KAIRA FF: You Made My Life Beautiful (Episode 10)

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Episode 10

The episode starts with morning in Kaira flat. Naira is bottle feeding Kaira.
Naira: Kaira today we will go to Nanu’s house…u want to go na…
Kaira catches Naira’s fingers. Naira smiles.

The scene shifts to Goenka Villa
Dadi: Swarna… Surekha..
Swarna and Surekha come
Dadi: Are all the preparations for karwachaut started…
Surekha: Yes maaji…
Dadi: This karwachaut should be the best one… I will not forgive any mistakes so take care…
Swarna: Don’t worry Maaji… everything will be fine
Dadi smiles

The scene shifts to Kaira flat
Naira is seen locking the door.
Naira: Let me inform Kartik… otherwise he will get worried
Naira calls Kartik. Kartik picks up the call
Kartik: Hello Naira…
Naira: Kartik…woh actually… I and Kaira are going to Singhania Sadan…day after tomorrow is karwachaut na…and this time we are also celebrating there only..so I am going to help in preparation
Kartik: Ok Jaan…have a nice time
Naira: Bye love you
Kartik: Love you too!!
They cut the call

The scene shifts to the Singhania Sadan
Badi dadi: Why didn’t Naira come till now…
Rajshri: She must be on her way…
All nod
Just then Naira enters with Kaira
Naira: Radhe Krishna
All: Radhe Krishna beta…
She comes and hugs everyone. Rajshri takes Kaira
Rajshri: Awe my baby…missed badi Nani
Kaira smiles…

The scene shifts to Kartik’s office
Kartik is working on his laptop at his desk. Just then Manish’s PA enters
PA: Mr Kartik…Manish sir is calling you in his cabin
Kartik becomes shocked
Kartik(in mind): Why is Mr Goenka calling me…
He then looks at PA
Kartik: I am coming…
The PA nods and leaves.

The scene shifts to the Singhania Sadan
Naira: Where is bhai…
Devyani: He is in Krishna beta..
Naira nods. Just then Naitik enters with a tall man and his PA.
Naira: Papa…
She goes and hugs him. The man looks awkwardly at Naira from her feet to face and smiles.
Naitik ( to the man): She is my daughter, Naira
Naitik (to Naira): He is Mr Ronit Mehra…our new business partner
Naira becomes shocked hearing the name. Naitik goes inside with Ronit. Naira stands rooted at the door, shocked.

The scene shifts to Kartik’s office
Kartik: You called me Mr Goenka…
Manish nods. Kartik enters
Manish: Please sit…
Kartik sits unwillingly
Manish: Actually I wanted to discuss something with you about the deal
Kartik nods and starts explaining him. Manish looks proudly at him. The voice which he was longing to hear…since ages …he is listening it now and also with HIM in front of him. Kartik concludes.
Manish: Great that was great…
Kartik stands up for leaving..
Manish: How r Naira and Kaira…
Kartik: You need not know that…
Kartik leaves. Manish smiles.

The scene shifts to the Singhania Sadan
All the ladies are serving snacks to Naitik and Ronit. Naira comes in front of Ronit to serve and as she bends down to serve her pallu slips a little. Ronit looks at her with wide eyes. Naira pins her pallu and stands up. Ronit’s phone rings. Naira sees Trisha in the caller ID. She becomes surprised. Ronit excuses himself and goes to talk. Naira follows him and hides behind the wall.
Ronit: Just shut up Trisha! Don’t forget it was me who released you from the clutches of that Kartik Goenka and being my wife it is your responsibility to carry out my duties. Don’t you remember how I trapped the Goenka family in my cage and if you don’t listen to me I will make the same state of yours as I made that Kartik’s.
He cut the call and left from there.
Naira was shocked. The truth was revealed to her. Tears of anger and helplessness shed her eyes.
Naira: I am sorry Swarna Aunty… I didn’t believe you… I didn’t knew the truth…but now I know…and I will make everything alright… I promise.

The scene shifts to Ronit Mehra
Ronit: Accha now I have to leave… I have some work
Devyani: But kachori…
Just then Naira enters
Naira: Don’t give him dadi…he doesn’t deserve this
All look shockingly at her
Naira: I mean he is so handsome, dashing,hot… I don’t think he eats such things
All smile.
Ronit comes to her
Ronit: U r Right Mrs…
Naira: Naira…
Ronit: Yes Mrs Naira…
He winks at her and leaves.
Naira(in mind): Just see what happens next with you Mr Ronit Mehra
The scene freezed at Naira determined face.

PRECAP: Naira gets to know that Laksh is…..

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