Kaira ff (YRKKH) – Part 1


Hi guys it’s my first article on kaira. Hope you guys like it.

The episode starts with naira feeling sad that papa didn’t came and runs to her room and shuts door. Akshara is also sad about the same but controlling herself she goes to console naira. Everyone around is feeling sad that naitik didn’t come. Naman mentions the reason, but still akshara feels that there is something bothering her. In night akshara recalls the moments she spend with naitik, there love and also the moments they spent with family, celebrations all sorts of things.
Naira also recalls all those moments she spend with papa,and feels sad.just then she hears of some sound and goes to check what was it ?

Naira: what’s that sound I heard?
Just then gayu also hears the same and came to check the thing.
Gayu: naira you are here but y?
Naira: I came to check .
Gayu:yes I also heard the same but theres nothing.
Man: thank god. they didn’t see me otherwise “voh sherni mujhe kha lethe”
He walks slowly towards a room and gets into the room.
Naira just then enters the room and sees the man.
She about to shout but man closes her mouth.
Naira: karthik tum yah kya kar rahe hoo meri room mai.
Karthik: I have come to see you because you are crying no.. and I cant see you crying so I came here.
Naira: iam fine. “par etni raath ko tum yah kyun aye hoo”
Karthik : I have said u before no
Naira: but its too late y u came here only for me .
Karthik: voh … voh…v..o..h
Naira: tell me don’t ignore
Karthik:voh.. hum jai veeru hai naa iss liye
Naira: bas iss liye…
Karthik goes close to her to say while naira is looking at him and feels something in her heart.

But just then they hear someone knocking the door…

Guys if you like me to continue please say it on the comment on it.

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  1. sarayu (honey)

    please continue and make it longer, please

    1. Renee

      thanks sarayu.

  2. Keerthi_pratyusha

    Nice… Plz continue

    1. Renee

      thanks keerthi.

  3. Interesting episode .
    Nice kaira ff by u
    Plz continue it dear and pozst the next epi. Soon

    1. Renee

      thanks namrata

  4. And plz make it longer

  5. Plz continue and if possible make it long

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