Kaira ff (YRKKH) – Part 9

Hi guys. Today…. we shall jump directly to our ff.

Karthik comes down for breakfast and everyone r there to have it.
Karthik looks for naira but she is not there. just then someone pulls his hand and he bends down.

Its mishti guys….
M: your searching for someone…na..bff..
K: ha….voh…..h…kya…..a kah….ha tu…. Ne…..e mishti ai…..isa nahi….. hai..(not like that..)
Mishti laughs that he is stammering….
And every1 see this..
E1: karthik y r u stammering? Wt happened beta(naira ka nani)
Just then naira comes says
N: wt happened y r u all laughing…?
E1: nothing …n they about the incident…
Naira too laughs….n karthik gives a look(I will see u now.. come)
Then naira says y all of are behind my jaiii….. he is not just stammering he is also tenseddd… see na
Now nani says stops naira n u all r behind my karthik only…
Nani: karthik beta come sit I will get u breakfast
Naira goes to kitchen to bring things and help nani..
E1 already sat now only one place is left for naira n its B/W K&M…
NAIRA SITS there to have breakfast…

In middle karthik holds naira’s hand (naira didn’t start) and asks her to have…

Nani: s..beta have breakfast..
N: I had n came so.. u guys carry on…
K: accha ok then..

All elders finished and left for their respective works. Mishthik also finished.
Mishti says to karthik
M:naira didi didn’t had breakfast.she came here…
K: but ..she ..
M: u both…. Na….
K: ok..
Naira was alone in the kitchen.
Karthik comes from back and hugs her. She was about to scream but karthik cups her mouth..
He whispers in her ears “come with me”

Kaira sit at dinning table..
N: I had …
K: s.. I know.. that…
Karthik feeds naira and naira just stares at karthik and kaira were lost in their world.mishti comes there and there were back to their senses..karthik went to his room to do work.

After a while naira comes to mishti and asks her about something,then mishti asks naira abt her earring.

N:may be it fall somewhere I will check.
M: ok.. I will be with kuhu..
Naira searches everywhere and doesn’t find it and thinks to search it in karthik’s room.
Naira goes and searches but she finds a box there, as she was about to open someone snatches it from behind.
Its our hero karthik.
K: wt ru doing with this??
N: (confused look) but wts in it?
K: nothing na…
N: then I will see, she snatches it by saying so..
K: again snatches it.. nothing…..
This is repeated for a while and box fell down. In it all naira’s pics,her things…..and a small box..
Karthik picks it ..
N: wts in it karthik.. will u show me.. all these r…
K: s… I love from long time…so..i kept these things…
N: so..nice..and this one..
K: not now..naira…. plz….i will show u later…
Naira was moved by his act and hugs him and karthik to reciprocates.. it’s a longgggg hug… and kaira r about to kiss just then naira’s phone rings… she is happy seeing the call…

Guys plz do express ur view and yes “HAPPY DIWALI” Enjoy a lot folks.

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