Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#7: Sorrow)

Anushka sits on a table to wait for the person she called. Just then a woman enters and Anushka greets her.

Anu: Namaste aunty
Woman: namaste, beta Karthik kahan hai?
Anu: Main aapko le chalti hoon

She goes followed by the woman and they reaches the door of the studio. Anushka turns to the woman before entering inside.
Anu: aunty, wo thora aggressive hai, aap uski baato ka bura mat man’na agar wo anjaaney mein kuchh kehde to
Woman: theek hai

They go inside the studio. Karthik was sitting lost in his own thoughts.

Woman: Karthik beta, mumma aai hai

As Abeer heard the voice of the woman, he was shocked, it was the same voice, the voice he yearned to hear. He stands up and hugs her immediately. Just then his gaze goes on Anushka and Karthik’s mother Swarna feels his grip loosening on her. He parts away from her.

K: aapko yahan kis ne bulaya?

S: Anushka ne

K: (to Anushka) kyun?

Anushka: (to Swarna) aunty, we both love each other and now he’s refusing to me for the marriage.

Karthik: that’s because you got someone else and I also got someone else, pyaar to sirf main ne kiya tha tumse, tumne kabhi mujhse pyaar nahi kiya, tum to chhor k bhaag gai thi, pyaar kiya, to bas apne aapse kiya, ab kuchh faraq nahi parta tumhe realize ho bhi Jaye to, kyun k ab meri shahdi Naira se hogai hai, or main usko tumhare temporary pyaar k liye nahi chorunga, Naira achhi hai, wo mujhse bohat pyaar karti hai, at least mujhe tumhari tarha rulaegi to nahi, or na hi chhor k jayegi, tum chali jao meri nazro k agay se, out!

He grabs her arm and throws her out of the studio

Swarna: beta Karthik, itna gussa mat kar.

Karthik: aap kahan thi jab mujhe aapki zaroorat thi to? My mental health isn’t good just because of you and papa. Ap jaiye yahan se.

Swarna: Karthik

Karthik: main ne kaha na, aap jaiye yahan se.

She goes wiping her tears. Karthik breaks down. Later at night, he calls Naira.

Naira: hallo

Karthik: tum ghar pe ho kya?

Naira: no, should I come to pick you?

Karthik: yes

Naira: OK m coming, you be inside only, its cold, I will message you when I reach

Karthik: OK

Call disconnects. He goes in his studio and again gets lost in his own thoughts. He receives a message by Naira to come outside and he goes. He sees her waiting for him on the scooty. He sits behind her and she drives off. She sees his teary eyes from the scooty mirror.

Naira: Karthik are you OK?

Karthik: yes I m fine

After sometime she stops outside their house and they get down from the scooty. She unlocks the door and they go inside and he cries. They sit on their bed.

Naira: look here

He turns to her and she sees him crying.

Naira: what happened? Why are you crying?

Karthik doesn’t replies and she asks again but still he doesn’t replies.

Naira: (in her heart) Right now I should calm him, I will ask him later. (Then she says to him) look Karthik, whatever the problem is, we’ll face it together, you are not alone, I am also with you, whenever you feel like, you can tell, but stop crying, everything will be fine.

He looks at her and suddenly takes her in a tight embrace. She rubs his back.

Naira: (in her heart) pata nahi kyun kisi se is dunia mein dusre ki khushi dekhi nahi jati, who made him cry?

He parts away from her. She wipes his tears.
Naira: will you have something?
Karthik: yes, hot chocolate
Naira: OK

She goes and comes after sometime with the cup and gives him. He haves it and keeps the cup on the bedside table.
Karthik: thank you so much Naira.
Naira: it’s OK
Karthik: achha, I want to ask for something small, I hope you won’t mind.
Naira: say
Karthik: can I sleep in your lap?

She is shocked at his demand and blushes looking down.
Naira: OK

He puts his head in her lap and she runs her fingers in his hair till he falls asleep. She kisses his forehead and adjusts his head on the pillow. She covers him with bedsheet and sleeps next to him. Many days passed by like this, Karthik would come home depressed and Naira will comfort him and make him sleep. She never got to know about the reason behind his sorrow.

Karthik drinks in his studio and goes outside to his car and drives in a drunken state. He goes to Naira’s workplace and messages her to come outside, she comes and sits beside him in the car. He drives off towards their house.
Karthik: (in a drunk voice) tum mujhe chhor do gi na? Jaise sab ne chhor dia tum bhi chali jaogi na?

Naira: nahi Karthik, kabhi nahi, I always keep my promises

Karthik: OK

He stops the car outside their house and gets out of the car, she too comes out and he picks her on his shoulder.

Naira: what are you doing?
Karthik: making sure that you come with me inside and don’t leave me.

He unlocks the door with her still on his shoulder and goes inside. He goes to their bedroom and throws her on the bed.
Naira: Karthik you’re drunk
Karthik: I know whatever I am doing is with my wife.

Before she could get up, he comes on top of her, she could barely breathe because his whole weight was on her and he had a bad breathe because of alcohol. He kisses her neck.
Naira: (out of breathe) arey u monster, a hungry monster, get off me, you’re so heavy, and why are you forcing yourself on me? Leave me.

She resists and he continuously kisses her neck.
Naira: leave! Idiot drunkard monster.

She starts pushing him and he sleeps on her. She passes out because of lack of breathe.

(A/N: plz don’t kill me now, well its the first update of this day, second will be given later, liking the story now or not? Else I can only do one thing of increasing updates so that proposal happens fast n I know most of u will comment to give three updates a day lol 😀 well I understand your desperation, ab bhi koi problem to nh na? Maine 3 updates ka nh bola hai k main dungi, I am seeing how many of u are impatient, well all of u…how was the update?)

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