Kaira ff (YRKKH) – Part 2


Thank you guys for all the support. I will try to make it long but for today iam sorry guys. Thanks for all ur support and plz do comment and suggest me.
The episode starts with karthik coming towards naira and naira just standing there and watching him. they hear someone knocking the door. naira goes to open the door meanwhile karthik hides.
Naira: bhaiya tum yah iss vakat??
Naksh: haa.. 007. I came to check whether u r ok or not.
Just you see mishti entering the scene..
Mishti: bhayuu “aap tension mat lijiye iam here no..” I will be with naira didi.
Naksh goes to his room and mishti says to naira that today I will sleep with u didi.
Naira: but mishti… voh..
Mishti: don’t worry and calls out bff

Naira: what??
Mishti: yes I saw bff coming to ur room and even bhaiya also so I came here.
Karthik: vah..kya bonding hai hamari mishti iss mendaki nahi dekhe par tum ne dekle..
Naira gives an angry look at him.
they both have some cute nok jhok and she feels better.
Mishti: both of plz stop by the way where is that packet.
Karthik: what.. what packet?
Mishti: u have bought something, I saw it ..
Karthik: voh.. naira ke liye tha..usne aaj kuch bhi nahi khaya na iss liye.
Naira looks at him a bit shocked,she turns around and smiles.
Karthik : (to himself) how can I see my jaan like this.
And opens the packet, it contain naira’s favourite food with smiley on it.

Karthik: I thought of giving you a surprise.
Mishti: wow just like tauji,he also makes like this for his princess.
Naira: smiles at him and remembers how naitik used to pamper her.
Karthik: I feel sir wont be happy by seeing her princess like this eat a little and gives it ..
She forwards her hand to take but karthik sees some thing on her and gets worried.
He goes and gets first-aid box.he takes naira’s hand and applies ointment on it.
Naira: its ok karthik iam fine.

Karthik: ushh.. iam doing no..
And he feeds naira meanwhile mishti looks at them.
Mishti: wow.. bff u only feed naira didi only yaa..
Karthik: comes to feed mishti
And naira smiles at mishti’s cuteness..

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  1. Keerthi_pratyusha

    Nice.. But it’s still short plz make longer uodates

    1. Renee

      thanks i will but sorry for now

  2. Sarayumane

    Wow, it is so giid

  3. Sarayumane

    Wow, it is so good

    1. Renee

      thank you

  4. Awesome episide dear

  5. Good one dear hopefully if possible make it a bit longer

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