kaira or kayu love (Intro)


Hello guys I want to write a fan fiction regarding kaira means Kartik and naira if you wish tell me through comments that you want it or not. I am writing a short demo for you to give you a hint what the episodes I am writing So the episode Start in rishekesh when naira and Kartik first met

Naira to pungi- Look the guy who falls into the river accidentally and after coming to river bank he will take credit to safe his friend
Guys please watch episode if you want to understand this
Pungi in sign language -What we have to do
Naira- I can’t see any other being mahaan so I am going to tell the truth
A guy back was seen. Naira goes to them and hears his friend praising him . He wants to say something but his friend always says before he can. Naira turn the guy toward her and says don’t you have self respect you are not telling them the truth that you fall by Cliff accidentally

Kartik says Yes guys its none other than our Kartik He says loudly and angrily who are you to say between us . Has your mother father not give you any manner . She crys hearing mother father and goes into flashback . Kartik thinks she crys because of his rude behavior so he goes to naira and says sorry to Naira and says tears don’t look good on crocodile face . She smile hearing Kartik Kartik forward his hand and says Kartik naira shakes hand and says naira you frog

This is it comment yes or no as you wish if you like this ff or dislike this I will do as you wish write this ff or not

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  1. Sarayumane

    Yup, sure please continue this

  2. Anika

    It’s seems good.
    You’ve only given intro.
    You should continue your writting.
    And I want Kaira not Kayu.

    1. Kartikjpr565

      OK as you wish do you wish to see vivan and gayu together I can make a pair of them as you wish

  3. Obviosuly KAIRA
    Vivaan with gayu is fine but not Kayu

  4. why ur title has kayu in it?it is kaira ff right?

    1. Kartikjpr565

      Sorry I mistyped it

  5. I think it should be kayu. Because kaira is going to happen in the real one so I want to see how it wouldve ended up

    1. Kartikjpr565

      If kayu got votes i will make a ff about them

  6. Onlyyy kayu

  7. Kaira will be great to read as we can connect to the jodi onscreen

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  9. Try kayu once please it’s a different concept?I was wondering what would happen if kartik would have fallen for gayu ?

  10. Kayu kayu kayu!

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