Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#18: Romance And Fear)

started to rain and they both got drenched.
K: how romantic.
N: it’s our first rain together.
K: so?
He put her down making her stand on her feet while the water of the sea came till their knees.
N: so
She encircled her arms around his neck and joined her forehead with his, he held her by her waist and as she was wearing a waist cut out dress, his hands touched her skin. Their lips were just inches apart, they kept leaning closer and shared a kiss.

They parted away after sometime and smiled at each other.

Is tarha se khudse aa mujko jod tu
Thoda bi mujhme na mujhko chod tu
Na yaad teri tujko
Na yad muje hoon main
Aa mujhko pehan le thu
Aa tujhko odh loon main

He forwarded his hand to her and she happily gave her hand in his hand and they began dancing on the beach as if they are in heaven.
He twirled her thrice and she fell in his arms, he kissed her neck which felt ticklish, she giggled and he straightened her.

Katra katra main giru
Jism pe tere thehru
Katra katra main giru
Tujhme hi kahin reh loon
Darria tu khaali kardey
Mujhme saara tu bhar de
Tujhko aa main pi jaun
Pyaas bujha do
Laana kuchh badal laana
Unko mujhpe barsana
Boondey teri ho jin mein
Unse bhiga do
Na yaad teri tujhko
Na yaad mujhe hoon main
Aa mujhko pehan le tu
Tujhko odh loon main
Katra katra main giru
Jism pe tere thehru
Katra katra main giru
Tujhme hi kahin reh loon

He turned her and pulled her in a way her back touched his front. They had an eyelock.He turned her towards him and pushed her backward holding her hands and pulled her by her waist.Then she went a little far holding his hand and he pulled her, she twirled and he entwined his left hand with her right hand.

Khudse khali hojaun
Aja tujhse bhar jaun
Tinka tinka jal jaun
Aise jala do
Teru main tann pe tere
Thehru angon pe tere
Gehri Jo khwahish teri
Un mein duba do
Na yad Teri tujhko
Na yad mujhe hoon main
Aa mujhko pehan le tu
Tujhko odh loon main
Katra katra main giru
Jism pe tere thehru
Katra katra main giru
Tujhme hi kahin reh loon

He nuzzled in her neck and kissed her neck and then her temple.He continued twirling her and picked her in his arms at the end. The sky gave a loud thunder and she gripped him tight hiding her face in his chest. He realized she’s scared of thunderstorms and kissed her hair.
K: Naya baby it’s nothing.

She got touched and lifted her face and looked at him blushingly.
N: what did you call me?
K: tumhe bura laga?
N: not at all, I was saying that now it’s night and rain still haven’t stopped, how will we go home?
K: we’ll stay here in a hut.

He went towards the nearby hut with her still in his arms walking out of the sea and went inside.
N: Kittu monster it’s too dark, m scared.
K: so what? No ghost will come, every ghost knows you’re monster Kittu’s bride.

He said and she smiled. He made her stand on her feet and he switched on the flashlight in his phone to search a room. He held her hand and walked further searching for room and when they found, they were fast asleep. Next morning, when Karthik woke up, he saw Naira wasn’t there. He went outside and saw her sitting in front of the sea dipping her feet. He sat beside her.
K: what happen?
N: nothing, ghar chalein?
K: han

They sat on the bike and rode off. The whole ride, Naira didn’t said anything. After a long ride, they reached their house and unlocked the door and went inside. She was very tensed as if something bad is going to happen to her. She went to their room and sat on the bed holding her knees hiding her face. He came and tapped her shoulder, she didn’t looked up. He did it again but still no response came. He called her name many times but she didn’t look up not even for once. He sat on his side of bed and caressed her hair, he became really tensed as to what happened to her suddenly. He thought she might be tired so he went to kitchen and brought breakfast for her. She wasn’t ready to look at him. He wasn’t angry but worried, he held her shoulder.

K: Neyo kya hua? Naraz ho? Gussa ho kya? Kuchh bolo, get angry but don’t be quiet.

She finally looked up and got down the bed, she went out of the room and brought the newspaper and gave it to him.

N: I did what you told me not to do, there weren’t more outfits, so I had to do modelling in those clothes only.

He saw her photo in the newspaper, it was in the same lehenga which he told her not to wear. She looked on and he kept on staring at the newspaper. Then he looked up and kept it aside. She was afraid of his reaction. He held her wrist and made her sit. She clutched the bedsheet tightly and he wrapped his arm around her bare waist sending shivers down her spine. He took her fully in his lap and she got even more scared.
N: kya kar rahay ho?

He held her hand.
K: looking at your face, it’s so cute.

He smiled, she was confused. He kept his free hand on her arm and pulled her a little more close.

K: baby are you scared?

She nodded in positive and he looked on.

(A/N: what do u think will happen next?)

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