kaira love (episode 10)


So guys this is the last episode. Please comment as I will online for today and tomorrow only.

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The episode start in SH with Kartik saying that after that I proved my innocence in court. They tried everything but they forget about the CC TV camera. So I was found innocent. He gets teary eyed. Naksh puts hand on his shoulder and says sorry i say a lot of thing about you. Kartik says its okay naksh you don’t know about my family. Naksh says but what happened why did not meet your family. Kartik says its because he doesn’t even trust me so I didn’t even talk to him after that they try to call me but I did not picks their phone. Naira says but Kartik you should have talked to them. They would have loved you before this incident. I have also an misunderstanding with my family and suffered because of it. I know your pain. You should go and talk to them. Think what happened to them also, when you not talked to them. Kartik says but now I can’t talk to them how will I talk to them. Will they accept me now. Naira says yes Kartik they will I know how mother father love their children. You will go tomorrow and talk to him. You have my swear. Kartik says OK I will talk to them but you also come with me naira. Naira says I will come with you. Naksh says yes naira you should go with Kartik and once again sorry. Kartik says naksh please don’t say it again. For now I am going. He goes from there. Naksh says so my sister is in love and he didn’t even tell about this to us. Naitik says yes princess you should tell your papa na. Naira says papa even I don’t know that I am in love until yesterday. Akshara says but I wish Kartik gets his family back. Naira says yes mumma I know the pain of being away from family. Naksh says now don’t spoil the mood of naira today as its her birthday and she also gets the love of his life. Naira says bhai don’t tease meThe day ends. A fresh day is shown. The scene is in KH. Kartik is standing in front of mirror thinking about his father(You can think about any one you like his mother and father)and mother and also about the day when the call of his father come. Naira comes and says Kartik its the time we should go now. Kartik comes to his senses and says yes let’s go. They go to the house of kapoor. Kartik stops at the main gate. Naira says what happen Kartik come. Kartik says naira I can’t come . Naira says Kartik you don’t love me or something you even care about my swear. Kartik says OK let’s go. The guard sees Kartik and says sir you here. Kartik says yes I want to meet my father. Open the gates. They go inside. His father sees Kartik and gets teary eyed and says beta you have come. why beta why you leave me just because some of my anger you leave us beta. Kartik also get teary eyed and says sorry papa sorry and hugs him. they both get hugged for some time after that Kartik mother also come and sees Kartik and drops a plate. He goes to Kartik and Kartik also hugs her and says mom I was missing you so much. She says Beta if you were missing me so much then why you don’t come. He says sorry mom . His dad asked Kartik who is this girl. Kartik says dad this is the one I loved so much. She is naira. I want to marry her. Dad did you like my decision. His dad said yes beta I know my son decision never go wrong. I accept her as daughter in law. But I want to meet her family beta. Naira says you can meet my family. Naira says Kartik you stay with your family I am going for now. She goes. The scene shift to SH with naira reaching SH. Akshara sees her and ask naira you have come, so naira what happens. Naira tells them all that happens. The day ends.A new day is shown in SH. Some person enter the house. Their face is shown. They are Kartik his mother, father. Naitik sees them and says Kartik beta come inside, they are your mom and dad. Kartik says yes you are right, dad I told you na they are naira dad Naitik singhania. They sits. Everyone comes there Kartik introduce everybody. Kartik dad says so we are here to talk about Kartik wedding with your naira. So we come here. Naitik says you did good we all accept Kartik as son in law. Kartik dad says good we also accept naira as daughter in law. So I will call panditji and fix the date. Naitik says fine but who will arrange marriage from your side. He says we will give contract to marriage contractor he will handle all this. Naitik says sorry but a request you should give it to a home person. This is our tradition. Kartik says ok uncle so I think from our side Vishal will handle the responsibility of marriage. Naitik says OK so from our side , Gayu will handle this responsibility. (I have to cutshort the function). So they decide the dates and Vishal and Gayu come close during the function. The bidaai comes. All are crying from naira side. akshara says so our naira is leaving us, when did you grow up so big you are so small for me. Naitik says princess you are going. She hugs him and says papa I don’t want to leave you. Naitik says princess you have to go this day comes for all even your mother and your dadi all come leaving their family. They both cry. She leaves sitting in car. On a side Vishal says to Gayu they had gone now what about us who will talk to your family. Gayu says you will talk. Vishal says OK I will talk to them. They talk to their family and they accept their relation. The episode and ff end

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    awwwww, i will miss your ff, take care dear, may god bless you

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    Hmm…nyc episode

  3. Thanks dear for the ff .looking forward to ur next ff after exams.stay blessed .all the best

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  5. Good one good luck

  6. Kartikjpr565

    so guys that’s it from my side afterwards this comment I will be offline. Thanks for your support and sorry if you don’t like my ff and if there are faults in it. But remember I am not a professional writer and this is my first writing online. So friends my result is on 25 October 2016 if I did good in exam I will take my tab back and write a new ff and if I did bad i would leave tab for the session. So until then its goodbye

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