KAIRA FF: You Made My Life Beautiful (Episode 3)

Guys, I think I am not getting a good response for this story. So If you want me to end it,I will surely do that and come up with a new story. If that’s so,then plz let me know through your comments….

Episode 3

The episode starts at Kaira flat. Naira is wearing a red saree and is making Kaira ready. They then leave for temple.
Naira has Kaira in her arms and is praying when the ‘puja ki thali’ is going to fall from a women’s hand and Naira holds it. The women is revealed to be Swarna.
Naira: Are u okay aunty
Swarna nods
Swarna: Thankyou beta…this was for my son…if it would have fallen then it would have been a big apshagun
Naira: It’s my pleasure Aunty

Just then Swarna starts breathing heavily
Naira holds her
Naira: Aunty r u okay
Swarna signs towards her purse
Naira takes her to a tree shade and gives her pills. Swarna becomes a little normal.
Swarna: U r very nice beta….thank you
Naira: No need of thanks aunty…. I am relieved that you are okay
Swarna smiles and caresses her cheek
Swarna then looks at Kaira
Swarna: Awe…such a cute baby what’s her name

Naira: Kaira…
Swarna: Such a nice name…can I take her
Naira nods. She gives her to Swarna. Swarna starts playing with her.
Naira: Aunty if you don’t mind can I ask you something
Swarna: Hmm
Naira: Is everything okay…. I mean this condition doesn’t happens normally…is there something which is hurting you
Swarna becomes teary eyed

Swarna: Actually….my son hasn’t returned home since 2 long years…he left home due to some misunderstandings.. I come to this temple every Tuesday to pray for his long life…
Naira looked at her…
Naira: I pray he comes back to you soon
Swarna: Thank you beta
Naira smiles. Just then Swarna’s phone rings. Naira sees the caller ID ‘Manish Goenka’. Naira becomes surprised seeing it. Swarna talks to Manish and then ends the call.
Naira: Are u the wife of the business tycoon, Manish Goenka
Swarna nods

Naira: Oh my god! It was a pleasure to meet you
Swarna smiled and caressed her cheek
Swarna: No beta… I am lucky to meet you… you are so good hearted… I am just glad meeting you
Swarna then gives Kaira to Naira
Swarna: Okay beta I am leaving now…
Then she remembers something
Swarna: Oh…see in all these stuffs… I just forgot to ask your name
Naira(smiled): Naira…
Swarna smiles

Swarna: Okay then Naira… bye
Naira waved her bye. Then she returned back home with Kaira.

At night (Kaira flat)
The door bell rang. Naira walked across the floor to open the door. It was Kartik.
Kartik(smiling): I’m back
Naira giggled
She then hugged him and kissed his cheek
Naira: I missed you
Kartik: I missed you too

Kartik entered. Naira closed the door
Kartik: I am hungry…. what’s in dinner
Naira: Chole Bhatoore
Kartik’s face lightened up listening the name
Kartik: I love you Naira
And gave her a flying kiss
Naira: I love you too
Kartik then went to the bedroom and picked Kaira up and started playing with her. The baby smiled at her father.

Kartik: My baby missed me…
Kaira smiled
Kartik kissed her forehead and started playing with her
Naira: Do you know what happened today…
Kartik: Hmm…
Naira: I met Mrs Swa…
She was interrupted by Kaira. She had started crying. Kartik was trying to pacify her down but she didn’t.
Naira: Offo Kartik… you can’t handle your kid also
And she takes Kaira from him and starts pacify her down

The scene shifts to Goenka Villa

Swarna is smiling and sitting on the couch
Manish: What happened Swarna… you look very happy today
Swarna: Nothing Manishji… I met a very good hearted girl… nurtured with good values…she held the puja ki thali from falling…. I wish if Kartik returns he gives a daughter in law like her only

Manish smiles at her desires…

PRECAP: Swarna comes to Kaira’s apartment

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