Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#40: Pregnant)


Karthik and Naira were laying on their bed after returning at night.

N: Karthik
K: hm?
N: I want it badly
K: seriously?
N: han
K: this time with lights on?
N: nope, like we always did

He switched off the lights and turned on the AC, he opened the curtains a little to allow moonlight inside and laid beside her. She felt his lips smashing against her lips making her breathless, she laced her fingers with his fingers as she felt his breathe on her face. He sucked her lips and chewed the lower lip making her moan. His lips slowly left her lips and touched her forehead and then her whole face not leaving a cell. He moved down to her neck and bit her neck slowly, she moaned his name and he kissed the spot to soothe the pain. His fingers unlaced her fingers and shifted to her collar bone tracing down to the first button of her nighty. Her breathe hitched as he opened the first button and kissed her there. He slowly opened all the buttons and kissed her belly leaving a love bite there as well. He heard the fluttering sound but ignored it. He removed her mid thigh length nighty fully and threw it on the floor, she shivered as the room was too cold. He removed his shirt as well and threw it. He ran his hands over her belly and again heard the fluttering sound but ignored it again. She turned over her stomach shyingly and he kissed her bare back and bit her waist as well, she moaned in pain. He wrapped his arm around her bare waist and caressed her back, he planted many kisses on her back. He bit her shoulder making her moan and kissed that part. He made her turn again on her back and took her in his lap nuzzling in her neck, she hid her face in the crook of his neck, she was shivering lightly because of AC. He kept hearing the fluttering sound again and again but didn’t knew where it’s coming from.

K: Naira
N: hmm
K; u ok? Itna shiver kiun kar rahi ho?
N: because of AC.
K: bol deti.

He increased the AC temperature to slow it down. Her hands caressed his arms all the way down to his hands which were on her thighs caressing and squeezing them, she bent her one leg so that it was in his lap, he placed his palm on her foot in his lap.
K: I don’t want to give u that pain again, u know what I mean, sari khushi tumhare kadmon mein rakh doonga but we did it two times, and it was very painful, I don’t want to, please understand.

N: then why r u giving me love bites? They’re also hurting me na?

K: u r right (he again heard the fluttering sound) one minute, where’s this sound coming from?

N: which sound?

K: fluttering sound

N: don’t know.

He touched her belly and made her lay keeping her back on bed from his lap. He touched her belly again and felt her stomach move a little.

K: ur stomach
N: what??
K: u r making this sound.
N: how will I?
K: arey u r pregnant. Now its confirmed.
N: u sure?
K: yes, m so happy.

He again took her in his lap and hugged her half bare body, she smiled and he ran his hand across her thighs squeezing them from its starting and whole night was followed by her moans and groans. Later in morning, sun rays fell on the love birds who were sleeping in each others arms, his one arm was on her bare waist and one on her bare stomach. She had both her arms around him. Even though her one arm was under his weight, she didn’t move it so that his sleep doesn’t gets disturbed but no matter how peaceful a sleep is, it has to be disturbed some or the other way. He woke up and rubbed his eyes, the first thing he saw was her beautiful face under the dim light and her milky white body that was in his arms and which was covered slightly by the duvet. He sat up getting out of her hold and placed her left arm on the bed carefully as it was on his waist earlier.

He saw that her right arm was red and realized that it was because of his weight on it. He moved it away from his side of bed carefully not wanting to hurt her. He viewed the love bite on her shoulder, belly, waist and neck and saw that they were red as well. He gently kissed them and kissed her stomach, the place where their baby had taken place one night ago and held the duvet which was in the middle of her waist, he pulled it up to her shoulders and made sure the AC was on fan speed. He caressed her hair and kissed her forehead and laid next to her holding her tiny beautiful hand in his hand near his chest and caressed her belly for the last time before sleeping again.

Karthik murmured while smiling: soon I will be a father.

As soon as he tried to sleep, she woke up and sat up with difficulty as her lower body felt sore and the feeling in her stomach was also new for her and the love bites were more than one, so she felt uneasy. She got up leaving his hand wrapping the duvet around her.

K: tum theek ho na?
N: hmm m fine.

Later that day, they went to doctor to confirm her pregnancy. The tests were done and it was confirmed that she’s pregnant. She was laying on the examination table near the ultrasound machine. He was on the other side holding her hand. The doctor scanned her stomach by the machine, she was told to look at the screen to see their baby. She watched for a few minutes and finally saw the image of the little life breathing inside her. Actually the image was of three little lives, she had triplets residing in her. The exam was over and she sat up and hugged him.

N: 1 nh 2 nh 3 bachay….kahin main khushi k maaray mar na jaun, I m going to have triplets. Yayyy!

He smiled and hugged her taking care of maintaining distance from her stomach. Their happiness had no boundaries after hearing the news.

(A/N: guys this story may end soon, first of all less readers n secondly no ideas ahead)

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    This is amazing, so happy for Kaira

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    Amazing one
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    Wow amazing triplets for kaira that sounds great eagerly waiting for next pls don’t end the story so soon loving it

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  6. I don’t think they should right stories like this they should have shame even children and tenners watch this drama and read the stories and if u are writing this its bad influence on them

    1. Salley145

      I gave a warning in the starting of the chapter to keep away children….I wrote first time else I never write

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    PLz dont stop the story

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      I won’t but I gave warning in the start of chapter that it’s mature to keep children away n I wrote it first time I never write like this, when I asked about everyone’s comfort, no one refused, what’s my fault? Not writing chapters like this again, what else to show in story besides romance,an kuch mystery bhi nahi 😥

  8. salley first of all I didn’t say it’s your fault I think it’s bad influence on children because only if u write and say that no children should read it only for adults it doesn’t mean that they will listen to u and also I didn’t say to u to stop writing write but write appropriately so that even children can read it and not have bad influence on them

    1. Salley145

      I understand 🙂 but what to do? Mje boring lag raha tha vohi scenes repeat krna, to Maine aisa krdia, kuchh writers toh is se bhi deeper level bhi jaatay hain but I don’t, ainda khayal rakhungi, u r right… 🙂

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    Amazing one.
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    Wow Naira is pregnant.

  10. Yes next time keep in mind so that even the children can read it and if the other authors are writing it deeper if I see it I will comment because at the end of the day every serial teaches us something new and good but making these stories are good but we need them to be appropriate

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