Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#8: Home Alone)

Next morning, Karthik woke up having a hangover and saw himself sleeping on top of Naira and she was also sleeping. He wondered how is she sleeping with him on top of her?
Karthik: (in heart) how is she bearing me on top of her? I should get off her, she might be suffocating.

He got off from top of her and saw that she wasn’t sleeping properly, he had her wrists in his grip. He leaves her hands and tries to recall about last night. He started getting flashbacks of picking Naira on his shoulder and throwing her on bed and then when she asked what he’s doing, he replied whatever he is doing is with his wife. He recalls everything and realized he did a mistake. He woke up Naira. She opened her eyes.
Karthik: are you OK?

It was the first question he asked. She looked at him as if saying “you’re asking me as if you don’t know.” She got down the bed and went to freshen up. She didn’t wanted to talk about anything to him. He got sad that he got too drunk that he forced himself on her. She came out after sometime and sat on the bed again.

Karthik: Naira main ne kuchh jan bhooj k nahi kiya.

Naira: aapko pata bhi hai ke aapne kiya kya hai? You got too drunk that you forced yourself on me and because you were on top of me, I couldn’t even breathe, I fainted because of you.

Karthik: (holding his ears) I am sorry. I didn’t do it intentionally, if you say, I will go on my knees (he gets down the bed and sits on his knees holding his ears) sorry Naira, I wasn’t in my senses, please forgive me

Naira: aapne first time kiya hai isliye main aapko maaf karti hoon, please get up.

She made him stand and went to her cupboard and took her clothes and went to change. He got sad because he knew she was just saying, she didn’t forgive him. She came out wearing a navy blue sleeveless top and white skinny jeans. She stood in front of the mirror and combed her hair and pulled it back into a high ponytail. She wore brown bangles and slippers and her gaze went on Karthik who was sitting deep in thoughts.

Naira: aapko office nahi jana kya?

On the name of office, he recalled his mother and got teary eyed, he nodded in negative.

Karthik: no I am not in a mood.

Naira: OK, I know there’s something you don’t want to tell me, but whatever it is, you should cope up with it as soon as you can before it starts affecting your inner peace.

Karthik: I will try.

Naira: OK I am going, I made your breakfast, eat it, and don’t skip lunch, I will call you when I am free. Bye.

Karthik: bye, hosakay to jaldi ajana.

Naira: Han I will try, love you

She quickly took her bag and left from there. He always felt empty when she left. He would feel lonely while eating and would be depressed the whole day and nothing would be his escape besides drinking. He ate quietly and went out of the house and drove towards the bar. He got drunk and was coming back when Anushka’s car neared his car and stopped before their cars dashed into one another. He saw her and went away to his house, he went to kitchen with stumbling steps and took a knife and smiled foolishly. He rolled up his sleeve revealing a lots of cuts on and above his wrist. He often did it while he was drunk. He made a fresh cut and giggled, he washed the knife and pulled his sleeve down and went to his room and fell on the bed dozing off to sleep.

Later when he woke up, thankfully Naira wasn’t back yet and he had a hangover. He went to washroom and felt his arm sticky from below the elbow. He rolled up his sleeve and washed away the sticky blood. He got a call by Naira but it got disconnected mistakenly. That’s when he saw there were 14 missed calls of hers. She was calling him when he was sleeping in the affect of wine but he was too drunk to hear anything. He called her back.

Karthik: hallo
Naira: hallo, aap theek ho na? Aapne lunch karlia? Aap mera phone kyun nahi utha rahay thay?
Karthik: I was sleeping and yes I had lunch.

He lied to her.

Naira: oh mujhe bohat tension hogai thi, main ghar arahi hoon

Karthik: No u come on your time, I m fine

Naira: you don’t look fine to me

Karthik: i m fine

Naira: (in her heart) if he don’t wants to share its OK but at least I should be there for him whenever he needs me (then she said over phone) pakka?

Karthik: arey Han pakka

Naira: OK

Call disconnected. Just because she said its OK if he doesn’t tells her the reason behind his sorrow, she loved him so crazily not only because she’s just his fan but his wife too. She could sense the pain in his voice and eyes. She too felt sad if he was sad. Though she was unaware of the reason but she wanted him to be happy. She loved him a lot even though he didn’t love her but slowly he was getting attracted to her in every way. Meher moves out of her working place at evening and sits on her scooty and rides off to her and Karthik’s house. She got a call in mid way and she stopped the scooty at a side and saw that it was Karthik’s call. She received it immediately.

Naira: hallo

Karthik: (drunkily) come soon baby

Naira: ok but why are you drunk?

Karthik: tum arahi ho k nahi?

Naira: arahi hoon

She disconnected the call.

Naira said in heart: I wonder how he manages to drink so much, I will have to stop him.

She rode faster and reached their house. She got down locking the handle and went inside hurriedly to their room. She saw Karthik waiting for her and as soon as he saw her he pulled her towards him lightly.

Naira: Karthik u r drunk
Karthik: shhhh

She fell in his lap and he freed her hair. She held his shirt in a fear of falling and he held her a little tight.

Karthik: actually na, mujhse akelay soya nahi jata

Naira: I will come after changing.

She got out of his lap and quickly went to change. She came back and he was already asleep. She slept and he was just acting to be asleep, he went closer to her and cuddled her.

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