Kaira ff (YRKKH) – Part 8

Hi guys. SORRY ☹ GUYS for the delay posting actually my exams or going on but I thought to post today.do u know the NEWS that karthik and gayu are to be engaged, and naira to sacrifice her love. A ver SAD NEWS for kaira fans na…
Coming to me guys iam not going post frequently but when ever I will get time I will guys.

Moving towards our newly love confessed birds.

Karthik and naira share a romantic eyelock which was disturbed by (knock-knock) sound.
Naira: karthik someone is at the door, u go and hide now…goo.
Karthik: but where can I go n hide…
Naira goes towards door.
(guys remember when karthik is in naira’s room and devyani dadi… came)in the same way karthik is behind the door.
Its akshara who came to ask whether naira is all right or not
Ak: naira beta r u fine. Come I will sing lori and make u sleep.
Naira: mama(shockingly) I will sleep mama..
Ak: come naa naira.
(kaira are tensed hearing ak)
just mishti comes and asks akshara to come takes her along, and signs thumbsup.

Naira doesn’t understand and says ok thumbsup.
Naira closes the door and says we r saved because of mishti, she came otherwise….
Karthik: hello..thnk me I messaged her to come here.
Naira: wt u messaged her means…
Karthik: s…before u could my love my pretty lady my bff saw it n supported me..
Naira: it means all the stuff she said to realize love..
Karthik: s…madam nahi tho apki upar ka mala kali hai na…
Naira(acting angrily): wt…..did u sayyyyy?????
Karthik: leave na…
Naira: I am cutiff with u go…
Karthik in mind hey 1st fight after love confession….
Karthik: no… I won’t. u are cutiff with karthik..ur love… but iam ur veeru…na..and I will tease u
Naira: pleased with his answer.. n says 1st fight after love n we will share this bond always na..karthik.
Karthik: s….my jaan
Naira: u leave na..just then bid bye.

Next day morning
At karthik room he is doing exercise and sees naira guys do u remember exercise wala romance scene same way and he realizes that its his dream and goes to washroom and comes.
He sees naira seeing his photos and standing there. Naira’s back is facing karthik he imagines that it is his dream.
Karthik(in mind): kya..sapne ..woh bhi subah subah…
Sapne hi toh hai jakar hug karlethe hai..

Karthik goes and hugs her. Naira shocked by his sudden act shouts…
Karthik realizes that its true and not dream just then nani comes and asks wt happened …

Karthik n naira r tensed..but..
Naira: woh nani…. Mai ne yah chip…pkali dekha tha…
Nani: tub hi na naira dhara diya… chalo…neeche ..karthik beta tub hi aa jao…
Karthik: ha aa rah u…
Naira: (funnyly)karthikk.. u also na..i got frightened..
Karthik: (murmurs) woh mujhe laga ki sapna dekh raha hoo..
Naira: wt r u murmuring…??? Ahh..

A voice from behind bahut dekliya ab haqekat dekho na…
Guys its mishti, actually she accompanied with naira.
Naira: mishtuu..
Karthik: bff….

Thay run behind mishti to catch her accidently kaira fall and mishti goes from there..

Karthik is above naira on the ground and they again share an eye lock. Just then naira spots a guest…

Guys guess who is the guest..??? sochooooo sochooo
It our chipkali on the wall. Now its real one.
Naira sees it and runs from the room moving karthik beside.
Karthik: ye… bhi na kitna acha romance scene aur chipkali…tume bhi abb hi aana tha…
Mai bhi iss pagal ladhki ke saath…pagal to thodi hai..par mera jaan bhi…
Karthik sees naira’s earing fallen there and places it in a box…
And then he goes down to have breakfast…

So guys,sory for short post but I will make it long after exams …
Frnds bye.. for now.. thanks for all ur comments and support guys..

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  1. yeh i know the news but i don’t understand why the makers of the story re separating kaira and anyway i luv ur ff

  2. Trust SHIVIN and go with the flow dear in serial nothingt in our hands
    coming to ff I loved it dear
    Thank u

  3. Very nice
    Wow! What a romantic sequence bw them.

  4. Wow superb chipkali romance dear

  5. plz write long..its too short

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