Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#30: You+Me=A Wonderful We)

(A/N: long time no see, m back, happy reading)

Naira came out wearing long rainbow dress, her hair were perfectly made into side braid. He was awestruck at her beauty. He came towards her and moved her hair to her front and pulled her by her waist touching her back.

K: aaj to maar hi daalogi.

She smiled and pushed him away.

N: hum kahan jarahay hain?
K: surprise.

Once they went out of the hotel and drove away, Naira got a call and she received immediately as it was Naitik.

N: Namaste dad, aap kaise ho? Or mom kaisi hai? I miss you both a lot.

Nait: hum dono theek hai, or tum bhi khush hi hogi… happy birthday bacha, and we’ll celebrate your birthday once you return.

N: thank u papa, ye din aap log k bager toh main bhi nahi mana sakti, or dad, aap ne mujhe mera birthday gift bhi pehle hi de diya

Nait: and what is that?

N: (looks at Karthik smilingly) that’s Karthik, my true love, mera yeh birthday sabse special hai kiun k main Jo chahti thi mujhe mil gaya or vo Karthik hai, mera sabse special gift.

Karthik smiled and kissed her cheek.

Nait: oh, main tumhara super dad Jo hoon

N: jabhi to main kehti hoon k God aapke jaisa dad kisi ko na de

Nait: vo kiun?

N: saaray dad same ho jayengay or aap special dad nahi rahogay na isliye.

Naitik and Karthik laughed.

Nait: main bhi yehe kehta hoon k tumhare jaisi beti God kisi ko na dey for the same reason.

Naira smiled.

N: dad aap na great ho, love u

She kisses him on phone.

Nait: I love you too and take care, koi problem to nh na wahan?

N: no we’re perfect.

Nait: ok I will talk later, bye

N: bye

Call disconnected.

N: or kitna door hai?

K: thora sa, waise bhi koi bhi gift se ziada toh main special hoon.

They smiled. They reached after sometime and he parked the car a little far as it was a surprise. They got down the car and he went to her keeping his arm around her arms and palmed her eyes from other hand.

N: now what is it?
K: surprise hai

They walked a little and then he took her inside a house, a luxurious house. He removed his hand from his eyes and she looked around, the house was fully decorated. She smiled.

N: wow its so good, thank u…but even if you would’ve decorated our hotel room only I would’ve been pleased.

K: c’mon, monster ne pehli baar kisi k liye itna kuch kiya hai…u should be happy.

N: vo to hai, lekin Karthik, yeh ghar kiska hai?

K: I booked it for us for one night, if u want we can stay here till we are here.

N: itnay baray ghar mein hum akelay kia karengay?

K: bohat kuchh..if u know what I mean.

She pressed her lips trying to stop her laugh.

N: u brat

K: hasslo hasslo… main aadamkhor nahi hoon

(Aadamkhor is the one who eats humans flesh)

She laughed.

N: ab yeh bhi ek joke hi tha.

K: han I agree, chalo ab cake to kaat lo.

N: OK but where’s it?

K: wait

He went and came within sometime.

K: tantarannn

He came with the cake. It was fuschia pink rosette cake.

N: this color is my favourite and this cake too. I can’t wait to eat it.

K: toh derr kis baat ki? Should we start?

She nodded and he made her hold the knife and sang happy birthday to you and made her cut the cake. She fed it to him and he fed it to her.

N: thank u Karthik, I love u.

K: I love u too

He said putting some cake cream on her nose.

N: u r such a brat.

She did the same to him.

K: Naira ye cake khanay k liye hai.

N: acha? To kha lo.

She cut a big slice and stuffed it in his mouth laughingly.

N: or khao gay kya?

She asked and was about to cut another piece but he signed not to do so as he was unable to swallow.

N: haha, ziada hogaya? Gussa to nh araha na? Monster

He quietly chewed on the big slice she had stuffed in his mouth some seconds ago and cut a slice of cake, it was really big. She didn’t knew why he did so but soon realized, he wanted to do the same with her.

N: (protesting as he forwards the cake in front of her mouth) no no no, I can’t eat such a big slice, its too big, how about you eat half and I eat half?

K: when I can, then why can’t you?

He asked smiling evilly.

N: masti kar rahi thi jaise tumne ki, hisaab barabar, first you eat, then I will.

K: achha? As if I don’t know you, my stomach is heavy, you eat na.

N: no na

K: oh so u forgot k tum kis se baat kar rahi ho? I m a monster. (He pulls her by one arm from her waist opening his mouth wide as if a lion about to roar) whoooo! (He mimicked the lion’s voice and laughed) khana to parega.


He left her waist parting away from her and as she forwarded her mouth towards the slice, he moved it a little backward, she again tried to eat but he again moved it backwards. When it happened again, she moved her eyes from the slice towards him and that’s when he realized how closer their faces were and the cake was between them. She tried to eat for the last time and now he let her eat and bit from the other side, when she saw this, she gasped and giggled on their position. She continued eating until it was finished and he was also doing the same, just then their lips accidentally touched and they shared a kiss unknowingly.

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