Kaira ff (YRKKH) – Part 3


Hi guys iam sorry for not posting .iam busy with my works.

The episode starts with naira smile and seeing towards karthik and mishti.
Karthik: eat na yaar ek tum hi ho mera bff.
Mishti: yes iam ur bff and naira didi is ur g…….
Karthik: (feeds misthi hearing her) kaa lo na mishti tume bahut bhuk lag rahe hogi naa..
Naira(on hearing mishti): mishti what did u said I didn’t get u
Karthik was tensed but mishti covers him saying
Mishti: voh I said that “veeru ka jai, aur jai ka veeru “
Naira: oh.. well its already late u go home naa jai..iam fine now
Karthik: yes I need to go na..
(to himself)”kash vakat yahi ruk jatha mai aur naira”
guys mishti went to sleep
karthik was about to go but gets hurt by colliding with table
naira: arey.. karthik “tum tek ho hamesha aisahi karoge tum”
aau yah beto mai abhi aye”
karthik looks at naira and says to himself she worries for me oh god may this not be my dream krishnaji..”
naira: karthik tum bhi na hamesha mendak ki tarah
karthik: naira iam fine and he holds naira’s hand they share an eyelock, after sometime the clock strikes and they come to senses.
Karthik: I must go its to late now and says good bye naira…(meri jaan) and leaves.
Karthik went to MH to sleep.

Now the scene is
Naira running towards karthik and karthik spread his hand as a sign to naira.(ddlj scene).they both hug each other and they are about to kiss.
Mishti: naira didi wake up naa…
At MH karthik wakes up..
Naira and karthik realize that they are dreaming.
Actually they both dreamt the same dream and
Naira: mishti u r here and where is ….
Mishti : what didi ?? what…
Naira: nothing I will get ready for aarti.. u also go and get ready okay.
Mishti: okay
Naira(to herself): whats happening y I am dreaming about mendak..
Coming to karthik
Karthik: wow its dream..”khash yeh hakiqat mei hotha..”

Guys sorry for not making it long, but when I get time i will make it. Plz comment and share ur views

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  1. Sanjana Tripathi

    Very Nice?

  2. Fantastic
    Make it daily and long.
    Awesome plz continue it

  3. Nice one

  4. Both of them dreaming same sequence hehe nice one thanks dear

  5. Make it daily I have been waiting for a long time pls pls pls make them more often

  6. Make it daily I have been waiting for a long time pls pls pls make them more often lol loved today’s expensive as well specially the dream sequence without them Kaira would be incomplete

  7. Oops i said expensive sorry I meant episode

  8. Renee

    thank u guys for ur support. i’m happy that u all like my ff.

  9. Very good, the dream is so good

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