KAIRA FF: You Made My Life Beautiful (Episode 4)

The episode starts with a bright morning in Goenka Villa. Swarna is seen making ‘Gajar Ka Halwa’ in the kitchen. Just then Manish enters.
Manish: Why r u in the kitchen Swarna, I mean since so many years I haven’t seen you in the kitchen and today so suddenly,its strange
Swarna: Nothing is strange Manish ji… I am making Gajar Ka Halwa’
Manish: Gajar Ka Halwa’… I mean no one likes it here
Swarna: I am making this for someone else
Manish: For whom
Swarna: For Naira…
Manish: Naira…
Manish smiles
Manish: Isn’t it surprising Swarna…. you have met Naira yesterday only and you have come so much close to her
Swarna: Yes Manishji… Naira is very good… I don’t know why I feel a strange connection with her… I love meeting her…. she said me that her husband likes ‘Gajar Ka Halwa’ very much…so I am making this for them
Manish smiles
Manish: Ok… I will also like to meet Naira… let’s do one thing when you go na… I will also come with you
Swarna nods
Manish becomes teary eyed
Manish: U remember Swarna… Kartik
Iikes Gajar Ka Halwa’ very much
Swarna nods and smiles. She wipes his tears. Manish smiles at her

The scene shifts to Kaira flat
Kartik is getting ready for office
Naira: Kartik I need to go to the grocery store…can you come home early
Kartik: Don’t worry Naira… today is my half day… I will return around 10:30 am itself
Naira: Really…
Kartik nods
She hugs him. He leaves for office

At 10:30 am

Naira is seen locking the door and carrying Kaira.
Naira: Why didn’t Kartik come till now… I hope he is fine…
She then descends the stairs and stands in the compound with Kaira.

The scene shifts to Manish and Swarna in the car

Swarna: Ya…this is only Naira’s apartment… the Sunshine apartment
She comes out followed by Manish.
She sees Naira standing in the compound
Swarna: Manish ji…she is Naira
Manish smiles. They go to her

Swarna: Naira beta..
Naira becomes surprised seeing them
Naira: Aunty you…
Swarna hugs her
Naira: Aunty you…at this time
Swarna gives the Gajar Ka Halwa’ to Naira.
Naira: Are aunty… what was the need of this
Swarna: It was important… you helped me alot beta… you are like my daughter… you said me na that your husband likes Gajar Ka Halwa’very much..So I brought this for him…and Manishji also wanted to meet you
Naira turns towards Manish
Manish: Hye beta…it’s pleasant to you… Swarna was talking very much about you…so I thought to meet you
Naira smiles. She touches his feet
Manish: God bless you beta
Swarna: Waise Naira…why were you standing in the compound…
Naira: Actually aunty… I needed to go to the grocery store to buy some stuffs… my husband will be coming at any time now
Swarna: Oh Accha
Naira: See he came

Manish and Swarna turn back to see Kartik. They become surprised seeing him. Tears start rolling down their eyes….tears of happiness. On the other hand Kartik was hell angry as well as shocked, but he tried to compose himself,as he didn’t want Naira to know anything.

Swarna: Manishji… Kartik
Manish nodded happily
Naira went towards Kartik..
Naira: Kartik…Mr and Mrs Goenka
Tears of hatred formed in Kartik’s eyes
Kartik: Naira let’s leave…we are getting late
Naira: But Kartik…
Kartik: I said na..let’s leave
Naira looks worriedly at Manish and Swarna
They leave on Kartik’s bike. Manish and Swarna stand rooted to the ground.
Swarna: Manish ji stop him…let’s clear this misunderstanding
Manish looked towards her and nodded in no
Swarna became shocked.
Manish: Swarna let’s return home…
Swarna: But Manish ji..
Manish holds her shoulder and nods in yes. Swarna nods. They leave…

The scene shifts to Kaira
Kartik is driving the bike harshly. Naira is looking worriedly at him
Naira(in mind): What happened to Kartik today…why he was in a bad mood and so rude
She then saw Kaira blinking at her. Naira smiled at her and brought her close to her chest.

They completed the shopping and returned home.

PRECAP: Naira gets to know everything

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