Kaira: Humdard By Khushi (Epi 5)

Kartik went to his car and started driving thinking about Naira. He drove fast. He remembered Naira in Yuvaan’s arms, she saying thank you.. Yuvaan saying Naira loves him..He stopped, shocked. Naira, his Naira, loves someone else? No, she is another girl. But she is from Rishikesh, from Sparsh ashram, where his Naira lived. But she had died. But she could have survived. But she couldn’t love anyone else other than Kartik. But Yuvaan said she loved him. Kartik buried his face in his hands, frustrated with the war in his head. She left him? Really? How could she? He loved her, there wasn’t a single moment in the last whole year where Kartik didn’t think of Naira. He remembered she saying I love you, hugging him from the back.. all that was fake? No. But yes. Kartik couldn’t love anyone else than Naira, but she moved on easily. She never actually loved him, as he did. Stern, he got back to Birla house, trying to defeat his heart, trying to start hating his love.

Naira walked to the hall. She thought everyone was out, but a shock awaited her. Akhilesh and Surekha came there with SS. Surekha looked across the room, and her eyes rested on Naira, which become wide as soon as they got the glimpse.
‘’Naira..’’, Surekha muttered…
Akhilesh looked at her surprised. He looked at the direction where her eyes were rested. Naira looked at him.
‘’Lekin..yeh toh..’’, Akhilesh said confused..
SS looked at them and then at Naira..

SS: Oh.. This is Naira..she works here..but you two..
Akhilesh and Surekha do not respond. Naira goes to them and greets SS( by giving the Namaste posture) and then turns to Akhilesh and Surekha, and nervously, greets them too. Kartik enters the hall. SS gets glad seeing him.
SS: Kittu..tum agaye beta..

Naira turned to see the person. Her eyes were moist, a gleam on her face,seeing her love. Kartik’s eyes gazed up at her. A soft smile spread across his face but it faded as soon as he remembered Yuvaan saying Naira loves him. He looked away from her to SS. Naira’s smile vanished as Kartik walked by her without looking at her.
SS: Kittu, shadi ki bohot sari taiyaariyan karni hai..chalo..
Kartk nodded and went with SS. Naira’s eyes followed him till the stairs. At the last step, Kartik looked at Naira without Naira’s awareness. Akhilesh and Surekha too went away. Naira fell on her knees.

Naira: Kartik..usne, usne mujhe dekha tak nahi..woh mujhse ab tak naaraz hai..Kartik..woh toh mujhse pyaar karta tha..toh ab who Yuvani..
Tears started rolling down her face. Suhani and Bhavna came there talking.
Suhani: Naira..
Naira quickly wiped off the tears

Suhani: Naira kya hua..tum aise-
Naira: Kuch nahi aunty..woh bas kuch gir gaya tha..
Bhavna: Acha okay..aaj panditji aa rahe hain kundliyan dekhne toh saari tayariyan kar dena..
Naira nods
In the room
Surekha, Akhilesh, Manish, Suwarna and SS were talking
SS: Kya who ladki..woh Naira hai
Surekha: Haan maajhi, wahi Naira hai..
Manish: Lekin uski toh maut..

Akhilesh: Pata nahi..par Kartik ne use dekh liya hai..
SS: Par kittu ne kuch kaha kya..us ladki ko chodo. Kirti, Mansi, Adityaji ko is bareme kuch mat batana. Kartik se is bareme koi kuch nahi kahega.
Akhilesh: (in mind) But I should tell Mansi..after all Aksharaji’s accident..no no..if she came to know about Naira, she will again start having problems about her health and mind issues..no , I’ll not tell..
Naira puts the snacks on the table. Everybody was there. Kirti comes there with Aditya and they sit there. She sees Naira and gets shocked.
Kirti: Naira..

She gets up to go to her but SS holds her hand and stops her. Kirti sits down.
Pandit: Well, the auspicious time for the marriage id after 2 months..
SS: Okay, when should we do the engagement?
Pandit: Its after a few weeks.I will give you the details
They continue. Naira was continuously looking at Kartik. Kartik was lost in his own thoughts.
Naira: (thinking) No..Kartik cant love anyone other than me..he just loves me..I will talk to him after this is finished..
After some time

Yuvani: Mom I have to do a call so can I..
Suhani: Um..okay..
Yuvani goes away
After a few minutes Kartik gets a msg. He opens it. It was from Yuvani asking him to come in the garden. Kartik sighs frustrated. After sometime Yuvani again sends a msg. Kartik gets up from there and goes to the garden. Naira sees him and then follows him.
Kartik meets Yuvani. Naira comes there, but they don’t notice her. Yuvani hugs Kartik
Yuvani: I’m soooo happy Kartik, we are getting married!
Kartik was uncomfortable. He pulls Yuvani away
Kartik: Hmm..
Yuvani: Arent you happy?
Kartik: Yeah..um ya..I’m am

Naira gets shocked
Yuvani holds Kartik’s hand. Kartik looks at their hands
Yuvani: You know what, I love you
Kartik takes away his hand and turns away. Yuvani smiles and keeps her hand on his shoulder
Yuvani: Don’t be shy Kartik, I know you also love me
Kartik doesn’t respond
Yuvani: Come on Kartik , just say it
Kartik makes a face frustrated. Naira looks away from them hurt. Kartik sees Naira and gets surprised

Yuvani:You love me na Kartik?
Kartik looks at Naira and then turns to Yuvani. He takes his hand away and looks away
Kartik: Yeah, I love you.
Naira looks at him shocked. Kartik looks over his shoulder to see Naira. Yuvani hugs Kartik.
Yuvani: Now I’m double happy Kartik
Naira looks at Yuvani and then turns away. She runs and stops at a tree, putting her head on the tree, crying.

Hi guys..I thought not many people read my ff, but I was wrong and I’m glad about it. Guys you know what, I posted a Kaira edit on insta and Shivangi liked it!!!! I’m just sooooo happy…
I hope you liked this part…Do comment..
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