KAIRA FF: You Made My Life Beautiful (Episode 5)

The episode starts with night at Kaira flat. Kartik is sitting on the dining table with a bad mood and his head in buried in his hands. On the other hand Naira is in the bedroom and is making Kaira sleep. After she sleeps, she puts her in the cot and kisses her forehead. She comes to the dining room to find Kartik sitting tensely on the dining table. She tries to revive his mood. She places the “Gajar Ka Halwa” infront of him. Kartik sees it and looks at Naira.
Naira: This Mrs Goenka has specially sent for you… I told her that you like it very much….she has given it with lots of love
Kartik sees it angrily and throws it to the other side.
Naira(angrily): What happened Kartik…why r u behaving like this… you have been rude to everyone since afternoon…
Kartik starts crying
Naira hugs him and feels guilty
Naira: I am sorry kartik… I should not have talked to you in this manner… I am sorry… I am damn sure that there should be a cause… what happened Kartik…is something wrong… somebody told u anything… anything happened in office
Kartik rose and cupped Naira face
Kartik: Don’t say sorry Naira… instead I should say sorry
He paused for few seconds and turned to the other side
Kartik: Naira I have hidden a very big thing from you…
Naira looks confusingly at him,she comes to him and holds his shoulder
Naira: What Kartik?
Kartik comes towards the window
Kartik: Naira… I am the son of Mr Manish Goenka…Kartik Goenka
Naira looks at him, shocked
Kartik: I left my family and fled from home 2 yrs ago when Mr Goenka and his wife deceived me
Naira becomes double shocked
He turns towards Naira
Kartik: Naira u know na… that this is my SECOND MARRIAGE
Naira nods in yes
Kartik: I said you na… that my wife is no more,and I am single and I want to start a new life with you
Naira nodded
Kartik turned
Kartik: But it wasn’t the truth…
Naira looks at him, shocked
Kartik: My wife…Mrs Trisha kar…no no correction…Miss Trisha Malhotra had an extra marital affair…… I was choking when I got to know this…the very next day I divorced her with the help of my personal lawyer so that no one gets to know about our separation….she warned me not to tell this to anyone else she would destroy my life to hell
Naira composed herself… able to understand his situation
Kartik: When Mr Goenka and his wife got to know about our divorce…they tried me to get married again with her because it was a business deal… And when I denied they filed a case against me that I had an extra marital affair and divorced my wife to enjoy with my girlfriend…like seriously..how can our own parents think about us in this way… I ran from home to start a new life away from the pomp and show of a high class family…after I fled they closed the case…then I found you… a ray of hope within myself began to develop that you would change my life… I fell in love with you…and we got married
Kartik then looked towards Naira
Kartik: I must have told you this before only, but when I got to know that you are pregnant,I couldn’t…as I didn’t want to trouble you and my baby
Kartik looked towards Naira with a hope
Naira hugged him and tried to calm him down
Naira: No problem Kartik…it doesn’t matter that when u told me… you said me..it matters… I love you Kartik and will always love you whatever your past would be… because I know that my Kartik cannot do something wrong at all…and I promise you I will never meet Mr and Mrs Goenka ever…
She pledged
Kartik hugged her

PRECAP: A small boy asks Swarna”Dadi where is my Papa”
Swarna looks disheartenedly at him and caresses his hair

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