Kaira ff (YRKKH) – Part 11


Hi guys. Here is other part of ff
Part 10 link : part-10

Naira: karthik tum meri madath karoge plz..tum karoge toh voh pura nahi hoga aur dher hojayge.. nahi…

Karthik: excuse me.. mai apni jai ki madath kar raha hoo..
Aur dost puchthe nahi sirf sath dethe hai. Par mujhe toh sath deni ki do vajah hai…

Naira : doo vajah ….kya???

Karthik: ek jai ki madath aur dhusara apni jaan ki sath dena…. Uske har kadham pe..

Naira: chi….. filmy line math maro abhi kaam shuru kare..
Karthik: yes ofcourse…. Say me wt to do..
Naira explain everything about her plan and selects the theme color red.
Karthik: kya… (giggles) mujhe nahi patha tumhara choice itna karab hai.. theme color blue hone chahiye.

Naira: red hoge toh kya hoga??
Karthik: bhudu (playfully ) hits her head with his and says theme color must be pleasant one.
Oh krishanaji iski choice itna gandha hai

Naira: mujhe patha hai iss liye tume chuna..

Karthik: kya.. hello miss.rishekesh maine tume chuna..

Naira: kya kisne pehle “I LUV U” kaha..??
Karthik: hello mai pehle luve kiya tume toh samaj mai nahi atti thi… naksh ne bhi mujhe warning dhi… usse bhi patha chala
Tum bhudu hoo..
Naira: karthikk… tum hi bhudu hoo.. ab chup raho varna..
Karthik : varna kya karoge(wt will u do then ?)
Naira: dekho… I will hit u. she takes a pillow and beats karthik.
Karthik just counts the number of hits.
Naira: y r u counting numbers now??
Karthik : to give it back..
Naira: wt?
Karthik: in different manner and comes close to naira.
And kisses her.

Naira is taken back by sudden kiss and says its enough shall we continue planning
Naira: ab kana.. yes I will make cupcakes…
Karthik: do u know ???
Naira: haa bachapan pe papa ne sekaya…
Now naira and karthik both r hungry..
So.. they to kitchen to see if anything is there or not.
There is nothing in the kitchen… so they decide to have

they both make chai for them and sit in balcony.(that place where there friendship started)
karthik: this place is best one..
naira : kyun..??
karthik: here I have got ur friendship and today we r here having chai …
naira: yes karthik …. And I love you
karthik: I love u jaan.
They both have their chai.now they have biscuits with cross hands. This continues with eyelock and soon they fall asleep.

Its early morning someone is searching for karthik and finds them together in each others embrace, laughs and then covers them with the blanket and goes from there.
Guys hows it?

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  1. Vrushy

    Its really cute. 🙂
    Write longer please !!

  2. Anyan

    Its really cute..
    Waiting for next update eagerly

  3. Hales

    Nyc one …write longer plz

  4. Awesome and cuteplz write long

  5. Sorry am from Cape Town did not understand half the story. If it’s not too much to ask, please use English or translate so we can understand. I love reading fan fictions but can’t read your language.

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