KAIRA FF: You Made My Life Beautiful (Episode 8)

The episode starts with night at Kaira flat. The door bell rings. Naira opens the door to find Kartik. She welcomes him with a tight hug and he kisses her forehead. Naira closes the door and Kartik paves his way towards his princess who is sleeping on the cot peacefully after enjoying with her new friend, Laksh. He adores his princess for sometime and then kissed the forehead of the sleeping baby.
Naira: Kartik…dinner is ready
Kartik: Coming Jaan…
And he goes and sits on the dining table. Naira serves him food. Kartik checks his mobile and sees the video of Kaira and Laksh playing which Naira had sent him.

Kartik: Who is this little boy Naira?
Naira(smiles): Laksh…a adorable sweet heart… I met him in the park

today… I played with him also

Kartik smiles… but then he notices Naira’s sad face

Kartik: What happened Jaan

Naira: Kartik…Laksh…Laksh is an orphan…he has neither mother or father…he lives with his dadu and dadi

Kartik becomes shocked but then he sees Naira’s eyes filled up. He keeps

a hand on her shoulder.
Naira: I don’t know Kartik…why destiny plays such games… what was the
need of separating a small baby from his parents… I just can’t think how
that little boy lives without his parents

Kartik turns her face and wipes her tears
Kartik: Sshh.. Naira Sshh… I am damn sure his grandparents take care of him very nicely…he would be happy with them…but now we can’t change the past na…

He tries to calm her down. Naira nods and hugs Kartik. They finish their
dinner and sleep.

The scene shifts to the Goenka Villa

Swarna is sitting on the bed and is reading a book. Manish is working on
the laptop. Just th

en Laksh enters.

Laksh: Dadi..dadi

Swarna smiles seeing him

She picks him up and places him on her lap

Laksh: Dadi can I sleep with you today
Swarna: Ofcourse my baccha

She lays him down and covered him with a blanket and caresses his hair.
Swarna(in mind): I pray beta that you meet your Papa soon
They sleep

The scene shifts to morning in Kaira flat

Kartik is waiting for the breakfast on the dining table

Kartik: Naira…my breakfast… I am getting late
Naira: Coming Baba…
Kartik then opens his phone and plays Kaira and Laksh’s video
Kartik smiles seeing it and caresses the phone screen.

Naira: Here is your breakfast
But Kartik didn’t respond as he was adoring the two little cuties
Naira: Kartik…
Kartik comes out of his trance

Naira: Where were you lost

Kartik: I don’t know Naira…it’s strange…but I don’t know why I feel a strange connection with Laksh
He looks at Naira confusingly

Naira: Don’t worry Jaan… you know what I also felt the same when I met him for the first time…he is such a sweetheart

Kartik smiles
Naira: Okay now… finish your breakfast…u r getting late for office na

Kartik nods he then leaves for office

The scene shifts to evening in Goenka Villa

Laksh: Dadi…plz come to the park with me na… I want you to meet my new
Swarna ruffles his hair
Swarna: Okay so mahashay… you have made new friends also
Laksh nods
Swarna: And what’s that friend’s name
Laksh remembers Naira’s name but he couldn’t spell it

Laksh: Nia aunty
Swarna: Aunty!!
Laksh: Yes… I met her in the park yesterday…she is so sweet…and her little daughter… I call her 007…she always cries
Swarna: Okay…okay I will go with you

Laksh hugs her. They leave for the park

The scene shifts to the park
Naira has reached the park and is waiting for Laksh.

The scene shifts to Swarna and Laksh
Laksh: Dadi… I wanna go to washroom
Dadi: Okay go…
Laksh goes to the public washroom

Swarna walks forward . After walking some distance,she finds Naira.
Swarna: Naira beta…
Naira turns back to find Swarna. She becomes shocked seeing her…she doesn’t get how to react. She turns to go but
Swarna comes in front her and joins her hand

Swarna: Naira… Naira plz…listen to me….it’s just a misunderstanding and it needs to be cleared…plz… Manishji and I didn’t do this… instead that cheap Ronit Mehra did this…just think once Naira…how can we do this
Naira lowered Swarna’s hands and smiled. Swarna looked at her with hope.

Naira: I didn’t accept this from you Mrs Goenka…how can anyone to hide his own fault…give the fault to someone else
Swarna: But Naira…
Naira leaves without telling anything.
Swarna breaks down. Laksh comes to her.

Laksh: Why r u crying Dadi
He wipes her tears
Swarna: Nothing beta… just
She was interrupted by Laksh
Laksh: Offo… Nia aunty didn’t come today

Swarna: Let’s go home beta…waise bhi its dark
Laksh nods. They leave

The scene shifts to Kartik’s office
Kartik is explaining a presentation. It seems that everyone is impressed by
his skills. He completes the presentation. Everyone claps.
Boss: Awesome Mr Kartik awesome… it was just amazing… I am damn sure that the deal is ours…your promotion is confirmed
Kartik smiles
Boss: By the way I have one more surprise for you…can I just get a few minutes

He asks to others
All: Sure…
He drags Kartik to his cabin and opens the door
Boss: Mr Manish Goenka…
Kartik becomes shocked to hear the name. Manish turns to find Kartik. He
becomes surprised seeing him. A smile crept his lips.
Boss: Mr Kartik…meet Manish Goenka…the business tycoon…and now our new business partner
Kartik becomes double shocked
Boss: And Mr Manish…he is Kartik… the most eligible,talented and hardworking employee of the office. He will guide you in this deal

Manish becomes overwhelmed
He stands up and walks forward. He forwards his hand towards Kartik… but he couldn’t get out of the shock yet.
Kartik then remembers his boss saying that their company is in a very bad condition nowadays… if they get this partnership they will rise to new
heights. Unwillingly he forwarded his hand
Manish was super happy…he was speechless…he would work with his son…he would always be infront of his eyes
Boss: So Mr Kartik… I am damn sure you would be ready to work with mr Manish
Kartik nodded unwillingly… just for the sake of his career…and he was the
only earning member
Boss went. Kartik also turned to go but..
Manish: Kartik I didn’t do anything… you have a misunderstanding
Kartik didn’t even look at him and replied
Kartik: For your kind information Mr Manish Goenka… you are talking to a business partner not your son…
He then leaves

PRECAP: Will go according to the flow

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