kaira love (episode 2)


Silent readers please comment . I am writing kaira and guys can you suggest me name for gayu and vivaan as I also want to show their love so guys a mistake by me in intro when naira shakes hand with Kartik she says her name tina not naira okay

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The episode start with naira thinking that they had gone so I must also go , she goes outside she then sees akshara and varsha sitting into cab.They go the dharmsala. They don’t see naira
Naira rushes from there and goes to ganga and says why had they come to udaipur ganga maaya please don’t make me met them again I don’t want to see her being mahaan again by bringing me to the house so please don’t make them know my true identity that I am naira make them believe that I am tina . With this tears roll down from his eyes. She cries for some time and then there comes Kartik

Kartik says You are Tina right but why are you crying . I said na tears don’t look good on crocodile type face. She stands up and wipes her tears and says you said to me who are you to say between us so same logic apply to you so go from here and don’t disturb me.
Kartik says You are strange girl. I am trying to make you not cry and you are going angry on me
Naira says just go I don’t want to take any help from you
He thinks she is in grief so I should go and he goes from there and naira also goes back to ashram

Akshara and varsha goes to same dharamshala where Kartik live . They comes there and talk to the owner that Please give us room all the hotels are booked in rishekesh. It is about three days . Please arrange something . The owner tell them that all the rooms are booked sorry we can’t help yourself. Then the Kartik come to dharamshala and sees manager and akshara talking to manager and sees akshara tensed , he goes to them and says to akshara aunty why are you looking so tensed . Akshara says beta in rishekesh all hotels are booked and there is also no room available in this dharamshala so I am tensed where should we live for three days
Kartik says aunty there is a solution I live in this dharamshala so I can give you my room for three days

She says beta if you give us your room where will you live and also it doesn’t look good to take room from a stranger
Kartik says I will stay at my friend house and the objection about stranger so you have called me beta so I am your beta na so you can take house from your beta na
Akshara says OK beta . Kartik says I will go and take my Important things in five minutes. He goes. Akshara says to varsha How good boy is him He helped us beside being a stranger. Kartik comes with a bag. Akshara ask his name . He says Kartik and goes and akshara and varsha goes to Kartik room and put their luggage. The episode ends

Precap- Akshara varsha meets naira as tina

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  1. Kartikjpr565

    Guys please suggest me what to do next in this ff

  2. Don’t pair gayu with vivaan introduce a new character like u know maybe Mishkat verma

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  4. For vivaan and gayu.. viyu is best

  5. lovely

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