KAIRA FF: You Made my life beautiful (Episode 1)

Hi guys, Shailja here. I am new to telly updates. I am a huge fan of Kaira and Yrkkh. So this is my first story,I hope you like it. Now let’s start without any delay….

The episode starts with a bright morning in Kaira flat. Two love birds are sleeping in each other’s embrace and beside them in a crib a baby girl is sleeping. The sunlight falls on Kartik’s face and he wakes up to find his lady love sleeping peacefully her lips curved up in a smile, a smile of satisfaction. He smiles seeing her and then he turns towards his princess who was sleeping sucking her thumb. As Kartik tries to get out of Naira’s grip,she holds him more tightly and continues sleeping. Kartik kisses her forehead and she slowly opens her eyes to see her husband, her life smiling at her. She gave a peck on his cheek and they said’Good Morning’ to each other. They then saw Kaira looking at them and smiling. Kartik picked her up and kissed her forehead and brought her close to his chest. He then gave her to Naira who kissed her cheek and started playing with her. They enjoy each other’s presence.

PRECAP: Kartik gets angry listening Mr Goenka

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  1. Shivaya khanna

    Nice one it was great and cute your on wattpad too right ?

      1. Shailjamanya

        Thanks for liking it

  2. Amazing…..update soon

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