KAIRA FF: You Made My Life Beautiful (Episode 11)

Episode 11:

The episode starts with a bright morning in Goenka Villa. Kartik is on the dining table having his breakfast and Naira is serving him. Kaira is playing with her toys sitting on the dining table beside Kartik. Kartik is adoring his daughter lovingly. She is talking to him in an unrecognisable language and he is just looking at her and having his breakfast. Naira comes and sits on the dining table.
Naira: Kartik…

Kartik: Hmm…
Naira: Tomorrow is karwachaut na…so today we need to go to the Singhania Sadan at the evening…so come early from office today
Kartik nods smiling
He then gets up and leaves for office but not before giving a love peck to Naira and a flying kiss to his princess.

The scene shifts to the Goenka Villa
Dadi: Swarna… Surekha
Swarna and Surekha: Yes maaji…
Dadi: Tomorrow is karwachaut…so I want both of you to accompany me to the temple…we need to do a puja there…
Swarna and Surekha nod
Just then Laksh comes running
Laksh: Dadi…dadi…

Swarna bends down and cups his face
Swarna: What happened beta…why r u running like this
Laksh: Dadi can I also come with you to the temple….dadu and chote dadu are at office and luv Kush chachu and Mansi Bua are at hostel…. I will get bored staying alone at home
Dadi: Ofcourse you can come beta… but you will not do any mischief there
Laksh: Pakka…
Swarna smiles

The scene shifts to the Kaira flat
Naira is in the kitchen. She is completely lost in her thoughts
Naira(in mind): What should I do? Shall I tell Kartik that he only has a misunderstanding with his parents and it should be cleared…it is not their fault…. but what if he doesn’t believe me… what if because of this the relation between me and Kartik shatters…. what should I do… what should I do that no body gets harmed…shall I talk to Swarna Aunty… atleast she would say me what to do what not to….ya…this should be right… I will talk to Swarna Aunty….

The scene shifts to the Goenka Villa

Swarna is in her bedroom. She takes out something from the drawer. She takes it and sits on the bed caressing
Swarna(teary eyed): Every mother in law gives this sargi to her daughter in law on the karwachaut…. I have found my daughter in law…but unfortunately I can’t give this to her….sometimes our destiny plays tragedy games with us…. I will give her this when my son accepts us and brings my daughter in law home…
She says determined
Just then her phone rings. She sees Naira’s name in the caller ID.
Swarna(surprised): Naira…
She picks up the call

Swarna: Hello…
Naira: Hello aunty…
Swarna: What happened Naira why did you call me…is everything alright
Naira: Yes Aunty everything is alright… I was just asking if you can meet me at the park near the temple at 10 am today…
Swarna becomes surprised
Swarna: You wanna meet me…. I mean it’s alright…waise bhi I am coming to the temple today at 10…so I will be there
Naira: Thankyou Aunty…bye
Swarna: Bye beta…
She cuts the call. She caresses the sargi lovingly

The scene shifts to Naira with Kaira at the park
Naira: I think… Aunty will be on her way…
Just then she sees Laksh running towards her. She becomes surprised
Naira(happily): Laksh…
Laksh goes to her and Naira picks him up

Naira: What r u doing here at this time…
Laksh: Nothing my Dadi has come here to do a puja…so she asked me to play in the park…
Naira smiles
Laksh: Aunty will you play with me….
Naira: I am sorry beta… but I can’t…woh actually I am waiting for someone here…it’s something important
Laksh becomes sad

Laksh: But…
Just then he hears a recognisable voice
Voice: Hey Laksh…
He turns behind to see his friend, Rahul
Laksh: Rahul…
Rahul comes there.
Rahul: Laksh who is she…

He points towards Naira
Laksh: She is my Aunty…
Naira: Laksh beta…why don’t you play with Rahul…as soon as Aunty finishes her work…she will come and play with you
Laksh smiles. They go and play

Naira sees Swarna coming. Swarna comes to her. Naira hugs her immediately. Swarna becomes surprised.
Naira(crying): I am sorry Aunty…Maine aapko kitna kuch nhi bola…but now I have realised my mistake… you were right Kartik has a misunderstanding with both of you…and it should be cleared
Swarna becomes surprised. She release the hug

Swarna: Naira first you stop crying…
She wipes her tears
Swarna: I was saying na…but I am glad you came to know….but how
Naira describes the whole incident
Swarna: I knew it…only Ronit Mehra could do that…he and Trisha had an affair…and in order to win her he trapped my son and deceived us… I know he did this only because of profit in his business…and now Trisha is suffering…no problem let her suffer…she has given many sorrows to us and specially my son… my son loved her but she took advantage of his love and deceived him…my son got hatred and sorrow in return of his love for her…
Naira: Don’t worry Aunty…but we will make everything alright…we will make this family one again

Swarna nods and smiles. She hugs her. Then Swarna releases the hug
Swarna: Naira there is one thing I need to say you… because it is your right being Kartik’s wife… to know this…but I think this is the right time to say you
Her voice shivers while saying this. Naira looks at her confused
Swarna: Naira I know it will be very difficult for you…to listen to this…but I can’t let him suffer anymore
Naira: Say Aunty…. I can’t bear this silence anymore

Swarna walks forward not able to face Naira’s eyes
Swarna: Kartik instead of Kaira has one more child….
The ground below Naira’s feet slips. She becomes shocked
Swarna: And it is Laksh…
She shows her Laksh’s picture. Naira becomes shocked seeing him. It was the same Laksh whom she was pampering a few moments before. Naira looks at Swarna shocked. Tears roll down her eyes.
Swarna: And he is Kartik’s and Trisha’s child…
Naira looks at her not knowing what to do

Swarna: Even Kartik doesn’t know that he has a child… actually Trisha got pregnant when Kartik left home…we called him many times… but he didn’t receive our call…. you know what Trisha tried to abort her child many times as she didn’t want to give birth to her and Kartik’s child…and this was the reason why she left with Ronit after Laksh birth…..we kept Trisha throughout her pregnancy at our house only….so that she didn’t try to kill the little innocent soul within her….but after his birth…she left him and Laksh stayed with us….he enjoys living with us…but I can feel how he misses his parents in his eyes… whenever he sees someone spending time with his parents he becomes upset….he is in a need of parents…. Trisha refused to accept him….now Kartik is only our hope….he has become halved without his parents….he always keeps asking where his Papa is…but what can I tell her

After hearing such a tragedy story… Naira becomes halved…. Kartik had another child…it was very difficult for her to accept this

Swarna: Naira plz understand… Laksh needs his father…he even doesn’t know that his father is there…for how long will I and Manishji handle him… Laksh needs Kartik Naira
She keeps a hand on Naira’s shoulder. Naira takes off her hand from there. Her eyes have become red with tears. She brings Kaira close to her chest and continues crying.
Just then Laksh enters….

Laksh: Naira Aunty…
Swarna becomes surprised that he knows Naira. Laksh holds her pallu. While Naira disheartenedly looks at him and removes his hand from her pallu with a jerk and starts walking forward. Laksh becomes shocked and teary eyed.
Laksh: Naira aunty…
But Naira keeps walking forward and leaves.
Swarna : Naira plz meri baat suno…
But Naira leaves. Swarna breaks down. She sees the sargi in her hands and cries holding it. She then goes to the temple and prays to make everything alright and give strength to Naira to handle the situation.

PRECAP: Naira in dilemma…will she be able to face Kartik and accept Laksh

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