Kaira {Intro}


Hey guys this is Minnie here with a intro of a fan fiction inspired by all the fan fictions that u people write especially by Vrushy’s.

In my fan fiction both the families are exactly the same and our favorite couple Kaira is in love .

My story would show a vast romance and a small incident surely not an accident which would break Kaira up, and would slowly slowly show how destiny brings Kartik and Naira infront of each other and realize that their love is very unique.

Guys this is my very first FF don’t know how I’m going to manage it all I need is u people’s love and support to bring a story to a happy end . Please tell me whether I should continue or not and do let me know that whether you want dialogues in Hindi or English. Would post the next part when I see that you people want me to do it.

Thank u guys love u ❤️

Babye 🙂

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  1. All the best!!!!

  2. Vrushy

    Please do write.
    It seems interesting. Also its a request to write in english as its more easier to read.
    Glad that I could make you write a story of your own. All the best !!

    1. MinnieMouse

      Thank u so much Vrushy. It’s u who has inspired me I actually don’t have an exact story in mind. Plz help me ☺️

  3. Please start writing as soon as possible

    1. MinnieMouse

      Yeah probably now and you people will get it till tonight ??

  4. Pls continue this

    1. MinnieMouse

      Yeah definitely ?

  5. Anyan

    Waiting for your update..
    Start writing asap

    1. MinnieMouse

      Surely dude ?

    1. MinnieMouse

      Thank un❤️

  6. Vinni05

    Waiting for ur episode

    1. MinnieMouse

      I’m glad ?

  7. pls start writing

  8. Tvfan1

    love kaira..so i’m waiting, i also would like to help you if you and keep writing

  9. Lasyashree.10

    Yeah.. sure continue …. seems to be very interesting…. waiting eagerly for your updates ❤️❤️

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