kaira love (episode 4)


Guys this is the last episode of akshara naira hatred and in rishekesh. I will need a break of 2 or 3:days to bring you udaipur drama. I am writing long episode today
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The episode start with akshara,varsha and Kartik reaching ashram. By the time its almost night. Kartik says you do your work, I am waiting for you outside. Akshara says OK. They go inside the ashram and sees the condition of the ashram. The ashram is really in a bad condition. Akshara says Tina is telling truth the ashram really need donation. Varsha, I think you should go to the bank and withdraw money. Varsha says OK I will go but first give me the card you have. Akshara put her bag on a table and get the card out and put his phone on the table and mistakenly forgot to pick it up and varsha goes from there and akshara walks away from the table. Naitik calls come on akshara phones and naira hears the phone ringing and comes and sees Naitik name on it. She remember Naitik calling her princess and takes akshara phone and goes away from ashram on a silent road . Akshara also remember her phone and sees naira going away from her ashram. Akshara hides and sees naira. Naira picks this phones and hears Naitik says Akshara

She cuts the phone hearing Naitik voice and says papa. Akshara shocked to know about naira Naitik thinks akshara should have some work, I will call later. Meanwhile some goons come there and sees akshara phone in her hand. It is a branded phone. They wear mask on their face They comes and snatches phone from naira hand. In the meanwhile naira takes mask off from the leaders face. one of the goons says boss she has seen your face now she will complain in police about you Akshara thinks naira just give them phone. The leader says she will tell police na when she will remain alive . With this she picks a rod from near and was about to hit naira but Akshara comes between them and gets hit. Naira shout mumma. Leader says who is this now I have to burry two person. They was about to hit naira again but a hand stop it from hitting. The face is shown its Kartik. Naira calls the police. He beats the goon and the police also comes there. Naira says Kartik there is an lady bleeding we should get them to hospital. Akshara has become unconscious. They rushes to the hospital in Kartik jeep. The reaches in xyz hospital Akshara goes for medical treatment on a stretcher. Naira and Kartik sits on the chair. Kartik says I am calling varsha aunty, she must be tensed. She takes out the phone and calls varsha (Guys he have Akshara phone) and Varsha picks up phone and says Akshara where are you and Kartik is also not here. I have give donation now come na we have to go to dharamshala also. Kartik says varsha aunty there is an incident and tells her the whole incident. Please come to xyz hospital. Naira thinks mumma has saved me by risking her life. So why did she calls the police on that day. Is this my mu that she came with police to caught me. But I have no courage to talk to him. God please save her. Doctor comes outside and says the patient has become conscious. You can meet her and goes. Naira is lost in akshara thought when police comes and Kartik comes to her and says let’s go and meet the aunty. Naira broke into tears . Kartik says everything is fine Tina, akshara aunty has become normal then why are you crying. She didn’t say anything just keep crying. Kartik says Tina is there anything I can help you. She says Kartik woh the thing is that and stops Kartik says OK fine please tell me as a friend. She thinks Kartik is a good man, she saves me I can tell her and says Kartik I lied to you I am not Tina and my name is naira and the lady inside is my mom and I have left the house because of a reason. But now I think that reason is my misunderstanding but I don’t have courage to talk to her. Kartik hears this and thinks about his family. He says naira come with me and holds her hand and takes her to Akshara . He says aunty, this is your daughter please clear his problem. I am going out OK. Kartik goes out. Akshara says beta why u leave us, is there any deficiency in our love. Naira says mumma its nothing like that but why you bring police with you when you are going to bring me back. Akshara tells her that. Naira says sorry mumma I make you suffer for so long just because of my mu. Akshara says its OK naira. Varsha also comes there and says akshara you are fine na Kartik tell me about you. Akshara says I am fine. Naira says mumma I am going to thanks Kartik he helped us a lot and goes. She goes and can’t find Kartik She ask a nurse. She says he has gone and leave a note for you. Naira reads the note. Naira, I have to go I have a very important work. Naira goes to the doctor and says when will mumma get discharged. He says tomorrow morning. The episode end

Precap- Family welcomes naira in udaipur

So guys, this the end if rishekesh episodes tell me through comment that you loved it or not and you can also tell me how Kartik gets entry in singhania and maheswari family

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Pls dont put the same ongoing track that has already shown on screen pls add moree twists and make it more onteresrting

  3. dear don’t bring Karthik again as worker dear don’t make the plot very similar to onscreen people will lose interest .just a opinion .and thanks for writing .

  4. Hey nice one yarr it’s really awesome i Am waiting for kartiks entry to singhania house

  5. Kartikjpr565

    Guys don’t wory I will not bring Kartik as a worker in my ff

  6. It’s nice…

  7. Nice pls bring more twist

  8. make kartik maheshwaris family friend and make maheshwaris family introduce him to the singhanias

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