Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#32 What’s Happening?)


Karthik stood there in shock as Anushka walked out of his studio with a grin. His legs were shaking and beads of sweat started forming on his forehead.

K: Naira ko kuchh hogaya toh? Vo Anushka bohat chalak hai, kya karoon main?

He said to himself and just then he got a call, it was Naira’s call and he immediately received it.

K: Naira, tum theek ho na?

N: I need your help, I m driving right now, meri car k peechay Anushka ki car hai, she’s following me, main kya karoon?

K: u come to my office, I will see her.

Just then he heard her heavy breaths, he heard the sound of the car stopping.

K: Naira, ruko mat, ajao.

N: han

She started driving the car again and after a long drive she reached his office, she saw him waiting for her and got down the car and hugged him tightly.

N: thanks for saving me Karthik.

K: I don’t want to get away from you even for a nanosecond so please take off for some days. I will talk to your boss, I saw she’s a big fan of me.

N: sure, but why was she following me?

K: what exactly happened?

N: I had just stopped my car outside my workplace when I saw Anushka following me, I immediately called u and came here.

K: oh, but don’t worry, when Karthik is here then what’s the fear? She should remember I was never hers because she always used me.

N: hum alag nahi hongay na Karthik?

K: no, aao andar chaltay hain.

He took her inside while Anushka punched the wall in frustration.

Anu: damn it!

She went. That day Naira was safe but Karthik wasn’t aware he won’t be able to save her next time. Later that night, Naira had told Karthik that she wanted to have a night stay at her parents house and so he had agreed. He was unable to sleep that night. Firstly he craved to hold her in his arms and secondly he was scared of her safety. He received a call by her that said she is on the way back and that she had hired a cab. She didn’t knew that that the cab’s driver was Anushka’s partner in crime. He stopped in midway telling her that the engine is hot and so he will be back. The place was deserted where he had stopped and she felt scared. She called Karthik. He immediately received it and she was about to tell but screamed as she felt a sharp knife on her neck. Her screams were deafening which pierced Karthik’s heart.

K: Naira kia hua? R u OK?

Her screams went on till it stopped. The phone dropped from his hands. He sat down in a shock in tears. He couldn’t call police as he was scared of what might happen next. After waiting whole day, he heard the click of the keyhole of the main door and there entered Naira with her head hanging low. He ran to her and hugged her tight.

K: tum theek toh ho na? Kia hua tha?

N: gunday, vo mere peechay paray thay, maine pepper spray unki aankho mein dala or wapis agai.

K: oh, thank God.

He hugged her again and she smiled like a fool running her hands on his back as if she wants to seduce him, she grinned evilly and inhaled the fragrance of his perfume.

N: (in heart) itnay time baad main tumhe hug kar pai, mujhe toh bas tumhari zaroorat hai, baqi jaye bhaar mein.

She continued grinning with a smirk.

(A/N: guys I won’t do dragging of this track, I will tell soon the mystery, thanks for your support)

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  1. Sethidisha002

    I dont understand why naira said this that usse kartik ki zarorat h wo to ussi k sath rehti hai i think she is not naira who said these word with smrike

  2. shivaya khanna

    omg what a suspense filled chapter is it anushka in nairas mask eagerly waiting for next pls upload asap dont make us wait too long

  3. I think this is not naira. maybe anushka is wearing face mask of naira so that she can stay near karthik. She must have kidnapped naira……..

  4. Vinni05

    So much of suspense
    Eagerly waiting for next one
    Pls upload asap

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