Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#4: A Day Together)

Naira exits from Karthik’s studio smilingly and collides with Naitik.

Naira: dad aap yahan?

She asked.

Naitik: yes actually I work here, I didn’t tell you because I wanted to surprise u by making u meet Karthik on your birthday.

She smiles and hugs him.

Naira: thank u, this is the best gift for me, did u knew about his girlfriend?

Naitik: yes, I knew

Naira: oh, ok I will meet u at home, bye

She goes outside the office and sits on her scooty unlocking its handles and someone taps on her shoulder. The person comes in front revealing to be Anushka
A: Hey, what’s up?
N: u r Karthik’s ex gf right?
A: yes and I want that u get out of our way
N: just like u r marrying someone else, he’s also marrying me, so u get out of our way, ok bye

She says with attitude and rides off, Anushka goes inside Karthik’s office towards his studio and barges in.

An: Karthik look I m sorry, I will apologize keeping my ego aside, plz forgive me

K: don’t take my name again, I may start hating it.

He said sternly.

An: plz forgive me

K: why? So that you can use me?

An: no because she’s coming in between us.

K: no she’s not, u broke up, slapped me n showed off that u moved on, I m marrying her, and if now we see then u r coming between me and her

An: What do u see in her?

K: goodness, a pure heart which u don’t have, a beautiful girl is nothing if she has an ugly heart.

Anushka storms out of the studio out of the office and meets Viraj, she was unaware of Karthik hiding and seeing them.
An: woh nahi man raha

Before Viraj could answer, Karthik comes to confront them.

K: manunga bhi nahi.

Viraj: now m just her friend n not to be husband, she loves u and she has realized.

K: haha, yeah and I have realized I did a mistake.

He goes to his studio again.

Later at night, Karthik drinks in a bar and Anushka too comes there.

An: hey
Karthik: hey, and u know what? Bye

He goes from the bar. Anushka gets irritated. Karthik reaches his house and throws himself on his bed and dozes off to sleep. Later he wakes up in morning and had a hangover but now he was used to it. He calls Naira.

N: hallo
K: hallo, let’s spend this day together, I am not in a mood to go to office.

She smiles: ok

Call disconnects and she goes to her cupboard to search for clothes. She wears a dark blue tight thigh length dress which was sleeveless. She was looking very cute, her hair were half up and half down, she did natural make up and waited for Karthik as he said that he’ll pick her. Soon he arrives and messages her to come down. She goes and sees him waiting in a car, she sits beside him.

K: u look hot.

She blushes.
N: thanks.

He drives and he glances at her every now and then but she doesn’t notices it. He stops his car outside a bar.

N: why did u stop the car?

K: we reached.

N: bar?

K: hmm.

He gets out of the car. Naira doesn’t comes out of the car.

K: do u need an invitation to come out?

N: I don’t want to go here.

K: why? Because of drunk people?

She nods in positive.

K: I am here then what’s the fear? Everyone will be too drunk to drug you.

He opens the door and forwards his hand and she hesitantly gives her hand to him. He slightly pulls her and she comes out and he closes the door. They go inside the bar and they both drink a lot and sit on the couch.

K: (in a fully drunk tone) tumko pata hai main kitna akela raha hoon, phir Anushka aai or meri life thori better hui, or ab tum agai na to life me thora sa maza hai.

Naira was too drunk to understand his words. He keeps his head in her lap. They both sat there the whole day in same position and was murmuring to each other. It was afternoon and they went from the bar when the affect of beer went away a little. He was driving and she was sitting quietly but finally spoke up after a long silence.
N: I can’t go home like this, mom will be there and my condition is such that I can’t go there.

K: come to my house then, there’s no one there.

She agrees and he drives towards his house. He unlocks the door and they go towards his room. His bed was attached to the wall. She sat on the inner side and he sat on outer side. He holds her hand.
K: tum itni khamosh kyun ho?
N: nothing just like that.
K: kuchh to hai, apne hone wale husband se kuchh na chhupao
N: when u came near me while dancing that day, I was a little uncomfortable.
K: so u want that I don’t get too close to u right?
N: yes
K: fine, but after marriage, I can na?

She nods her head in positive looking down.
K: OK.
N: I met Aditi today
K: u met her?
N: yes
K: and what did she do?
N: leave it, I gave her a good answer, but where are your parents?

Just then she felt his grip on her hand loosen, his eyes became teary.
K: they won’t come here, I will just come.

He goes leaving her hand to washroom as he didn’t wanted to cry in front of her.
Naira says in heart: I shouldn’t have asked him that.

He comes out after crying for a short time.
N: m sorry.
K: it’s OK

He said facing his back to her. She sits beside him to face him and keeps her hand on his shoulder. He hugged her suddenly breaking down. She hugged him back.
N: everything will be fine.

They break the hug.
N: ek baat bolu, yar kuchh log rotay huay bhi itne cute lagtay hain k samajh nahi aata k chup karaein ya rone dein

They burst out laughing.
K: thanks for that
Naira smiles at him.

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