kaira love (episode 3)


Guys please comment I got a very no comment on my previous ff I don’t mind you comment is good or bad because it makes me energetic to think about the ff. and Also akshara is going to meet Naira in one or two episodes

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The episode start with akshara saying to varsha we should go to the ganga aarti otherwise we shall get late

The scene shift to negi ashram, naira has come back to ashram, She thinks its time for the ganga aarti , i should go. I will get some clients who can donate for my ashram

She goes from there . The scene shift to ganga aarti place where akshara and varsha are seen with close eyes praying. Naira comes and sees them and thinks that my face had changed and so my identity and they can give a big donation to my ashram so I should try. With this when the aarti become over she goes to them and says Hello I am Tina and my ashram is in trouble because it is facing money problem. So can you give donation to my ashram. Akshara think about naira after seeing naira . varsha says OK we can give you donation but we first need to know that your ashram really needs money or not. so give us the address of your ashram. She gives them the address and says please come, we really need donation and goes from there to ganga bank and says Thank you ganga Maya they don’t recognise me. Akshara is lost in naira though . varsha says akshara what are you thoughting

Akshara comes to his sense and says varsha don’t know why but Tina makes me remind of naira . Varsha says its because Tina looks much like naira. Akshara says maybe you are right so we should go to the ashram of Tina and see that she really need donation or are fooling us. They goes to road and wait for auto but there is no free auto just then Kartik comes In jeep and sees akshara and varsha there and says to them aunty do you wat to go somewhere, I can drop you. Akshara says thank you beta, yes we want to go somewhere but you also have a big favour on us and now this Kartik says you say me beta and are saying that I did favour on you. If this it then don’t call me beta or don’t call it favour. Akshara says forgive us beta, I will not call it an favour. Kartik says I can forgive you but on a condition you tell me where you have to go and come with me, Akshara says OK. They goes to ashram with naira . The episode ends

Precap- Kartik is seen fighting with goons

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  1. Kartikjpr565

    A fault guys they go to ashram with Kartik not naira

  2. Nice ff
    But make this ff a bit long

  3. wow!beautiful

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