Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#9: Love Me Like You Do)

Naira woke up at midnight and saw Karthik really close to her and he was awake as well.

N: leave me
K: no
N: please

He got angry and pinned her to the bed looking at her angrily.

K: (angrily) main ne mana kiya na, sunti kam ho kya tum?

She startled by his loud voice and pinned herself more to the bed.

N: (says in heart) oh God. Why is he getting so hyper on such a small thing? It’s not right to fight back at this time, he’s hurt and alone. I should deal with him by love. (Then she says to him lovingly) Karthik, aap itna gussa kyun kartay ho? Itna gussa achha nahi hota, it will affect your health, but you know what? Aapke har cheez mein cute expressions hain, even I can lose my control by seeing your cute face, rotay huay bhi cute, gussa kartay waqt bhi cute, jabhi to aapke gusse par bhi pyaar ajata hai. Cutie pie, kya main aapko kiss kar loon?

She said very lovingly making him shocked on her reaction, she was smiling at him and felt his grip losen on her, he stared at her for long time in a shock. How can a person be so calm after hearing angry words? He left her completely and laid back on his place, she turned on her elbow and smiled at him.

N: I take that as a yes.

She kissed his cheek while he was still shocked. She ruffled his hair and neared him on the bed keeping her arm around him.

N: ab bhi neend nahi arahi kya?

K: I keep on waking up and then again sleeping.

N: now you happy? I am close to you.

K: I m sorry, u said u can bear my anger but that doesn’t mean that I keep on angering on you.

N: it happens. Now can we sleep? Together?

He smiled and agreed kissing her hair. She slept before him and he was staring at her continuously.

He says in heart: she loves me so much and I get angry on her just because she asks me not to be close to her, why am I doing this? I can’t hurt her because of my problems, she’s my responsibility now.

He cuddled her a little tight and closed his eyes to sleep. Next morning, Naira woke up and saw Karthik still sleeping. She caressed his hair and he woke up.
N: good morning.
K: good morning

He sat up and got off the bed and went to freshen up.
N: I love you a lot, I won’t let you get pained in my presence, meri tarha aapko koi pyaar nahi kar sakta, your parents may love you more than me, but no girl can love you like me.

She said to herself promising to make the person apologize to him whoever made him sad. She went to kitchen.

N: Karthik ka mood kharab hai, or mujhe unki favourite sweet dish bhi nahi pata…I will ask.

She made breakfast for herself and him and went outside and gave him his plate. She again went to kitchen and came back with two glasses with some liquid in it and her food plate and sat beside him. They ate quietly.

N: Karthik, coffee

She said forwarding the glass to him and on seeing the coffee, he was amazed at her skills. She had made coffee with cream for him and herself too.

K: you made it?

N: yes

He took the glass and the spoon to eat the cream. He ate and smiled brightly.

K: ummm, you’re a chef, amazing, yummy

Naira smiled seeing him smile and they both had the coffee together and they got ready and went outside the house. Naira was wearing a white crop top with blue jeans and red jacket. She looked hot and Karthik checked her out from head to toe and couldn’t take his eyes off her.

N: tum kitnay hot ho, mujhe darr hai koi tumhe mujhse chheen na le.
K: mujhe bhi
They went on scooty as usual and while riding, they talked.

N: I am hot??
K: yes

She giggled like a fool and continued riding. After sometime, she stopped the scooty outside Karthik’s office and he got down.
K: bye and sorry for yesterday and thanks for today.

N: its OK and welcome, bye.

K: bye.

Anu : Karthik!
Naira was going but then she stopped as she heard her. She turned to her and saw her following Karthik, she got down the scooty and after locking it she ran behind her and Karthik. He was walking inside ignoring her and she was behind him. Naira holds Anushka’s arm stopping her from reaching Karthik.

N: what’s your problem?

Karthik stopped hearing her voice, he saw her talking to Anushka.

Anu: Tumhari kya problem hai? Kyun beech mein arahi ho humaray? Karthik mera hai, door raho us se.

N: (chuckles and says pretending to be shocked) Han? Tumhara hai vo? Door rahoon us se? Problem main nahi, tum create kar rahi ho, chor do usko akela, main Karthik se bohat pyar karti hoon, agar unko hurt kiya, Jan se maar doon gi.

Anu: tum us se jitna bhi pyaar Karo, kya wo tum se pyaar karta hai?

N: just shut up and stay away from him. Wo mujhse pyaar karein ya na karein, I will be with him forever unlike you.

She rode away and Karthik looked on. He too walked away to his studio.

He said to himself: main Naira se kyun pyaar nahi kar sakta? Us mein wo saari qualities hain Jo mujhe chahye, kitni achhi hai wo or main kitna selfish hoon, sirf isliye ke wo mujhse pyaar karti hai I married her not caring about her, main ye nahi kar sakta, mujhe kuchh karna hoga.

Later at night, Karthik and Naira returned home. Karthik felt dizzy, she turned to him and to her shock, he fell unconscious on the floor. She got shocked and sat down on her knees.

N: Karthik!

She touched his forehead and it was burning hot. She made him sit up by difficulty and adjusted his arm over her shoulders and made him stand taking him to bed. She immediately called the doctor and sat with him. Doctor came and checked him.

Doctor: he has got an infection.

He told and checked for wound, he rolled his sleeve up revealing the cuts made by himself and Naira gets shocked and starts crying.

Doctor: does anyone tortures him? Who made these cuts?

N: (sobbingly) I don’t know

Doctor gave an injection and prescribed medicines and went saying he will be conscious within sometime. Naira held his hand and waited for him to get conscious. After sometime he gained his senses and looked around. Naira kept her hand on his forehead and it was burning less now.
N: thank God you’re fine, but who made these cuts Karthik?

K: no one

N: tell me

K: main ne hi kiya hai, dard hi itnay hain

She kisses his forehead.

K: Ek baat puchu?

N: bolo

She says with tears rolling down her cheeks.

K: why do you love me so much?

N: pyaar karne ka koi reason nahi hota

K: tum mujh se itna pyaar karti ho, lekin main to nahi karta

N: I can’t make you love me forcefully, hona hoga khud hojaega, tum rest karo

She covered him and lays beside him still crying and soon they both slept. One month passed by, Naira would stop him from drinking wine but he won’t stop. He was emotionally disturbed, Naira was really helpless now.

Karthik came to Naira in a drunken state with a bottle from which he was taking sip again and again.

K: hi Naira

She stood up as she saw him drinking again.

N: stop it’s harmful.

He threw her on the bed and she pinned herself to the bed board. He approached her and entwined their hands and sealed their lips together.

N: (during the kiss) uhhh!!

He kissed her neck and shoulder and she moved him away and got down the bed.

N: I am going to another room.

K: no

He pulled her on the bed.

N: look you’re drunk, before you cross your limits, I am going

She got up and was about to reach the exit of the room.
K: pata tha mujhe, ke tum bhi chali jaogi, but you know what? Go, I m habitual of pain, kar lunga bardaasht

He said and buried his face in his palms, she looked back and got worried, how can she forget about his pain? She went to him and sat in front of him moving his hands from his face.
N: main kahin nahi jaun gi

K: chali jao gi

N: no I won’t

K: what proof you have?

She tied her hand with his hand.

K: oh he he

N: sleep

He laid down and she held his hand so that he doesn’t feels alone, they sleep. Next morning, as usual, Abeer recalled everything. They were doing breakfast.

K: you asked me about my parents, right?

N: yes

K: it’s a long story, but I will tell you my past, I will tell you everything.

N: ok

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