KAIRA FF: You Made My Life Beautiful (Episode 6)

Episode 6:
The episode starts with night at Goenka Villa. Manish is sitting on the bed and is continuously looking at the floor,teary eyed. Just then Swarna enters, with dinner. She forwards it to Manish, but he refuses it. Swarna keeps it to the other side. She then keeps hand on his shoulder.
Swarna: Why Manishji why, today when he came in front of you,why u refused to face him and clear this misunderstanding

Manish: How could I Swarna…. didn’t u see how much he was happy in his small family…he is satisfied…he has moved on….and in this case how could I become a thorn in his happiness
Tears started rolling down his eyes
Swarna: What happened to you Manishji… you have been waiting for this moment for so long…and when it came to you…u r not facing it
Manish looks at her
Swarna: Manishji plz…plz…face him and clear this misunderstanding and give everyone their Kittu back…and just think about him

Swarna looked at him with hope
Manish nodded. They hugged

The scene shifts to morning in Kaira flat
Kartik is getting ready for office. His face is very pale and he is lost somewhere else. The smile on his lips has disappeared. Just then Naira enters to find Kartik sad. She back hugs him. Kartik inhales her fragrance.
Naira: What happened hubby
Kartik: Nothing…
Naira understood the situation

Naira turned him and cupped his face
Naira: Kartik plz don’t be sad… just forget what happened yesterday…start a new day… I am always with you… nothing will happen to us…and now smile
Kartik smiled and hugged her
Kartik: I am so lucky to have you in my life Naira… I love you
Naira: I love you too
Naira fed Kartik breakfast and Kartik fed Naira. Kartik then left for office.

After 2-3 hours
The scene shifts to the temple
Naira has come to the temple with Kaira to pray for a better future. Swarna has also come to the temple to pray. As Naira turns to the other side,she finds Swarna. Swarna becomes surprised seeing her. A tear of anger and hatred fills Naira’s eyes. She turns to go. But…
Swarna: Naira plz listen to me once
Naira stops in her tracks but then starts walking.

Swarna: Naira plz….listen to me…for the sake of being a mother
This time Naira stops in her tracks. And looks at Kaira who was blinking at her. Swarna looks hopefully at her. Naira turns.

The scene shifts to the Goenka Villa

A small boy 2-3 years old is seen playing with the ball in the garden. He is running with little feet and small steps.
Just then Dadi enters,
Dadi: Laksh… Laksh beta
The boy turns and runs towards Dadi and hugs her
Laksh: Badi dadi…
Dadi caresses his hair lovingly

Dadi: Okay now… finish this glass of milk
Laksh makes faces and nods in no and runs from there
Dadi: Offo…this boy
And laughs at his cuteness

The scene shifts to the temple
Swarna: Naira beta… Kartik has a misunderstanding with us…and only u can clear this…
Naira looked away from her
Swarna: Beta…plz understand…our eyes are tired longing to see our Kittu…and Manishji,he has halved after Kartik left home… Naira u r a mother… just think if Kaira in future leaves home due to some misunderstandings, won’t u try to bring her back and clear the Misunderstandings… Naira plz understand…we are starving to see Kartik…we can’t live without him…plz…bring him back to us..now you are only our hope

Swarna looks hopefully at Naira. Naira turns
Naira: I came here only for the sake of being a mother… and let me make it clear to you… I will not do anything which hurts my Kartik… I won’t deceive him like u did 2 years ago
And she left
Tears started rolling down Swarna’s eyes…she broke down

The scene shifts to Goenka Villa
Swarna returns home. She tries to calm herself,so that no one gets to know what happened. She was welcomed by Laksh who hugged him tightly. Swarna picked him up and kissed his forehead. She then put him down.
They saw Mansi and Akhilesh having a great time.
Mansi: No Papa…this is cheating… I won the game
Akhilesh: Okay baba… I give up… You won

Mansi: Yeah!!
And she hugged him
Mansi: I love you papa
Akhilesh: I love you too princess

Laksh becomes teary eyed seeing the bond between Mansi and Akhilesh.
He turns to Swarna and asks her teary eyed.
Laksh: Dadi, where is my Papa?
Swarna looks disheartenedly at Laksh and caresses his hair lovingly and hugs him and tries to calm him down.

PRECAP: Naira confused…… Naira meets Laksh

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