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Kaira: Humdard By Khushi (Epi 1)


Hey guys..this is the first epi..there will be characters of SSEL too..hope you like it

A beautiful morning..
A girl wakes up yawning. She looks at the window, at the beautiful world..
Suhani: Naira..
Naira: Ayi aunty
She hurries up and gets ready. She goes down and finds veryone smiling at her
Bhavna: Beta nashta kar do…
Naira: (nodding) Ji chachi..
She sits and starts her breakfast.
Chandrakala: (indicating Naira) A ladki, Yuvaani ki shadi ka saara kaam ham tumhe sop rahe hai..koi bhi gadbad nahi honi chahiye..hamari ikloti poti ki shaadi hai..
Rags: Yeah, Dadi is right Naira..
Naira nods.

Yuvaraaj: But we haven’t even finalized the relationship, and you are talking of arrangements
CK: Ye shaadi hame kaise na kaise karvani he..they are very wealthy and this bond will be beneficial to us even in business.
Suhani: Par ham hamari beti ki shaadi kisi business ke profit ke liye nahi, uski khud ki khushi ke liye chahte hai…
Rags: O shut up Suhani, you don’t know anything of business
Yuvraaj: She is right Rags..Yuvani..
Yuvani: I’m happy with this relationship..cause I-
Rags: Cause Yuvani likes him. That’s what we want mainly..
Suhani : Par bhabhi use ye rishta manjhoor hai ki nahi-
CK: Agar use yeh rishta manjhoor nahi hai,phir hame use manjhoor karana padega..yeh rishta hoke rahega..

At Goenka Villa
Dadi: Kittu..beta khana kha lo..
Kartik: Dadi please..I don’t wanna eat..
Dadi: Kittu but..
Kartik stands up frustrated
Kartik: Dadi listen, I will not agree for this alliance.. don’t expect me to fall for that by ur silly pampering
He went to his room irritated.
Surekha: Maajhi, he will not approve..
Dadi: Shut up..if you cant help, stay quiet
She goes up to Kartik. She sits beside him
Dadi: Kittu, listen beta, mujhe pata hai ki tum us ladki-
Kartik: (sternly) Naira
Dadi: (taken aback) haan woh Naira se pyaar karte ho..par who chali gayi hai..
Kartik: Aisa nahi hai..mera bhi hai, main shadi nahi karunga..
Dadi: Aise toh phir tum saaru zindagi akele rahoge Kittu..Yuvani achi ladki hai..woh us Naira ki tarah tum par shak nahi karegi..

Kartik froze. The memory of Naira disowning and hating him hurt him like a sharp blade. Dadi smiles thinking her work is done. Kartik stood up in the thoughts of Naira. Dadi put her hand on his shoulder
Dadi:Kittu, I’m thinking for ur own good and welfare. Birlas are rich and have a lot of reputation.. Yuvani will be a good match for you..she loves you..
Kartik looked away. Dadi smiled
Dadi: I knew at last you will agree Kittu
Kartik: Yeah okay but don’t expect me to do more..I just love Naira..and will always do..this marriage is nothing for me
Dadi smiled and left the room. Kartik slowly walked to his wardrobe and took out a photo of Naira. He kisses it.
Kartik: I love you Naira

  1. Fenil

    Nice chppy khushi

  2. Vedanshidwivedi

    Nice like it

  3. Vinni05

    Interesting one
    Can’t wait for next

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank you Vinni

  4. nice one

    1. Khushi1707

      Thanks Komal

  5. It seems very new
    Loved the first part but can’t judge it so much as it is only the first
    Looking forward for the upcoming episodes

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank u dii!!!

  6. LopaFleek

    Amazing, Di!!!!!!! Please update soon, I cannot wait

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