Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#21: Joyful Tears)

Naira laid in the bathtub with water surrounding her, all she did was cry staring at the ceiling. She was drunk and in bathtub, she was told to rest but didn’t. She thought about the promise they made on the beach and recalled drawing pinky promise sign in the sand together. She sat up holding her knees drowning in the sea of her own thoughts. Her kajal was spread because of constant crying. She hugged her knees and was missing Karthik badly. She wiped her hands and reached for her cell phone which was a little far from the bathtub. She dialed Karthik’s number but it was unreachable. She cried even more and stared at the pinky promise pic in her phone.

N: Kittu monster aap kahan chalay gaye? Aap mujhe nahi chhor saktay, please wapis ajao, aap kahan ho? M missing u.

She started crying vigorously and laid back in the bathtub completely immersed in it. Meanwhile, Naitik was driving his car in tension. He went to the nearest police station which came by the route Naira told him. He got down the car and went inside. He asked about Karthik and the inspector pointed at a cell. There he was, sitting on the floor with a hand on his head.
Naitik: can I meet him?
Inspector: yes

He went following an inspector. The inspector unlocked his cell and Naitik went inside and placed his hand on his shoulder.
Nait: Karthik

Karthik looked up.
Nait: why are you here beta?
K: I hit a man with glass bottle to save Naira.
Nait: papa kehtay ho na mujhe? Jhoot bol rahay ho mujhse?
K: no papa
Nait: han, tumko pata hai Naira kitna ro rahi thi? Main usko apnay ghar legaya, abhi bhi vo sukoon mein nahi hogi, uski khatir sach bata do.

Karthik told everything.

Nait: agar tumne usay bachaya to khud ko kyun nahi bachaya? Usne dekha to usay aisa karna para, ab tumne khudko phasa liya.

K: main usko kaise dukh desakta hoon Jo khud meri khushi ki wajah hai? Usne mujhe bachaya to main usay kyun nahi bacha sakta? Naira ko mat batana nahi to vo police ko sab bata degi or main aisa nahi chahta. Promise me?

N: usko jan’ne ka pura haq hai.

K: no please don’t tell her, promise me?

N: promise, I will bail you soon.

He went back to his house and saw Naira on the couch with her head in Akshara’s lap. On seeing him, Naira sat up and ran to him.

She: papa Karthik ka pata chala kya?

He: tumko usey khud dhoondna hoga, tumhe nahi bata sakta.

She: kyun papa?

He: Maine promise kiya hai usay.

She: matlab aap milay ho un se, papa please bata dijiye.

He: m sorry.

Tears rolled down her cheeks. He didn’t felt good but he was helpless.

She: papa please, you can’t be so insensitive.

She cried more and more.

He: usi raastay pe ja, tujhe milega vo, dhoondna, I can’t tell exact location.

She went from there still crying and sat in the car on driving seat. She fastened her seatbelt and drove off. All the moments with Karthik was coming in front of her eyes. She came on the street where she stopped running after she got tired following the police van and recalled everything.
N: that’s what happened, dad said to come to this street and drive to the nearest police station.

She drove towards it and stopped the car. She got down and went inside. She asked for Karthik. The inspector told her where’s he.
N: I want to confess something, I hit that man and not him.

She told him everything.

N: arrest me and leave him.

Inspector: how should I believe you?

N: didn’t everyone present in the party told you anything?

Inspector: they did, but you also better not lying.

He called policewomen who handcuffed Naira and took her to Karthik’s cell. He was sitting holding his knees leaning against the wall.

Policewoman: aap ab jasaktay hain

Karthik looked at her and as he saw Naira, he got shocked.

K: Naira! Yeh kya kiya tumne? Pagal hogai ho kya?

He shouted.

N: main ne sach bola, think about your mother, does she have anyone besides you? No right? Don’t forget her.

K: (ignoring Naira) whatever she told you was a lie.

He said to policewoman and Naira shook her head.

N: no I didn’t lie.
Policewoman: bas ab ye hi jail me rahein gi, aap jaiye.

Naira’s handcuffs were taken off and Karthik was taken out followed by his constant pleading.
K: ma’am, Naira ne kuchh nahi kiya hai.
Policewoman: u may go now.

Naira got locked inside and looked on from behind the bars with her grip on the bars. She extended her hand outwards and held his hand.

N: go Karthik, for your mother.

He went with slow steps. She sat down and three hours passed by, she was still sitting like that. She heard the lock up door opening and looked there. It was Naitik. He came inside and she hugged him.
He: lawyer bail papers kal tak ready kar dega.
She: aap dunia k sab se achhay dad ho, I love you dad.

He: love you too beta, apna khayal rakhna, main ye inspector ki permission se laya tha.

He gave her her favourite sandwich which he always made for her whenever her mood wasn’t good. She smiled and kissed his cheek. She took a bite.
She: papa how’s Karthik?
He: a little angry, but don’t worry it will be fine.

He said and caressed her hair.
He: now m going..bye, don’t worry, we’ll get you out of here.

She: papa main us aadmi ko maarna nahi chahti thi lekin vo Karthik ko maarne wala tha to Maine ye sab self defense mein kiya.

She: I know my princess can’t do such thing, don’t worry, daddy is here.

She smiled at him and he went. Next day, Naira woke up in the lock up and saw Naitik and Karthik at the inspector’s desk. A constable came to her cell and unlocked it. She was asked to go as they both proved it was self defense. She got up and went to change her clothes. She came back and went outside the lock up to Karthik.
Naira: thank you
Karthik was annoyed by her.
Naira: talk to me, I didn’t wanted to make you suffer because of my mistake.
Karthik: same was with me, I didn’t wanted you to bear tortures, I planned so much only to get my planning ruined by you.

Naira: dad please samjhaiye na in ko.
Naitik: Karthik think by her side na beta, just like you saved her, she saved you.
Karthik: jab main ne kaha k aap isay kuchh mat batana to aapne kyun bataya?
Naira: dad ne nahi bataya, he couldn’t see me cry so he gave me a hint, that’s it.
Naitik: kab tak is baat pe jhagro gay? Apna rishta mat kharab karo, jaise Naira meri beti hai tum bhi mere betay ho, tum dono equal ho.

Karthik and Naira looked at each other for sometime than hugged each other with joyful tears.

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