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Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#39: Time For Some Fun)


(Sorry for so much wait, I want to write a little mature content in next update but not too mature, r u all comfortable with it? Do tell in comments 🙂 happy reading)

Naira was working in the kitchen and Karthik hugged her from behind.

K: kya kar rahi ho sweetheart?
N: tumhare liye coffee bna rahi thi.
K: achha? Kabse yehi kar rahi thi kya? I mean tum subha se kitchen mein hi ho.
N: so what Karthik? Kaam to karna hi hai, tumne office jaane ka bhi mana kardia toh main bore hogai thi.
K: achha chalo banalo but first turn towards me.

He moved away his arms from her waist and she turned towards him. He cupped her face.
K: ab yeh tumhara last kaam hai, iske baad tum mere saath rehna han.


He kissed her forehead and she smiled at him. He went and she too went after making coffee for him. She went to his room and gave him coffee, he took the cup from her hand and made her sit near him.

N: Karthik, I m not sure if I m pregnant or not, or agar hogai toh shayad pain mujhse bardaasht nahi hoga.

K: abhi confirm nahi hai na? Toh chhor do, or agar baby nahi bhi hua, hum adopt karlengay, don’t worry.

N: pakka na?
K: han meri jan pakka, tum apnay parents se ek bhi baar nahi mili jabse wapis aai ho, tumhe mil lena chahye, papa was worried for u, he even came there to see if its u who’s there but I didn’t let him go inside because of goons and that he may have got injured.

N: theek kiya, main papa k liye apni jan bhi desakti hoon lekin unka ghaao bardaasht nahi hai mujhe. Main bhi papa ko bohat miss kar rahi hoon, he worries so much for me.

K: I will take u there, don’t worry.

He drank his coffee in one gulp and they both went out of the house. They sat in their car. He made sure she had fastened the seatbelt and drove off. She kept her head on his shoulder while he drove. They reached Naira’s parents’ house and she was the first to step down the car. He too stepped out and went after her as she ran upstairs in excitement. He held her arm and stopped her from running.

K: ruko Naira, lag jayegi.
N: (jokingly) so u do one thing, don’t even allow me to walk, even if a litter or insect comes in our way, u pick me up and take me a little far and then put me down when u see no danger as if I m a child.
K: ur wish is my command baby.
N: as if I m Munni from bajrangi bhaijan.
K: sachi mujhe aisa hi feel hua jab tumne yeh baat kahi k main tumhe zameen par pair hi na rakhne doon, chalo Munni.

He wrapped his arm around her shoulders as she got annoyed and together they walked upstairs. As they reached the flat, Naira rung the doorbell and Akshara opened the door. She got happy on seeing them and without wasting a nano second, she called them inside. Naira hugged her tight as they moved in.
N: papa kahan hain?
Aksh: office mein
N: uh oh, kab aaengay?
Aksh: pata nahi.

Naira made a sad face looking at Karthik
K: don’t worry, I will take u to his office to meet him.
N: nope, m tired, main yahin wait karungi.
She sat down on the couch along with Karthik. Just then the doorbell rang and she ran to the door with Karthik following her in a worry that she may fall. As she opened the door, her face brightened up as she saw Naitik on the door.
N: papa
She immediately hugged him and he too got surprised seeing her. He hugged her back running his fingers in her hair.
Nait: when did u come beta?
N: sometime ago.

He came inside wrapping his arm around her shoulders. He hugged Karthik as he moved inside.

Nait: Bhagwan ka laakh laakh shukar hai k tum theek ho, Karthik nahi hota to tum nahi bach pati, or agar vo nahi bacha pata to main khud mar jata lekin tumhe kuchh na honay deta, after all tum to meri pari ho, hai na?

N: han or ab to main is monster ki bhi pari hoon or sath mein munni bhi.

Nait: (confused) munni kyun?

K: vo Naira kehrahi thi k main usey zameen pe pair bhi na rakhne doon or ek kachra ya keera bhi raastey mein aye to usey utha kar agay tak le chaloon phir jahan khatra na ho usay wahan utaarun.

He winked at her and she got annoyed by him while Naitik laughed.

Nait: had hoti hai beta, tum meri bachi ho or uski biwi ho.

N: vo baat nahi hai, subha se keh raha hai main moti hogayi hoon or pregnant hoon or kuchh ziada hi overprotective hogaya hai.

K: tumhari fikar jo karta hai, humare baad wohi hai tumhara sab kuchh, isliye… or Karthik, ab tang nahi karna Naira ko…lekin Naira, mujhe jaldi se good news dena, I want to become a proud grandfather.

She blushed: papa aap bhi?
Nait: sharmane ki koi zarurat nahi, lekin mujhe bhi jald hi good news chahiye, Karthik ko papa bnao or mujhe nana, that’s it.

N: (blushing hard) papa
K: don’t worry, aisa jaldi hi hoga. Naira, I thought a poem for u, sunogi kya?

She nodded in yes.
K: laal laal gaal jaise tamatar, Naira ki sharam char gayi chhat par, agar karay gussa toh lagay atom bomb, agar sharma jaye toh lagay apple.

Naira blushed more and more and palmed her cheeks. Karthik laughed on her position.

K: bas papa, aaj ke liye itna kafi hai, sharmate sharmate ek dum apple ban gayi hai, dekho.

He said making her move her hands from her face and she giggled still blushing hard. She changed the topic.

N: papa Karthik ek or concert karna chahta hai.

Nait: yeh to bohat achhi baat hai, kab ki date rakhoon?

K: not decided yet, I think that first I should take appointment of doctor for Naira’s check up, she was nauseous this morning so that’s why.

She blushed again that the topic again shifted to her.
N: kya aap log bhi na, huh.

They shared a laugh.

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