Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#37: Goodbye Forever)

Anushka reached the lonely place where Naira was captivated. She went inside and knelt down beside unconscious Naira. Karthik spied on her. She asked her goons to bring ice cold water. Karthik wondered why. As they brought, she emptied the bucket on Naira and she got conscious coughing badly and by much difficulty as her mouth was taped. He felt bad for her but couldn’t go there as for Anushka, he is soon to be her husband. Naira was in tears.

Anu: kaisi ho Naira? Kya hua? Darr lag raha hai? Bhool gai mujhe? Main hoon tumhari sautan, or ab Karthik phir se mera hojaega, or tera chapter close, lag gaya na zorro’n ka jhatka dil vich (she let out a devilish laugh as Naira cried) aww Naira, mat ro, tumhe bara dard horaha hoga right? Sorry not sorry, lekin tumhe ziada takleef na ho is baat se is liye maine decide kiya hai k main tumhe maar doongi.

Anushka pulled out the knife from her purse and brought it closer to her and she panicked moaning loudly under the tape.

Karthik got scared that she may harm Naira and hid his face with the hoodie and went closer to them and she turned.

Anu: kon ho tum?

He removed the hoodie and Naira moaned louder so he hears her. He heard her for sure but didn’t went close to her as he didn’t want to risk her life. She stood up seeing him.

Anu: tum? Yahan kiun aye? Apni Naira ko dhoondne? Tumhari shahdi mujhse honay wali hai! Mujhse hi hogi, jao nahi to main isey maar doongi.

She sat back keeping the knife on her neck making her panic even more. Karthik sat beside her.

K: stop all this, don’t u dare touch her!

Anu: kyun? Kyun na karoon? Jab tak yeh zinda hai tab tak tum kabhi mujhse shahdi nhi karogay, isliye main isko bhej doongi doosri dunia main, maar doongi isay!

K: listen to me Anu, main toh tumhara hi tha na? Then no need to kill her.

Anu: nahi, tum mere sath koi bohat bari chaal chal rahay ho, main tumhari baaton mein nahi aaungi.

K: mere pas ek or insaan hai Jo iska better khayal rakhega, can I bring him inside?

Anu: zaroor

He stood up and as he saw Naira giving him a pleading look, he winked at her and went. She didn’t understand what is he up to but she knew he won’t ever harm her. Karthik came inside with Varun.

K: yehi hai vo, jo isay sambhaalay ga, chalo yahan se, trust me, I will marry you at any cost. Bahar jao or car mein baith jao, main isko samjha doonga.

Anushka went. Karthik sat near Naira and touched her wounded face removing the tape from her mouth, he wiped her face slowly as she was drenched.

N: Karthik, tum agaye, mujhe pata tha tum aao gay, mujhe yahan se lejao, please.

K: relax Naira, main tumhe kuchh nahi honay doonga, Varun tumhe yahan se le jayega, I will meet u soon, or rahi baat us Anushka ki, toh main us se shahdi nahi karunga, balkay uska bf karega.

N: I trust u, now please free my hands and feet too, I m tired.

He freed her quickly and kissed her forehead and instructed Varun about everything.

V: don’t worry, meri behen jaisi hai, kuchh nahi hoga isko, trust me.

Karthik who was still sitting on floor beside Naira wrapped her in a tight hug and kissed her hair and stood up waving bye at her walking backwards telling her he loves her through signs and turned to go and sat in the car beside Anushka and she sped off. Varun took Naira away from that place as soon as the so-called reunited lovers drove off. As soon as the car stopped outside their house, Anushka stepped out closing the door with a loud crash. He too stepped out and held her arm as she went to the door about to enter inside.

Anu: kya hai?
K: ab kya hogaya tumhe? I love u na idiot
Anu: kuchh nahi hua
K: batao na

His grip tightened on her arm and she turned to him.

Anu: u know what? Mujhse door raho.

Karthik said in his heart: door hi to chala jaunga teri shahdi k baad.

K: yar main tumhara kaam aasan kar raha tha, vo sab chhoro, chalo na bandar, bhook lagi hai

Anu: tum ne mujhe bandar kaha?

K: nahi, main ne kab kaha? Tumhare kaan baj rahay hain, main ne kaha andar chalo.

Anushka walked inside and he tried hard not to laugh. As she was out of sight, he bursted into laughter.

K: bandar hi ho tum, galti se insaan k roop mein agayi ho.

He too walked inside. The day of marriage was after four days. Karthik met Naira daily and made sure she’s fine. The day finally arrived when the lovebirds would get rid of the illness on the earth according to them.  The marriage was about to start and the guests had started arriving. The groom sat in his respective place near the havan kund waiting for his bride. The sehra hid his face well and soon he saw his bride’s side friends bringing her downstairs. He smiled behind the sehra as she sat beside him. The rituals started, the vermalas were exchanged, then the rounds and vows took place, the bride and groom sat down again, the groom made her wear the wedlock and applied vermilion in her hairline. The groom was asked to remove his sehra and show his face and as he did so, the bride got shocked.

Groom: long time no see
Bride: (in a low voice) Viraaj
Vi: han meri jan Anu it’s me, rest of the chatting will be done later, its time for bidaai.

Just then Karthik and Naira entered in their functional get up, she held his bicep and smiled brightly.
Anu: tumhe to main..
K: bye Anushka, byeee, Naira tum bhi bye bolo is dharti ki bimari ko.

She giggled.

N: bye ex sautan ji, apki nayi zindagi shuru karnay k liye humari shubhkaamnaein or aashirwad aapke saath hai.

She laughed along with Karthik on her own joke and shared a high five with him.

(Varun: Mohit Malhotra)
(Anshika: Dimple Jhangiani)

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