KAIRA FF: You Made My Life Beautiful (Episode 9)

Episode 9:

The episode starts with night at Goenka Villa. Swarna is seen arranging the clothes. The words of Naira are hovering in her mind. Tears are rolling down her eyes. Just then Manish enters. She quickly wipes off her tears.
Manish(happily): Swarna…

He goes to her and picks her up. Swarna becomes shocked.
Swarna: Manishji… what r u doing…put me down… put me down
Manish puts her down. He holds her shoulder and talks to her eye to eye.
Manish: I don’t know Swarna…how much happy I am today
Swarna looks at him confused.
Manish turns to the other side and walks forward.
Manish: Kartik… kartik is my business partner

Swarna becomes overwhelmed.
Swarna(happily): What!
Manish turns to her and holds her shoulder.
Manish: Yes… Swarna… Yes…now he will always be in front of me…he will work with me…he will talk with me…he will listen to me… I will listen to him… I just can’t believe that I am gonna work with my son… I am very happy Swarna… seriously
Swarna smiles…
Swarna cups his face.

Swarna: I knew Manishji that destiny cannot keep a father away from his son for so much long… I knew you will come close to your Kittu soon…this is just the starting Manishji…and I am damn sure that everything will be right one day
Manish nods. They hug. They then release the hug.
Just then, Laksh enters
Laksh: Dadu…dadu..
He hugs Manish. Manish picks him up and kisses his forehead.
Laksh: Dadu… will you become a horse for me…we will play
Manish: Ofcourse beta…
Swarna becomes wide eyed

Swarna: Manishji! What are you saying… you will become a horse…at this age! No…no… you may have a back pain then
Manish: For your kind information Mrs Swarna Manish Goenka… I think you don’t know that your husband is young enough…smart, dashing
He is interrupted by Laksh
Laksh: Handsome also dadu!
Manish: Yes…saw
Swarna nods…

Manish then kneels down and Laksh climbs on him. Swarna smiles at their bond.
Swarna(in mind): Bhagwan ji…plz bring Kartik back to us so that this smile on manishji’s face remains permanent…

The scene shifts to the Kaira flat.
The door bell rings. Naira opens the door to find Kartik.
Naira(happily): Kar..
She was stopped by Kartik who directly went in and sat on the couch tensely. Naira found it quite unusual so she went to him and kept a hand on his shoulder.
Naira: Kartik…
Kartik(palely): Mr Goenka is my business partner

Naira becomes shocked.
Kartik gets up and moves forward.
Kartik: Now I will have to face him every day… I will have to listen him… I will have to work with him…. I will have to discuss with him… I will have to eat with him… I will have to breathe with him…damn shit!

He throws the glass of water and it falls down. Naira rushes to him and back hugs him and tries to calm him down.
Kartik: If it wouldn’t have been for the sake of the company… I would have never taken such a foolish step
He turns to Naira…
Kartik: You know what… it’s just because of that Ronit Mehra…we would have got some other business partner… but because Mr Goenka lost his partnership with Ronit Mehra…he came to become our partner…
Naira becomes shocked hearing Ronit Mehra name. She remembers Swarna saying his name. She turns Kartik…

Naira: Kartik…look here…look here…see you only need to focus on this deal… just don’t focus on what Mr Goenka says or does okay… just concentrate on the deal… you don’t have any business with Mr Goenka…and by the way most of the meetings will be attended by his PA only na…he would be there only for a less time… you should face him Kartik…for the sake of the company
Kartik nods. He hugs her. They then release the hug.

Naira goes to the kitchen
Naira(in mind): I need to know about that Ronit Mehra…may be he might be the reason for Kartik’s and mr and mrs goenka’s separation…

PRECAP: Naira tries to find about Ronit Mehra

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