Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#6: The Troublemaker)

(A/N: hey guys, I said I will update twice a day so here goes my second update, there’s a little suspense too)
Karthik and Naira were sitting together after changing into comfortable clothes.

N: will u eat something?

K: no, after sometime, and you don’t need to make anything, maid will do it, you just chill.

He smiles at her, she smiles back faintly. He lays on the bed and stares at the ceiling. She could see he was sad on something.

N: kya soch rahay ho?

K: I will tell when I feel like.

N: hmm ok

K: aren’t u getting sleep?

N: no

K: me also, let’s talk about something.

N: about what?

K: what did u see in me?

N: Love doesn’t need reasons, it just happens.

K: u r right, tum khush to ho na?

N: I m, but what about u? I don’t feel like u r happy.

K: I m happy, agar main shahdi nahi karta to akela reh jata, aaj nh to kabhi na kabhi to honi hi thi.

Naira nods.
N: m very sleepy.
K: me too

He switches off the light. Naira looks for blanket but doesn’t finds it.
N: where’s the blanket?

K: I sleep without it.

N: but it’s too cold.

K: you lay down, you will be OK

N: hmm

She lays down but still felt cold, she gets closer to him, she keeps moving closer until she didn’t felt cold anymore.

N: now it’s OK, sorry I can’t sleep without warmth, so I m closer to u

K: it’s OK

They sleep and Karthik too feels cold while he was asleep and he turns towards her and keeps his arm around her waist unknowingly. They wake up in the morning and move away from each other.

K: Good morning, sorry I didn’t got close deliberately.

N: it’s OK n good morning to u too

They freshen up and do a quick breakfast and gets ready to go to their workplace. They get out of the house.

N: Karthik, let’s go together on scooty, what say?

K: OK.

Naira unlocks the handles of her scooty and sits in front, he sits behind her and she rides off. During the ride, her hair blew on his face.

Karthik: Naira your hair are coming on my face again and again, I can ride if u won’t mind.

Naira: but only girls ride scooty he he, if I give it to u, everyone will laugh.

He moves her hair in front and sees a small tattoo of K on her neck.

K: is this tattoo made for me?
N: nope

K: then for who?

N: (in her heart) in ko zara sa chirati hoon or reaction dekhti hoon (she smiles and says) bf k liye, a long lost bf

K: but u said u didn’t had bf

N: I lied

K: but now u r mine

N: aap bhi na, arey m joking, it’s for u only

A smile crept on his face. How crazy she has been for him, a man about who she knew nothing but still loved him so much. He touched the tattoo and she smiled. Though she knew he didn’t love her but seeing him smile, she too became happy. After sometime, she stopped the scooty outside his office. He got down the scooty keeping his hands on her shoulder.

N: bye
K: bye

He waves her while going and they smile at each other. She drives off from there, all this didn’t go unnoticed by Anushka who watched them from a distance, she ran after Karthik. Everyone greeted him and he greeted back.

An: good morning Karthik

On listening her voice, he turned to face her and smirked.

K: good morning? No, it’s a bad morning, tumhara face dekhlia na isliye

He turns but she holds his arm.

Anu: Karthik u can’t ignore me like this, we love each other.

K: tum mujhse pyaar karti ho? Seriously? Lekin kyun? Mere pas family hi nahi, to tumko to paisa chahye, or Viraj chahye, (he looks around to find him) nahi aya vo? Chhor dia? Aww, ab kya karein? Ex bf k pas to aa nahi sakti, he got married, kahan jaogi? Bechari

He again tries to go.

Anu: Karthik

K: don’t u remember not to take my name? Bye m busy, I don’t have time for rejected people.

He goes followed by Anushka who was following him.

Anu: meri baat to suno

He ignores her.

Anu: u still love me, u married Naira in hurry

Karthik: no, I made u my gf in a hurry, u can go and marry whoever u want to, I won’t stop u

He says while walking and reaches his studio, when she was about to enter in the studio, the door closed on her face.

Karthik: ye aise nahi maanega

She calls someone.

Anu: hallo, Karthik wants to meet u

She tells the office’s address and smiles.

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