Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#2: The Fixed Alliance)

Naitik calls Karthik to his cabin. He comes. Naitik has always been like a father to him as his parents got divorced when he was eighteen years old, the daily fights made him a monster and a drunkard.

Naitik: the reason I called u here is that its something important.

Karthik: what is it?

Naitik: I know u have lost your girlfriend just now and u r heartbroken, but till when will u be like this? When she moved on within a blink of an eye, you should also move on.

Karthik: main samjha nahi

Naitik: u should marry

Karthik: Anushka k bad main shahdi ka soch bhi nahi sakta

Naitik: us ko yeh mat dikhao k tum kamzorr ho, usko dikha do k tum strong ho or uske bagher reh saktay ho

Karthik: maybe u r right, but do u have a girl for me???

Naitik: yes, actually she’s my daughter, Naira, she was saying she met u yesterday when u were drunk and took u to your house, she even came this morning to meet u, don’t know if u both met today or not, but she loves u a lot.

Karthik: (in his heart) oh so it was her (then he says to him) I don’t promise to marry her but once I meet her, then we’ll decide.

Naitik: OK, to kab milna chahogay tum us se?

Karthik: aaj raat ko

Naitik: ok, I will be happy if u both get married

Karthik greets him and leaves, Naitik calls Akshara and tells her about the conversation. She gets happy and decides to tell Naira.

Naira was preparing for the advertisement, after two hours, it was the final shoot. When she was done, her mother called her. She received it.

Naira: jee Maa
Akshara: beta when will u return?
Nai: abhi to gai hoon Maa
Ak: tumhe kisi se milwana hai
Nai: kis se Maa?
Ak: it’s surprise
Nai: OK Maa, I will return till evening, bye Maa,love u

She disconnects the call and continues her shoot. Karthik was in his studio playing the guitar when Anushka enters with someone.
An: hello Karthik, tumko mazak lagrahi thi na meri baat, to ye dekho main apne hone walay pati ko saath le aai hoon, ye raha Viraj

Karthik puts away his guitar and stands up angrily.
K: tum show off kar rahi ho na k tum agay barh gai apni zindagi mein? To ek baat tum bhi sunlo, k main bhi apni zindagi mein agay barhne jaraha hu Naitik uncle ki beti se aaj hi meeting bhi hojaegi or usi se shahdi bhi, barabar na?

Anushka’s eyes widens.

K: or tu Viraj, teri bhi 2 din mein band na baji na to mera bhi naam Karthik Dhanjani nahi

He pushes them out of his studio and continues playing his guitar.
Naira comes back home.
Ak: we have decided to make u meet Abeer to fix your alliance with him.
N: why?
A: because u love him
N: I don’t
A: u listen to his songs so fondly
N: I listen to his songs but I don’t love him
A: us se mil k to dekho
N: OK maa
Later at night, Karthik was invited to Naitik’s house. He reaches there and rings the doorbell. Naitik opens the door and greets him inside, he sits on the couch and everyone were waiting for Naira to come down. Finally they see her coming down in a beautiful black and red anarkali with her hair curled. Karthik checks her out from head to toe and was unable to take his eyes off her. She is asked to sit in between Naitik and Akshara. She blushes a lot.

Karthik says in heart: she’s more beautiful than Anushka

After some chit chat, Karthik and Naira go to her room to talk for five minutes.
K: so?
N: so?
K: u love me?

He says looking around her room which was full of his posters.

N: yes
K: what should we talk about? Tell about yourself

N: I m a model and I love your songs a lot
K: thanks, would u dance with me? Door is closed, no one will know

Naira happily agrees and gives her hand in his hand, he gets closer to her inhaling the perfume fragrance. They join foreheads and dance intimately, at first it felt good, but she started resisting after sometime.
K: u toh love me
N: u can’t force me
K: OK lady love, so u want to marry me or not?
N: yes I will marry u
K: me too

She happily hugs him, he was shocked by her sudden hug but hugged her back after sometime. They go downstairs and tell their decision, everyone gets happy, Akshara and Naitik blesses them and Karthik leaves.
N: thank u mumma

She hugs her parents and goes to her room.
Naira to herself: I m getting married to him but why was his gaze towards me so weird? Never mind, mujhe to vo mil gaya na Jo mujhe chahye tha

She keeps smiling to herself and on the other side, Karthik was continuously thinking whether his decision is right or not.
K: mujhe ye Karna hoga

Naira listens to Karthik’s songs.
N: aisa lagta hai k ye saare gaane mere liye likhay gaye ho

She smiles and sleeps.

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