Kaira: Humdard By Khushi (PROMO)

A girl knelt down before a burnt house.. She looked at a photo frame, of her family
Naira: Yeh kya ho gaya..ham aaj Mishti ka birthday celebrate kar rahe thelekin..lekin us aag ne..us aag ne aap sabko mujhse cheen liya..
She remembered getting down for checking the burnt smell and gets shocked seeing the fir all over the house. She sees Gayu unconscious and goes to her..
Gayu:Naira..tu ja..yahan ..yahan teri jaan ko khatra hai..ja Naira
Naira: Nahi Gayu dii..main apko lekar hi jaungi ..
Naksh comes to her
Naksh: Naira tu mere sath bahar chal main Gayu ko lata hun..
Naksh takes her out and leaves her saying he will bring Gayu..but as he stepped inside a huge pillar fell over him..Naira screamed..She was about to go when the fire brigade ones stopped her and went inside..after some time they informed her that no one could escape the fire and were dead…

Tears rolled down on Naira’s cheek when remembering the incident that night as she sat by the window sipping coffee..she remembered how she got back to Rishikesh, but never able to get over her past…

Suhani: Naira beta..
Naira glances over Suhani and quietly wipes off her tears..Suhani gets surprised..
Suhani: Kya hua beta..
Naira: Kuch nahi aunty..
Suhani: Acha phir chalo khane ke liye..
Naira nods. Suhani gets away
Naira remembers when in Rishikesh, Suhani Birla, wife of Yuvraj Birla who owns the wealthy Birla Industries, came to her offering a job in which she manages the whole house- occasions, festivals and offered to stay at their place but can visit the ashram..Naira hesitated first but then agreed for the sake of her ashram..she never told the Birlas about her past..about her true identity..
She sees the pic of Akshara..
Naira: Mumma, I’m sorry, I could never be good girl..but you gave me such a big punishment? I stayed away from you for 7 years, and now you all have gone away forever? I am just alone here mumma..alone..I wish Kartik..

She remembers how she doubted Kartik and how he turned away from her..
Naira:I love you Kartik..And I miss you..

Far away from Allanabad somewhere in Udaipur..

A boy was crying holding a pic of a girl..

Kartik: Naira..tum kahan chali gayi..main tumhe kitna miss kar raha hun..

He remembers hearing the news that the Singhanias and Maheshwaris had dies in the fire…he remembers how he turned away from Naira..

Kartik:Agar maine us din tumhari baat man li hoti toh shayad tumzinda hoti Naira..

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  1. Fenil

    It was just amaz
    khushi u came back with 2nd ff.
    Nice story lines
    can’t wait for next.

    1. Khushi1707

      Thanks Fenu..

  2. Awww this is great… please continue.. update soon.

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank you I will surely continue

  3. Vinni05

    Wow interesting one
    Eagerly waiting for next one

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank you Vinni..

  4. Wow what a interesting and different plot

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank you so much

  5. Wow this seems to be interesting.. Waiting for the story..

  6. Shivaya khanna

    Really nice something so touching well written

  7. Omg thisbis awesome just waiting for the ff episodes to unfold thank u so much for this…

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  9. Oh wow it’s something new…… Unexpected….. Just wish you unite kaira here also… Update soon

    1. Khushi1707

      Yeah I surely will but with some twists

  10. nice nice good storyline

  11. Vedanshidwivedi

    Wow soo good lovely interesting pls continue

  12. NikkiTa

    Omg! So damn good! Update soon please

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  13. Amazing interesting plot…
    update asap

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