Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#23: Claimed and promo)

Naira and Karthik exited the concert together and sat in the car.
N: baby
K smiled: hmm?
N: I want to drink.
K: not right now.
N: OK at night. (She rested her head on his shoulder and held his bicep) waise aap toh drink nahi karogay na?
K: kyun?

N: aap high hojao gay or waise bhi aapko drunk state mein main hi sambhal sakti hoon toh agar aap drunk hogaye to mujhe kon sambhalay ga monster.
K: oh OK main nahi karunga drink.
N: yayy…my monster is so obedient, thori si pee lena warna aapko craving hogi toh aap to monster ho kahin mujhe na kha lo.

Karthik giggled.
K: u r so mean.
N: I m monster’s bride after all.

They laughed together and he switched on the car radio.

N: aww meri awaz itni buri hai kya?
K: no baby.

It continued the rest of the ride till they reached their house. He stopped the car and got down. As she came to his side of the car, he kept his arm around her waist.
K: u became a celebrity manager.

Naira smiled and he ran his fingers in her hair and cupped her face.

K: thank you for coming in my life, if you weren’t there, I wouldn’t be able to heal.
Naira cupped his cheek.

N: senti na ho else..
K: else?
N: else I also have a monster inside me.
K: oh lagta to nahi, dikhao na
N: andar chalo. Andar chal k batati hoon.

She pulled him towards the door and he unlocked the door while smiling.

K: I wonder when we will be able to have our most special night.
N: tonight.
K: aww but we would be drunk.
N: hosh mein awkward lagega.
K: we’ll see.
N: andar to chalo.

They went inside towards their room. She freed her hair and ran her fingers in it. Karthik came from back and kept his hands on her shoulders.

K: baby u r hot.
N: vo toh main hoon.

He moved her hair to one side and kissed her neck, she closed her eyes in pleasure tilting her head. His hands caressed her arms down to her palms entwining it with his palms and she smiled as he hugged her from back with their hands intertwined. He kissed her head and cheek. He kept his face beside her face and she opened her eyes and looked at him through the mirror and turned her face towards him kissing her cheek.

N: the man of my dreams.

He smiled and joined his head with hers and took a selfie in the same position.
N: we look so cute.
K: vo to hum hain.

They giggled and joined their foreheads together. Later at night, they came out of the bar fully drunk and sat in the car locking it. She encircled her arms around his neck and he pulled her by her waist. Their faces were inches apart and they kept on leaning closer and closer until their lips touched and he sucked her lower lip. She responded back and hugged him tighter by every passing second and parted away after sometime panting heavily. He started driving and she rested her head on his shoulder sleepily.
N: we both are drunk, how will you drive?

K: I drank less so don’t worry. And please fasten your seatbelt.

She did so and laid back her head on his shoulder as she was too sleepy. Within sometime they reached their house and got out of the car. He held her as she was stumbling a lot. He unlocked the door and went inside and as soon as he closed the door behind them, he picked her in his arms knowing that she won’t be able to walk and walked towards their room. She traced her finger on his face.
N: baby u r so cute.

She said drunkily and he put her on the bed, when he was about to straighten himself, she pulled him for a kiss ruffling his hair while his hands were on the both sides of her. He parted away and she sleepily looked at him. He stared at her beautiful face moving all her hair away. He went to his side of bed and laid next to her, she tossed to her right and snuggled into him, he pulled a bed sheet over them and kissed her bare shoulders and her neck, he bit her neck. “Ahh,” she moaned. He kissed the spot again to soothe the pain.
Naira sang: saari night besharmi ki height, (she pointed her finger at him) ek tu ek main (she pointed her finger at herself) or ho dim dim yeh light.

She sang like a child and switched off the light as the switch was near the bed and laughed. He too laughed along with her.
K: naughty.

He turned to his side on her elbow and she turned to her back. He lifted the fabric on her stomach a little and kissed her stomach while she giggled.

N: ticklish ticklish feel horaha hai.
He giggled as she was too childish. She pushed him away making him lay on his back and came on top of him.

N: monster, kabse khud mazay lerahay ho, thoray mujhe bhi lenay do.

She said childishly, her hair fell on his face.
K: pehlay hi kar leti, not now Naira, I am sleepy.

He said smirkingly and switched on the AC. He moved her from top of him and went to close the door. As he came back, he opened the curtains a little allowing a slight beam of moonlight inside and sat on the bed, he felt her grip on his wrist.
N: it’s not fair, tum khud hi yeh karna chahtay thay.

She said sadly and he stared at her face in the dim light.
K: you seriously think that I am stopping? My baby, you’re like a child.

N: you ain’t stopping?
K: no, m continuing.

She smiled and he laid back on the bed. They moved closer to each other and smiled. Soon, it was morning, the beam on sunlight entered their room revealing the love birds sleeping in each other’s arms after their another passionate night. Naira had the white bedsheet wrapped around her body and Karthik was laying shirtless. Her clothes laid on the floor and his arms were around her. The atmosphere was calm until Naira started murmuring in her sleep.

N: you know what Karthik? I always dreamt of being in your arms like this and you love me just like I love you and I got really happy when my dream came true.

She said smilingly and opened her eyes and saw that they were really close and that she had only a bed sheet on her body. She blushed hard and sat up. She went to her cupboard and took out her clothes and went to washroom. Karthik woke up and saw himself shirtless and that Meher wasn’t on the bed, his gaze went on the floor where her clothes laid. It wasn’t that he didn’t knew what happened last night, but he was unsure about her.

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Karthik and Naira were in the plane, she had his head on his shoulder.

N: baat suno
N: I want to do it once more.
K: what u want?
She whispers something and he laughs.
. . . . . . . .

Karthik and Naira fall back on the bed readily eyeing each other lovingly.

N: remember, no girl can love you like me, because I am the only one who can tolerate you, monster.

He smiles and turns on his left keeping his arm on her stomach.

. . . . . . .

Naira roams in the house, it was dark everywhere.
N: Karthik! Where are you?

The lights switches on and she turns.

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