Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#38: Love Is In The Air)

Anushka tried to go closer to Karthik but Viraaj wrapped his palm around her wrist stopping her.
Viraaj: (in a low voice with a smile and a tight grip on her wrist) bidaai ka samay nikle jaraha hai, chalein dulhania?

Anu: (in the same low voice) hath chhoro mera, main nahi maanti is shahdi ko

V: (entwining his hand with her hand) nahi chalogi toh kya karogi? Or waise bhi Karthik se shahdi ho bhi jati, vo tumhe kabhi accept nahi karta jaise maine kiya, Naira wapis zaroor ati, or jab society ko pata chalta vo tum par pathar barsati, kya Karthik tumhe bachata? Nahi na? Agar ek achhi zindagi chahti ho toh chup chaap chalo, shukar manao tum jail mein nahi ho. I love u and he moved on, u too move on baby. Nahi to rehna hai to rehlo, kab tak rahogi akeli, shahdi to hogi he hogi kabhi na kabhi, mere saath hi chalo, main ne kya kiya hai?

Anushka got deep in thoughts about his words and realized he’s right.

N: umm sautan ji, kab jaengi aap? Should I carry u and leave u outside? Kyun nahi jarahi ho? Jao na.

Karthik squeezed her hand and she looked at him, he signed her with his eyes. He left her hand and went to Viraaj and hugged him.

Karthik whispered: yeh wapis nahi ani chahiye humare pas, apne pas hi rakhna apne maal ko.

Viraaj: vo ayegi bhi nahi bro, main hoon na.

They parted away and Karthik walked back to Naira keeping his arm around her shoulders smiling at her.

K: don’t worry, wo jarahi hai.

Naira smiled and they shared a hug.

N: I love u monster
K: love u too, thank God Viraaj ne us ko convince kiya, ab chalo room mein chalein, u still have weakness, shaam mein drive pe chalengay.

They broke the hug and went upstairs. She rested for sometime then went to take bath but forgot to lock the door. As she was rinsing her hair, she felt the door of the washroom open and she immediately spread the shower curtains and peeped outside slightly opening the curtains and on seeing Karthik, she got relieved.

K: arey, tumne door lock nahi kiya tha? Itni tension mein kyun ho? I won’t do any mischief. U do whatever u were doing, I was just washing my hands.

She went back under the shower with the curtains still spread. He was about to go but heard vomiting sound.

K: Naira
N: hmm?
K: tum theek ho?
N: I was feeling nauseous, I m fine.
K: take care.
N: hmm

He was again about to go.

N: Kittu, please stay na
K: why?
N: I m feeling dizzy, I feel like I will fall.
K: OK.

After sometime he heard the shower go off and she asked for towel and clothes and he gave her. She called him inside and he went. He closed his eyes as she was wearing a mid thigh robe.

N: u can open your eyes OK mendak, I won’t bite.

K: (with closed eyes) I m not a frog

N: achha achha aankhein to kholo, nahi kholo gay?

K: kholta hoon

He opened her eyes and set them on her. She could sense the desire in his eyes and was about to come closer to her, she picked her towel to cover her legs but he stopped her. She asked her by her eyes and just then he cupped her face kissing her forehead. His hands shifted to her shoulders then to her arms caressing them all the way down and reached her waist pulling her close.

K: ek toh itni hot, upar se apne pati dev se bhaagti ho.

Naira blushed and tried pushing him away but he pulled her more close.

K: andar kiyun bulaya? U want to have that third time kya? Ab tak to pregnant hojana chahye tha. Waise bathrobe to bara s*xy hai.

She hit him on his chest.

K: chalo koi nh, phir ek koshish hojaye?

She blushed at the color of crimson red and he understood that she wants it again.  His hand traced down to her hip to the end of the fabric on her body and squeezed her back thigh caressing them, she smiled.

Karthik whispered huskily: how could I forget u were nauseous sometime ago means u r already pregnant.

She moved away from him turning her face.
K: achha meri maa, I will do it no matter what.

He traced his finger on her face down to her neck making shivers go down her spine, she hid her face with her hands trying to hide her blush, he went closer and caressed her hair.

K: sharam arahi hai? This is not the first time, or waise bhi tumko nahi karna toh its OK… u r not unwell now? Right?

He asked raising her eyebrows worrying of her comfort while she thought he’s angry.

N: (stammering) mujhe nauseousness sachi horahi thi, I didn’t called u to do all that but suddenly u got in mood so I agreed but I got shy, plz don’t get angry.

She said not meeting her eyes with him. He was stunned at first but started laughing slapping his forehead. Her jaw dropped open. He held her shoulders.
K: its OK baby its OK, ab main vo pehla wala monster nahi raha, tumhe pata hai agar hota to kya karta?

Before she could reply, he held her arms and pinned her to the nearest wall and just then his lips touched her neck, she looked the other way as he slightly nuzzled into her and she giggled. He kissed her forehead, then her cheeks and finally her lips with her continuous giggles, he chewed her lips drinking the water droplets from her skin and parted away as they were short on breathe. She gasped for air keeping her head on his chest, he smiled seeing her close to him and kissed her hair hugging her. Only he knew how much he missed this feeling of her being close to him hugging him close wanting him to protect her. He caressed her back and didn’t wanted her to part away.

N: Abeer, ab to hogaya na jo humko karna tha? Ab to mujhe chhor do.

He hugged her tight.
K: dunia chhor doonga, par tumhe kabhi nahi chhorunga.

She smiled: chhorungi to main bhi nahi, kiun k yeh monster sirf mera hai, tumhari kisi or chipkali fan ka nahi or dunia chhori to acha nahi hoga, main bhi ajaungi tumhare sath.

He smiled: tum bhi sirf meri ho, kisi or ki nahi.

They parted away from each other.

N: achha theek hai, ab mujhe kapre to pehn’ne do? Nahi pehnu?

K: pehen lo, lekin hum raat ko kar lein?

N: kya?

K: wohi jo third time karna tha.

She nodded while laughing and pushed him out of washroom closing the door.
K: I can make u wear your clothes if u want.
N: tumko toh main bahar aa k batati hoon.

She came out within sometime wearing crop top and jeans, she sat down on the bed beside him.

N: kya kehrahay thay tum?
K: tumhe mood swings horahay hain or tum pehle se zara moti bhi hogai ho, dekha? U r pregnant, but where’s the baby?

He touched her stomach to feel the baby but she felt ticklish while he did so and moved his hand while giggling.

N: arey baby mere andar hi hoga na, shayad third time try karnay k baad ajaye.

K: oho, u too want to? (She nodded) me also. Bas raat honay do, tanhai aanay do phir aram se..

He again got hit on his chest and saw her blushing hard. She was about to go outside but he held her hand.

K: itnay time baad vo Anushka gai or tum aai, kuchh time mere saath bhi spend karo na.

She nodded and was about to sit on bed but he pulled her on his lap.

K: what u want? Girl or boy?
N: I want twins, both comes in its category.
K: hum unkey naam bhi sochtay hain, u think I will also think.
N: Nikita and Kritika, how’s it?
K: very nice, tumhari choice kabhi kharab nahi hosakti, but what if they are boys?
N: Nakul and Kunal, hows it?
K: wow u r so genius, they will be N and K just like us.
He said smiling at her.
N: lekin agar twins ek larka ek larki huay toh?
K: toh vo Karan or Kaira
N: wow, kitnay samajhdar ho.

She hugged him still sitting in his lap.

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