Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#19: Valentine’s Party and shocking promo)

K: are you scared?
Naira nodded in positive and wasn’t even touching him, she had her hands in her lap and he had her in his lap. He held her arms firmly.

K: why? Do I scold you? Beat you? Slap you? What do I do that you’re scared?

Naira looked down. She had tears in her eyes although she knew that he loved her now. She didn’t replied.

K: answer me.
N: nothing.
K: you’re scared of me? Your husband? The one who loves you like anything. Have you seen or heard of a husband making his wife sit in his lap then scolding her?

She nodded in negative.

K: so you think I will say that you’ll see it as well as hear it today?

She looked at him as he read her mind.

K: yehi soch rahi thi na?

N: hmm

She nodded in positive and blinked back many tears.

K: kyun? Yar majboori thi first time hogaya, it’s your wish whatever clothes you wear, tum ne crime nahi kiya hai ok.

She finally let her tears roll down her cheek. He cupped her face worriedly making her look at him.

K: kyun ro rahi ho?
N: aap mujhse gussa nahi ho?
K: no not at all, seriously.

He replied and rubbed her tears away. She hugged him still sitting in his lap and he hugged her back.
K: don’t ever be scared of me, you only say that even if I am a monster then I am your monster. This Kittu monster will never harm you.

He said lovingly making her have a sigh of relief.

N: it was natural reaction.

K: I understand, you don’t need to explain but will you keep on sitting on my lap only?

N: oh sorry

She was standing up but he pulled her back and smiled naughtily. She looked on.

K: mazak kar raha tha. Last night kitna maza aya tha na.

Naira blushed and picked a pillow and started hitting him. He too started hitting her and ended up hugging each other smilingly.

K:now enough fun, let’s freshen up.

He said laughingly and she got up from his lap and went to washroom.

Karthik said in heart: I shouldn’t even act of being angry in front of her, when I faked anger right now she got too scared that she started crying, I have to be careful. Bechari.

He warned himself and took his clothes out. Soon they both were ready and went to their workplaces. Naitik announced about Valentine’s day party tomorrow at office. Later he called Karthik in his cabin.

Naitik: have a seat.
K: papa kya hua?

He asked after having a seat.
Naitik: tumhara concert Valentine’s day k 2 din baad hai so be prepared.
K: ji
Naitik: and take care of my daughter, bohat pyaar karti hai tum se, usko kabhi hurt mat karna.

K: I won’t.

Naitik: or ab beer ko hath mat lagana.
K: ji

He greeted him and he went. He was going to his studio when he heard some men badmouthing Naira, not only this, when he turned to them, he saw them looking at her photo with bad sight. He punched one of them.
K: don’t you dare..don’t you dare look at my wife like that.
Man: arey hai he itni hot, humara kya kasoor hai?

They laughed and he got even more angry.
K: agar ek or baar kaha, teri Jan lelunga.

He went angrily. Next day at Valentine’s day party, Karthik brought Naira with him at the party, she wore a red frock and they went further with everyone greeting Karthik and ogling Naira. He kept ignoring those men and got busy in the crowd. A man came towards Naira and grabbed her hand.
Man: ma’am one selfie, you’re hot.

Karthik heard it and came pushing through the crowd. He pulled Naira away from that man taking her inside the office to his studio.
N: I told you already about it.
K: I shouldn’t have brought you here, agar main nahi ata pata nahi wo aadmi kya kar deta tumhare saath

He said cupping her cheeks.

K: my Kittu monster is becoming human.

They giggled and he kissed her cheek.

K: naughty Naya, let’s go outside.

N: yahan laye kiun thay?

She asked laughingly.

K: oh you want something to happen? But not now, your lipstick will be ruined, hum ghar pe karengay aaram se.

He said like a child and she bursted out laughing and they went outside hand in hand. Naira stood among the crowd and Karthik went on stage.

K: who would like to hear one verse of my upcoming new song which I am going to sing in concert?

Everyone hooted and that meant it was a yes.

K: OK so here I go.

Hum na rahein hum Jo thay kabhi
Khud ko hai chhora peechay kahin
Hum na rahein hum Jo thay kabhi
Khud ko hai chhora peechay kahin
Teri orh barhne lagay
Teri tarha ban’ne lagay
Ab to mohabbat mein lutne chaley
Jeene ki khwahish mein marney chalay
Ab to mohabbat mein lutne chaley
Jeene ki khwahish mein marney chalay

Everyone clapped and he got down the stage and stood by Naira keeping his arm around her.

K: papa kept my concert two days after today.

N: that’s great, and nice song by the way. It is one of the best songs.

K: thanks. Sab tumko ghoor kyun rahay hain?

M: kya faraq parrta hai? I am toh always yours na, monster.

He smiled at her. Naitik came on stage. He announced about Karthik’s concert and said that without a dance, a party is incomplete.

Karthik whispered to Naira: hum toh rozz hi dance kartay hain.

He said and giggled and she too giggled. Naitik got down the stage and Naira hugged him.

Naira said like a child: papa.

He hugged her back.

Naitik: beta Naira sab dekh rahay hain, tum bachi nahi ho.

Naira: aapki to hoon na, and by the way even if I got my prince, you’re still my king.

Naitik smiled and she parted away and kissed his cheek. He kissed her forehead and Karthik was about to take his blessings but he stopped him.

K: not in front of everyone beta, go enjoy.

Naira and Karthik went on the dance floor hand in hand.

Will everything go alright?

Promo for upcoming chapters:
Immersed in the bathtub, Naira was clueless about Karthik, she forgets what has happened, she sits up and wipes her hands and takes her phone to talk to him but it was unreachable.
N: tum kahan ho Kittu? I am missing u monster. Kahan chalay gaye tum?

She cries. All she thought was about the promises they made, will they break? What will happen or has happened?

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