KAIRA FF: You Made My Life Beautiful (Episode 2)

Episode 2:

The episode starts with Kartik getting ready for office. Naira is making Kaira drink milk.
Kartik: Naira….my wallet
Naira: On the table
Kartik: My watch…
Naira: In the drawer…
And other random things…
Kartik: Naira can you please play the news for me
Naira plays the news
News: Manish Goenka the business tycoon has once again achieved the title of business man of the year…
Kartik gets angry listening to the news
Naira: It’s very good thing na…Manish Goenka achieves this title every year… isn’t it great
Kartik: Naira I am getting late… I am leaving
Naira: Your breakfast…
Kartik: At the canteen….
And he leaves

The scene shifts to the Goenka Villa
A middle aged man is seen caressing a photograph. Tears rolling down his eyes…
The man is revealed to be Manish
Manish: Till when beta….till when will you stay away from me…till when will I starve for you….till when will you keep this misunderstanding in your heart…. I wonder what you would be doing….where would you be….plz beta come back to Papa

A middle aged woman is seen. She keeps a hand on Manish’s shoulder. She is revealed to be Swarna. Manish hugs her from waist. Swarna caresses his hair

Swarna: Don’t worry Manishji… your son will be back soon…keep faith on God

Manish nods

PRECAP: Swarna meets Naira

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    Wow This was amazing loved it I have read all your stories on wattpad I am a big fan

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      Awe…thank you so much…it means alot to me… I am glad you like my work… just keep supporting me

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