KAIRA FF: You Made My Life Beautiful (Episode 7)

Episode 7:
The episode starts at late night in Kaira flat. Kartik and Naira are sleeping on the bed. Kaira is sleeping in her cot peacefully. Naira wakes up suddenly. Swarna’s words are hovering in her mind. She finds Kartik sleeping peacefully on the other side. She quietly comes out of the room, not to disturb Kartik and Kaira. She paves her way to the living room and on the lights and sits on the couch. Swarna’s words are hovering in her mind.
Naira picks up a glass of water and drinks it.

Naira: I just can’t get what to do….what is wrong and what is right…. should I believe Mrs Goenka but …if she is just acting to bring kartik back
khen…but if she is saying the truth…then I should just clear the misunderstandings and give Kartik back to his family… whom should I believe Kartik or Mrs Goenka….

She then remembers Mrs Goenka saying ‘ this is for my long lost son’ and ‘my son had left home due to some misunderstandings and I want to bring
him back’ in their first meet.

Naira: But it could also be a trap to bring Kartik close to them…
Tears start rolling down her eyes
Naira: If I support Mrs Goenka… I will hurt Kartik… but if I support Kartik then I fear I don’t become the reason of a son’s separation from his

She then turns towards the God’s place
She joins hands
Naira: Bhagwan ji…plz give me strength to support my family…give me the strength to choose the right….and plz give me the strength to get the hidden truth…plz

She cries…
She hears the sound of door opening….she quickly wipes her tears
A pair of arms engulf her. Naira smiles knowing it to be Kartik. He kisses her forehead.
Kartik: Why u r here…

Naira: Nothing… just couldn’t sleep… but why r u here
Kartik: How can I sleep when my Jaan couldn’t sleep
He kissed her cheek
Naira: Kaira…
Kartik: She is sleeping peacefully….

Kartik looks naughtily at Naira
Naira: What!
Kartik: I think u know what I want
Kartik signs towards his lips
Naira: Chi Kartik Chi…. you have become a father and these talks…chi chi
Kartik pulls her close to him

Kartik: Ok so Mrs Rishikesh…let me make it clear to you that it was our romance only.. that brought her to this world….and u know what Kaira said me that she wants a brother or sister to play with her…and you know that I can fulfill my princess’s wish at any cost….so
Before he could further complete his sentence and do anything further
Naira kept her finger on his lips
Naira: For your kind information Mr Frog Prince… Kaira is only 6 months old and she hasn’t learnt to speak….so how could she say you
Kartik: But…
Naira: In your dreams…
And went back to sleep
Kartik: What Krishna ji..till when shall I see dreams…
He cursed his fate and went back to sleep

The scene shifts to morning at Goenka Villa
Laksh is hovering around Swarna
Laksh: Dadi…dadi… I want to go to palk(Guys,it’s not a spelling mistake… Laksh is a little boy… that’s why I am writing his dialogues so)
Dadi: U can’t Laksh beta…see Dadi and Dadu have work in the bank… Badi dadi has gone to the temple…and Surekha dadi and Akhilesh dadu have gone to drop Mansi Bua to the hostel…
Laksh: Plz Dadi..
He starts pulling her saree
Swarna remembers Kartik pulling her saree when he was small…Swarna smiles and bends down
Swarna cups his face
Swarna: Okay u can go with the driver uncle…but u should be careful and return by 6:00 pm
Laksh jumps
Laksh: Okay Dadi…
He then hugs her

The scene shifts to the Kaira flat
Kartik had gone to office. Naira and Kaira were alone at home. Kaira was crying continuously. Naira was carrying her in her arms and was trying to pacify her down

Naira: What happened baby…why r u crying
Kaira continued crying…
Naira took her to the balcony. She stopped crying
Naira(smiles): Accha…so u want to go out
Kaira smiled
Naira: Okay so Mumma will take u to the park okay…
Kaira smiled
Naira kissed her forehead and left for park

The scene shifts to the park
Laksh is playing in the park and is enjoying all the rides.
Just then, Naira enters with Kaira in her arms and starts walking around the park.
Laksh is seen climbing the stairs of the slide. Suddenly,he slips and was going to fall down when Naira held him. He started crying and Naira tried to pacify him. He was clutched to her saree. Naira then put him down.
Naira: Are u okay baccha…did u get hurt
Laksh continued crying Naira brought him close to her chest and started pacifying him.
Naira: Don’t cry beta…u r a strong boy na
And after speaking words of comfort, she calmed him down
Naira checked anywhere he got hurt. But there was no sign of injury.
Naira: You are okay na beta…

Laksh nodded. Naira kissed his forehead.
Naira: Where are your Mumma Papa
Laksh said teary eyed
Laksh: I don’t have Mumma Papa
Naira was shocked at his condition. Tears started rolling down his eyes. Naira felt guilty.
Naira: I am sorry beta… I didn’t knew
She then wiped his tears
Naira tried to revive his mood by giving him a chocolate. She gave him a chocolate. Laksh exclaimed with happiness and started eating it. Naira smiled at his cuteness.
Laksh looked towards Kaira.
Laksh: she is cho cute…

He giggled and touched her cheek.
Laksh: She is cho soft
Kaira smiled. She enjoyed his company. Laksh started playing with her. Naira smiled at their bond. Naira took their video and send it to Kartik.
Laksh: Aunty I am bored… I have no one to play with…will you play with me
Laksh made a puppy face.
Naira: Ofcourse beta…
And they started playing. They enjoyed very much.

After 30 mins
Naira: Okay…okay now stop
Naira bent down
Naira: Beta…now it’s too late.. you should go home..has someone come with you
Laksh gestured his hand towards the driver
Naira: Okay let’s go…
Naira went with him towards the car. Before leaving.
Laksh: Will u play with me again Aunty
Naira nodded in yes
Laksh kissed her cheek and went.
Naira waved him bye!!


PRECAP: Naira gets a clue

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