sorry, but can I get a cup of milk sir. Naitik says Yea beta you can. Gayu bring milk for Kartik. Naira thinks he acted well to thought everyone that he doesn’t want to be great. But instead becomes great. Gayu comes with milk. Kartik takes it. Akshara says beta come for lunch with your friend. He says OK aunty I will come. Now I am leaving. He leaves . The episode end

recap- Kartik is seen lying on naira on the ground

So guys you like Kartik entry in singhania family

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