Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#3: She’s A Keeper)

Karthik calls Naira while he was in deep thoughts.
K: hallo, kya tum yahan aasakti ho?
N: but what happened?

Even though she loved him but she still felt his gaze was weird and felt awkward when he came near her.

K: I need a company.

Call disconnects and she gets out of her house while her parents weren’t home. She hired an auto and went to Karthik’s house. She rang the doorbell. He opened the door and she came inside, he closed the door and turned to her, that’s when she noticed his swollen eyes.
N: have u been crying?
K: yes
N: but why?
K: because I miss my girlfriend

Naira: (in her heart) he has a girlfriend? Why is he marrying me? (Then she asks) if you have a girlfriend, why are you marrying me?

Karthik: because she broke up with me and is marrying someone else.

Naira: oh, but you’re also marrying someone, and soon you’ll forget her.

Karthik: I thought to tell you because there shouldn’t be any secrets between us as we’re marrying

Naira: oh that’s good, try to move on, take your time, if you want, I will tell mom and dad to keep the marriage late.

Karthik: no, it’s ok

She was about to go but he pulled her back and hugged her. He cries silently on her shoulder, she felt good to hug him. It was like a dream come true for her. Soon he broke the hug.

Karthik: can you stay for some more time please?
Naira: yes

They go to his room and sit beside each other.
Karthik: I want to keep the marriage early.
Naira: as u wish, but it would be good if u tell that to them yourself.

Karthik: ok I will.

He holds her hand and rubs her palm with his thumb, she smiles.
Naira: is any new song coming of yours?
Karthik: no, but soon it will come, after marriage
Naira: I am really excited

She keeps on talking about him that how she’s been crazy about him since forever and he was a bit happy that there was someone who loved her more than their life. He kept on listening to her.

Karthik: waise tumhara koi boyfriend to nahi na? Mera matlab hai tum model ho, beautiful bhi ho

Naira: no, I didn’t, I always had dreams to marry u

Karthik: seriously, fan girl, the crazy fan girl.

He smiled and she kept admiring him.

Naira: now I have to go

Karthik: bye

Naira: bye

She goes and he looks at Anushka’s pic.

Karthik: bohat rulaya tumne, bohat dil dukhaya, ab tumko bhi main bataunga, ke tumne kya khoya

He crushes her pic and throws it in the dustbin. Naira reaches her house and her parents weren’t home yet. She went to her room and laid on the bed, it was really cold outside. She pulls a blanket over herself.

Naira: agar us ki girlfriend thi jis se abhi abhi break up hua hai, to wo mujhse shahdi kyun kar raha hai? Puri zindagi woh us se pyaar karega, meri life to kharab hojaegi, kya karun? Mumma ko bataungi to wo meri shahdi jald se jald us se kara dengi, I am so confused on what to do.

She dozes off to sleep.

Karthik: main us se shahdi kar raha hoon lekin main pyaar Anushka se karta hoon, wo to gai, if I marry Naira, at least I won’t be alone, that’s what I want.

He too sleeps. Next day, he sees the perfume advertisement in which Naira was there and smiles. Naira was doing modeling and didn’t notice Karthik in the crowd who was taking her pics on her every pose, she gives a flying kiss to the crowd and goes. Karthik smiles at the pics and goes. Later he was in his studio and was staring at her pics when someone knocked the door. He opened it and it was a girl whose face was invisible because she had a bouquet of flowers in front of her face, she moved them away revealing to be Naira. She was smiling at him.
N: hi
He just kept on staring at her and didn’t realized when she leaned forward and hugged him. He came out of his trance and hugged her back. He allowed her inside and they sit on the small table in between the studio. He holds her hand.
N: these are for you

She said giving him the roses and he took them.

K: thanks but is there any special occasion?

N: no, I just came to tell that papa has agreed to keep our marriage early, and it’s one month later.

K: what? Seriously? That’s a great news.

He exclaimed and stood up and twirled her picking her in his arms. Everyday her happiness increased more and more but little did she know about the monster inside of him? Poor girl didn’t knew what was coming her way. Just then Anushka barged in and saw them.

Anushka: to tum ho Jo Abeer se shahdi karna chahti ho

Karthik: yes, u have any problem? Jaise tum agay barh sakti ho, main bhi barh sakta hoon, jao na, have fun with your so called lover.

He says and keeps his arm around Naira’s waist. She was blushing all the time. Anushka glared at them and left.

Naira: was she your girlfriend?

Karthik: yes, but that doesn’t matter yar, wo mera guzra hua kal hai or tum mera aane wala kal.

He entwines his hand with her and gets closer to her. They got lost in each other’s eyes and she didn’t realized when he was really close to her and he pulled her more close that she could feel his breathe. Her hand rested on his collar bone. He holds her waist and kisses her temple and eyes and cheek. She closes her eyes and he leaves her hand and waist and goes behind her hugging her. She smiles.

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