Kaira ff (YRKKH) – Part 10


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Naira is happy to see the caller id and goes down to answer the call.
Karthik(p.o.v) this girl is so impossible… she just walked away with her phone and left the moment… i..am…(with sad look)
Naira: hi how r u papa… after a long time u called me.. I have many thing to say…
Nk: sorry princess but a good news iam done with my work here and soon heading back.
Naira: hurrah..i will tell everyone…
Nk: wait na…. don’t…..its a surprise to them.. once I will come then …
Naira: ya papa…
karthik (from behind ): u r so stupid… naira….we r just b/w the moment and u left like that …. U know its our….
As he could say it naira shuts his mouth with her hand but karthik just screams what is all …
Naira shows him her phone and signs that papa is on the other side karthik understands it

Naira: papa… we will give a big surprise to all and especially mama..
She continues her talk with papa(nk) and karthik just stares at her becoz she is happy that papa is coming
Karthik just stares her in middle mishti,naksh and gayu comes there
They are coming from behind.
Karthik hears a voice from behind wt are doing here? R u staring at my sister?hmphh…
Karthik identifies that its naksh and remembers his past incident with naksh
(guys the same on the show)
karthik: iam just look…………that….she..uhhh…(saying it he turns towards NAKSH…)
and he sees mishti acting as naksh and she bursts out laughing leaving karthik nervous because naksh is behind her.
Naksh: wt happened mishtu? Y r u laughing!!
M: nothing…..about bff…
Naira comes there with a bright face, while naksh and grp asks the reason she just makes an excuse and leaves.
After having lunch, all women go to their respective works and men discuss about their work in hall.
Naira is doing preparations for the surprise,
She is on call doing preparations , just then karthik searches for naira.
They both collide with each other unknowingly.
Naira was about to shout on karthik but he shuts her and asks where have u been till now we are having such a cute moment and u left and ur doing ur work leaving me….like this u know na
From behind

Voice: u both r here we r searching for u both.
Karthik: mishti… u again but u can’t fool me..
And he turn to catch mishti but he sees naksh
Karthik: voh…uh..hm…nakshhhh
Naira: bhai…. Aap… yahan…
Naksh : u both I know about it don’t worry iam happy about naira that she choose u but karthik be carefull she is my sister and don’t ever hurt her.okay karthik.
Karthik and naira both hug naksh.
Naksh: karthik take care because this 007 will eat u so be carefull.
Naira:ba..hai..aap bhi na…
Naksh: so..karthik hide and seek mei hamesha mai hi jeetha hu..
Naira:par aap ko kaise paatha chala..
Naksh: that when u shouted at karthik that u r dreaming about him.that day I followed and saw u both so I decided to support u.okay guys enjoy.
Karthik: so..naira how do u feel my jaan..
Naira: jaan… aha.. u call me jaan and u will be angry with me..
So… bye.. (she keeps an angry face)

Karthik : naira… I am not angry but…
She leaves without listening.
Karthik comes behind her.
All are sitting in the hall,while he is going behind naira akshara call him to accompany naksh as he is going get somethings.
Naksh and karthik go.
Naksh: karthik wt happened anything just share with me.
Karthik: nothing naksh she got upset with me.
Naksh: (laughs) and u don’t know how to convice her right.
Naksh: don’t worry she will be normal..
Karthik thinks to say sorry again. Naira stays at MH to plan from here as akshara can know the surprise.
Everyone go to sleep.
Naira is at garden, karthik comes there.
Naira: karthik plz..go..
K: iam not going.
Naira: comes near to karthik and pushes him to go.
Karthik drags her near and hold her.
He kisses her on forehead and says “s” and on her eye and says “o” and on other eye saying “r” and on cheeks and says “r”

While naira smiles and blushes
And he was about kiss she runs from him smiling. karthik also smiles seeing naira. Then he sees the planning there and understands.
Naira is in her room reminses their moment.
Voice: don’t blush that much otherwise…(silence)
Naira: karthik u again.leave na..
Karthik: I will leave but I thought to help u in ur surprise. Waise papa-beti-dhamad ka Jodi kya mast lagegi na.
Naira: ha the surprise planning is till there na….
Now they both plan the things.

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