Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#5: Solace)

(A/N: guys, since this story is half ready and u all are impatient for Kaira’s proposal, I can give two updates a day but that ways story would end earlier, what u want? Proposal is coming in 16th chapter I think, late hai right? But Karthik is an emotional character here who faced lot of troubles n sorrows n in the age of 18 its not easy to face such things…think about it n tell me double update or u r waiting? But once the proposal is shown, I will continue with one update a day, if I m not showing proposal early I m showing their romance, Maine abhi tak uska gussa nahi dikhaya Karthik wild monster nahi hai vo ek temporary monster hai ziada monster walay scene nh hongay so do tell me, happy reading)

Naira talked with Karthik for a long time and bids him bye after sometime. She stood up from his bed, he held her hand, she looked back and he kissed her hand.

K: thanks for coming

N: welcome.

She goes from there.

K: just one month left, then you will be with me for twenty four hours.

He hadn’t developed love for her, he didn’t want to take the risk of falling in love again, but he was happy she loved him. Naira reached her house and as soon as she closed the door, she stood pressing her back hard to the door blushing hard but she somehow felt he didn’t love her. She went to her room and slept. Next day, she woke up and went directly for modeling. As she was busy the whole day, she didn’t got time to check her phone. As she checked it, she saw Karthik’s message which said,

“Can you meet me please?”

Why he wants to meet me again? She thought and drove to his house. She went to ring the doorbell but stopped herself and took a deep breath before doing so.

N: mujhe aisa kyun lagta hai k wo is shahdi se khush nahi hai?

She was in deep thoughts when Karthik opened the door and on seeing her, he immediately invited her inside. She nodded and followed him.

K: kabse khari thi bahar?

N: bas abhi hi aai thi

K: oh

N: aapko kuchh kehna tha?

K: Han, actually no, I want a company.

N: hmm

They go to his room. He sits on his bed in half laying position on the inner side.
K: come here

He told her as she maintained distance with him. She went and sat beside him on the bed. He keeps his arm around her arms.

K: I want to say let’s run away and marry.

N: what? No no

K: arey tum to itni innocent ho,m joking, mujhe to kisi ki zaroorat hai Jo meri loneliness ko door karde or tumse achha ye kon karsakta hai?

Naira looks at him then looks away.

N: mujhe kya karna hoga?

K: I want that we get to know each other, so tell me something about yourself?

N: I have nothing to tell

K: oh
He moves closer to her and she cupped his cheeks.
N: agar kabhi bhi tumhe lagay u need someone to talk to, or u feel alone, so I m there, don’t hesitate to come to me, never.

He smiled at her words and they hugged each other.
One month passed like this. They were now engaged. Today was their marriage. The preparations were already done and the marriage took place at night, everyone gathered in the marriage hall. The marriage started and they started the rituals, garlands and rings were exchanged, knots were tied, rounds were taken, a pinch of vermilion was applied and blessings were taken. Finally the bidai was done, the groom and the bride sat in the car and left from there.

Karthik says in heart: sorry Naira, tumko meri sachai nahi pata, nahi janta k tum mujhse isi tarha pyaar karogi ya nh, sach batana ek risk hai lekin abhi nahi bata sakta, tumko khona nahi chahta, m scared.

He gets teary eyed, soon they arrived to his house and he had asked the maid for the arrangements, they came out of the car and went to the entrance, a pot of rice was placed before her feet, she lifted her lehenga and kicked it and entered the house after dipping her feet in the kumkum plate. They go to Karthik’s room. It was fully decorated.

Karthik in his heart: bataun ya nahi bataun?

They sit on bed. Both were in deep thoughts.

Karthik and Naira in unison: wo

Both smiled faintly at the coincidence.

N: u say first.

K: samajh nahi araha kaise kahoon..vo main hai na bohat peeta hoon, bohat buri aadat hai meri, I may look..

He stopped saying, words didn’t come out.

N: u can say whatever is it

K: I may seem to be very sweet but I m not, I get angry really fast.

N: so?

K: so its uncontrollable, and I hurt a lot of people because of this.

Naira understood he wanted to say that he don’t want to hurt her. He was playing with his fingers, she kept her hand on his shoulder.

N: jab tum meri childish or stupid baatein bardaasht karsaktay ho toh main tumhara gussa kyun bardaasht nahi karsakti? Even I have anger inside me, now we’ve married each other, and I can adjust with you.

K: just because I am your favourite singer?

N: not only that but you’re my husband too.

K: kaisi larki ho yaar? Mujhe theek se janti bhi nahi or trust kar rahi ho?

N: trust ka to pata nahi if I fully do it or not, but 1 thing I know for sure, that I love you and will always do, u smile a lot, but I can see the pain in your eyes and your voice, I don’t know if you will tell me about it or not, but we’ll face every pain and every happiness together in future and now also.

She said cupping his cheek.

K: I m lucky to have u in my life, your eyes clearly tell me how much u love me.

He said and hugged her. She too hugged him.
N: mujhe bohat irritation horahi hai in kapro mein, I will change and come.

She parted away from him and went in front of the mirror and removed her chunri and jewelry. She freed her hair, he was watching her all the time. She removed all the bangles and ran her fingers in her hair. She went to her cupboard to look for clothes and all her hair moved in front of her shoulder exposing her back and now he couldn’t stop himself anymore and went and stood behind her. She finally found her clothes and collided with him which resulted in both of them falling on the floor with her on top of him. His hands were on both her waist and they had an eyelock. Her hair came on his face. He tucked her hair behind her ear, her hands were on his chest. They got lost in each other’s eyes. She was about to get up but he pulled her and her head dashed in his chest. He ran his fingers in her hair and felt relieved as if all his pain never existed.

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